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  1. Hi, Mossy410, Hope you enjoy pw. Always good to read reports and learn from others. Skye.
  2. Good report, it's always good to get out in the evenings this time of year.
  3. Great offer Dave, I'm sure you'll have lots of interest. If only it was in suffolk.?
  4. Hello Gary, hope you enjoy and learn from pw. Skye
  5. skye

    What maps?

    Ask the farm manager / land owner for a map of land owned......my permissions offered a highlighted map showing all fields and boundaries. Skye.
  6. Driving through Ixworth suffolk this afternoon I watched the barley being cut. Hopefully my permission will start harvesting soon. Skye.
  7. Fields of barley cut at Culford, Bury st Edmunds.
  8. skye


    I've owned one of these for the last 2 years....great bike. Good luck with the sale.
  9. I had my visit from the feo on Nov 20th for my renewal, it arrived in the post today. Thanks Suffolk constabulary....good work.
  10. Mine runs out mid January......had my visit from feo 2 weeks ago. Suffolk. Skye.
  11. Thanks for your comments...I wasn't using a rotary, just flocked shells. Having more free time Tuesday I was expecting better action, rain stopped me today, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  12. I shoot between a couple of farms, trying to visit as often as work (and the wife) will allow. Sunday I shot 28 pigeons in a little over 2 hours,on fresh drilling, great conditions for decoying.Tuesday I thought I'll have another go, similar sort of day maybe a stronger breeze and a little more over cast....but the pigeons wouldn't come into the pattern, they were about in numbers, but flaring off before they were in range.Was it too soon to return to the same spot? If so how long would you leave it before returning ? Skye.
  13. Sounds like a good days decoying. It's interesting that you've had success without flappers etc, I've tried that myself recently with limited success. I'm out tomorrow but will take the rotary or flapper.....you never know!
  14. It is difficult at finding lines at the moment....maybe the pigeons have so much choice of stubbles and other feeding areas. Hopefully it will get easier as the fields get ploughed in.
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