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  1. Evening. It is only like for like Ie.Shotgun for shotgun,air rifle for air rifle and there is then a banding system for rifles. In short it is not possible,the only option is to apply for another gun on your FAC,whether you are allowed another shotgun will then be decided by your FEO. Hope this helps.
  2. My brother bought a Patriot about 20 years ago.It was nearly impossible to cock and would not pattern at all.Think or was well over 20ft/lbs.I can only remember the odd occasional successful (lucky) shot.We eventually changed the spring which brought it down to a manageable level and with Bisley magnums it just about printed 1"at 20m.It is still in his cabinet,when he went to trade it in the shop would not take it off him,said there was no way they could ever sell it on. I think there was a poll taken on the worst air rifle ever made and the Patriot won hands down.
  3. My copy of 'Goose Fever" is falling apart and only secured with cellotape. Got it when I was 10 so has had over 30 years of reading.I also have some very well thumbed copies of all of Jim Corbetts books. I read every day so have been through as good few books more than once.Really enjoyed most of Bill Bryson's for a humourous take on life.Have read Stephen King's IT over a dozen times and Shadow over Babylon something similar.It is not so well known but is a decent story of a Scottish stalker being hired by the government to take out Saddam Hussein. Not all believable but entertaining all the same.
  4. Last year I posted that I was looking for tails for fly tying as there has been a complete deline in grey squirrel numbers in my local area. Many thanks to Mick,Neville & Garnett for sending me on a lifetimes supply,a lot of which have been robbed by fishing friends who wanted some. I dried and dyed a lot with different colours so they were in demand!! We used to have plenty of greys but I can honestly say that hand on heart I have not seen a grey squirrel for about 2 years.On the flip side I have observed a massive increase in reds and judging what is killed on the road there has been an increase in pine martens also. So to the point of my post,I was shooting woodcock on Fri and while waiting outside some cover I saw a grey in the tree above me.After getting over my surprise he was added to the bag.I am pleased to add him to the total but am pretty sure that I will not be a regular contributor!! 116
  5. Afternoon. Thanks for all the replies. I had tested the gun prior to asking advice and am getting around 63% (right barrel) and 69% (Left barrel) over a 5 shot average at 40 yards.I shoot mainly snipe and woodcock with this gun but although I shoot well with it I find a lot of birds very badly shot with my usual 24gm 7.5s.My 12 bore is choked cylinder and 1/4 but has 30"inch Damascus barrels so a plastic wad prob adds a bit of choke here,I do not find the same level of damage on birds shot with this gun using a 28gm 7.5.I also used the 20 bore at pigeons over decoys this year and found some birds really well hit at decent ranges. I would not be planning to take out all choke but would like her opened up a bit.i would imagine most of my shooting is under 30m especially when waking up woodcock and snipe so the need for very tight chokes is not really required.
  6. Afternoon. I am not sure if there is a simple answer to this question but all advice is appreciated. I bought a side by side 20 bore last year but it is very tightly choked.I bought it mainly for my two sons to use and feel it is hampering them with the tight choke. I would like to get it polished out to maybe cylinder and 1/4 and have a man who can do it but do not know where to look for constrictions to advise this man.He has carried out this job for others but always on 12 bores so has asked me to get him details on how much I want polished out.I am aware that once it is gone I can not replace so want to have it right the first time. The gun is a reasonably cheap side by side so not really financially viable to put multi chokes in it. Many thanks. Gavin.
  7. gmm243

    Grey squirrel tails

    Thank you both for your very quick responses and kind offers.I didn't realise that I had a pm and had replied in the public forum.I have been a member for a long time but never post and must say this is the sort of kind offer I have seen on the forum so often.
  8. gmm243

    Grey squirrel tails

    Hi Garnet, I would love between 5 -10 if that was possible and not being too greedy? When I was young(30+ years ago) we had reds then loads of greys seemed to move in.In the past 4 years I don't think I have seen a grey but see a lot of reds.This corresponds with an increase in the Pine Martin population,I have heard folk say that the red being lighter can move to the end of the branches and evade the Pine Martin but the grey,being heavier, can not.I am not sure it is as simple as that.
  9. Evening all, Would any of the members who shoot squirrels be happy to part with a few tails if they don't use them?Have just started checking through the flytying kit and realise I have none left.I am very happy to pay postage. We used to have plenty of greys but now only reds (and pinemartins). Many thanks, Gavin.
  10. Shot 17 yesterday.set up between 3 oak trees at 3pm.10 had some acorns in them 6 were pretty full but 1 was stuffed with beech mast.prob 40 or more nuts in it's crop.hundreds of birds here now feeding on and under the oaks,you can see them picking them off the branches.only gathering up now but looks good for next few weeks.
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