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  1. hi guys been away for a while so need some new kit, do we get a discount at a1 or was that only at the warehouse??? cheers in advance , matt
  2. Keep pulling them triggers fella. Have a great day, matt
  3. alan thanks for a brilliant day, even with the liquid sunshine, met some good guys and even a pleasent welder,lol brilliant day superb value will definately be coming again. cant wait, cheers matt
  4. gonk69

    Job rant

    mate i was out of work for a year , nearly killed me signing on with some right degenerates, a fella offered me two weeks work for a bit of cash to help me out at xmas, been working for him now for 3 and a half years, keep your chin up fella. cheers matt
  5. gonk69

    Butt pad wanted ?!

    im sure i have a spare berreta one if thats any good to ya, cheers matt
  6. i actually foung old maggie to be quite a horny iron lady, think im attracted to the powerfull dominant type, matt
  7. not my bag im affraid, some senseless kills in my view.some animals should be left alone, just my opinion, cheers matt
  8. oooh yes i have, once bought a ex of mine a very small but exspensive designer handbag, one of the best dayssss i have ever had, to those who make the effort shall reap the spoils, nuff said, cheers matt
  9. would have to be sporty for me, any woman that can do the full splits while standing on the other leg is the girl for me, :good: cheers matt
  10. berreta white onyx 30 inch .any cartridge over 30grm no 6, chokes are full and 3\4 put them in two years ago and never changed them,lol, shoot clays with the same gun and chokes with an average or around 75/80 out of a 100, cheers matt
  11. After reading that a guy who won a medal and rides a bike for a living has got one, should the new years honours list be knocked on the head... I really think so It should be full of people you never hear of, nurses, ex soldiers .fund raises..not famous people. Semi rant over. does some one need a cuddle? why dont we ban everything??? plus i think wiggins wasnt famous untill he put in years and years of hard work and going without, cheers matt Quote MultiQuote
  12. forgot the roasting tin, also the stuffin, the had a power cut for six hours till 6`15 pm, but altogether had a bloody good day, me re and the kids, what more could you want, apart from stuffin and a tin lol, cheers matt
  13. oven cooked in a bath of seasoned milk, delicious, cheers matt
  14. well done fella good on ya, glad you and the family will have a good christmass and a HAPPY new year, atb matt
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