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  1. I have an Ameri-step pop up hay bale blind. Will hold two men shooting,a dog,shells,lunch and still have a bit of room.Takes a few minutes to set up and down although the taking down takes a bit of practice trying to get the sprung steel folded in the right way. I tend to shoot sitting down in any hide but you can stand up with ease in this hide.There is a collapasble front net on runners that you are meant to slide down when getting up for the shot but in practice I leave it nearly fully open and don't move too much and never had any issues. They do come up on Ebay every now and again but there is also another make that I have seen for sale too but can't remember what they are called.
  2. gmm243

    Antler point

    Thank you. Have contacted Christian and he has sorted me with exactly what I was looking for.
  3. gmm243

    Antler point

    Evening all, Just wondering if anyone would have an antler point from a red stag that I could use to make a priest? My fishing companion lost his priest and has long admired one my father made for me from the tine of a red stag he shot years ago.I have shot a good few deer in the last few years but nothing that is really thick enough for what I have in mind.What I am looking for is something that is about 7" in length, fits nicely in the palm of the hand and ideally is the end of a tine down to the point which I think would have more character than a piece cut out of the middle of the antler. I will fill the end with lead and have a brass cross bar in it to stop the lead coming out. I have seen some antler pieces for sale on here as dog chews but I only found out about this today so have missed the boat on those for sale recently. Thanks for looking.
  4. Between myself and my dad we have 11 hives.All bar 1 are pretty quiet if you act properly ie.no sudden movements or un-necessary disturbance.We can open them and inspect them with a bit of smoke and they do not get excited.I have a hive that has no queen at the minute and they are cross.They were grand until they lost the queen but since that happened they have got grumpy and are liable to sting you for no reason and you don't have to be that close either.All the others you can walk past or around especially when they are busy without any worries. Have been trying to get a new queen cell drawn out but it is not going well.Hopefully when I am successful they will settle. I have never decoyed near bee hives but once set up near a wasps nest which was in the ground.I moved and had no issues.
  5. Evening all, I have sown a new lawn about a month ago and while it has recently come up well there are a lot of docks and thistles in it-too many to hand pick or hoe out. I have 3 hives of bees at the side of the lawn and whilst I do want rid of the weeds I do not want to harm the bees.I have already had an incident with one of these hives getting nearly wiped out due to spraying.I remember at the time some members had knowledge of what wed killers could be used safely mainly on an agricultural scale. Would anyone know a safe option to use?I do not mind locking them in for a few days but am fearful of doing damage to them by using the wrong spray. Many thanks.
  6. I fed my bees from August of last year due to the awful weather over the summer.They made a fair bit of ivy honey but no surplus and no other bee keeper I know in this part of the world had honey last year.
  7. We have a friend who has just taken up bee keeping and she came down to watch dad putting the swarm into the hive. She was amazed how calm and gentle they were and then Dad even started showing off by putting his bare hand into the marching swarm to show that they are usually very gentle when swarming.I have caught a few swarms hanging in bushes when I had no suit readily available and didn't get stung but I do prefer to have the suit in case i manage to drop the swarm or do something stupid. I agree.You never know where bees might be living and they could swarm.They could be in a tree or a derelict house and as they are unmanaged they will swarm at some stage.If you have an empty hive out especially if there is old comb and an inviting smell you stand a good chance of getting a swarm.
  8. I have an empty hive in work which had maybe 30 or 40 bees at it anytime I look at it.There is no honey in it just old frames with bits of old comb,not even full frames just something to give off a scent to bees that might fine interesting. I am hoping that these are scout bees and I might get a swarm there sometime. The big swarm I got were in an old national hive that had only been on place for about 5 days yet the evening I had it in place the farmer said there were bees scouting it out.
  9. That's great. I have caught two swarms in the past week.One a very good top swarm and the other a smaller swarm covering about 3 frames.Both of these swarms were caught in catcher hives set up on local farms.They both had old drawn out frames in them and some lemongrass oil sprayed inside. My dad was working at a trailer in his yard about 3 weeks ago and a swarm came over the yard and descended on an empty hive along side his occupied hives,he then caught one in an apple tree 2 days later about 40 miles from home.We still have about 10 Catcher hives out so hopeful for some more swarms this summer.None of the 4 swarms had marked queens in them so not sure where they have come from.No other bee keepers within about 3 miles of us. Some of you may remember the issues I had with most of one of ny hives being killed by a farmer spraying seeds.There was enough bees surviving to try and keep them going so after a lot of attempts we eventually got them to draw out a queen cell from frames of day old eggs from Dads hive.I now have a laying queen in that hive so not all is not lost although since their experience they have changed from a lovely quiet colony to being pretty cross.
  10. I have a Charles Lancaster with 30" damascus barrels.I have put two dents in one of the tubes over the past 30 years.Once I slipped off my bedroom window sill while trying to shoot a magpie out the window ( I was young and didn't think it through) and the second time I was shooting woodcock and came to a fence so unloaded the gun and put it over the fence to prop it up against s bush while I climbed over.Sadly the gun slipped out of my hand on the other side of the fence and hit a stone on landing putting a decent dinge in the right barrel. Both these issues were fixed by my local rfd who has a tool that you fit down the barrel with a round/oval end (like a large cigar) until you get to the dent. There is a wheel at the back of this tool which, when turned, then expands the round end and this slowly pushed out the dent.I know that is a terrible description but not sure how else to describe it.The whole process took about 10 minutes and once browned you would never see the area where the dent was.
  11. So there are still some bees in the hive but not loads. Have transfers a frame with 3 queen cells on it from one of Dads hives to see will that produce a queen.There are enough bees in it to make a viable hive but if is survived it would be a miracle and definitely not be a hive to try and produce honey off just to keep building it up.I have also thought of buying a queen to replace the dead one if my experiment does not work but again it is a real long shot. I sent the bee sample away,they checked for known diseases and starvation, all of which came back negative.They agreed that it had to be a poisoning incident but they are not able to check what chemical did the damage. Went to see the farmer responsible a few nights ago just to give him my number and if he was spaying again just to let me know and I could lock them away but he was not there so will have to try again this weekend.
  12. I found Maxcatch through another forum.Generally the reports of their gear is pretty good and they have free postage.When this is combined with a discount code then it usually works out pretty cheap.The delivery time is slow but with free postage you can expect that. I have fished with their reels and lines and can not fault what I have but I imagine that with time they might not last.My Dad was given a Hardy Princess years ago and when I was young he also bought me one-person 30 years ago now.It is still going strong bar the handle falling off once but that is now fixed. I can see it doing my lifetime and being passed on to my boys. I don't think any reel that is under £20 is likely to last as long.
  13. We saw another further up the lough but only a fleeting glimpse. When we were getting ready in the mornings we could hear 3 separate birds.
  14. I was fishing at the weekend and on Sat morning when heading out to the lough I saw a cuckoo fly past and land on a bush near the lough shore.There were 3 of us in the boat and we drove up and watched it.It was not put out at all by us and we drove off leaving it sitting in the same bush.
  15. Those will catch salmon without a doubt. I have been lucky enough to catch hundreds of salmon over the years and my Dad has caught a lot more than me.All he ever used were 2 flies both tied on Esmond Drury tables.He used to skin a road kill badger and preserve it then dye it either hot orange or yellow and he fished these two flies on the one cast.The flies were just a bunch of hair tied in at the eye and given a coat or two or two of mums nail varnish to keep the thread from unraveling. There was no tag or under body or anything just badger hair. I imagine that you would not be meant to use a badger now and I always tied more fancy flies but I am not sure they were any more successful. My dad always maintained that if the conditions were right salmon were easily caught and fly choice did not matter much.What was more important was knowing where they would lie and being able to reach the lies.
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