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  1. We saw another further up the lough but only a fleeting glimpse. When we were getting ready in the mornings we could hear 3 separate birds.
  2. I was fishing at the weekend and on Sat morning when heading out to the lough I saw a cuckoo fly past and land on a bush near the lough shore.There were 3 of us in the boat and we drove up and watched it.It was not put out at all by us and we drove off leaving it sitting in the same bush.
  3. Those will catch salmon without a doubt. I have been lucky enough to catch hundreds of salmon over the years and my Dad has caught a lot more than me.All he ever used were 2 flies both tied on Esmond Drury tables.He used to skin a road kill badger and preserve it then dye it either hot orange or yellow and he fished these two flies on the one cast.The flies were just a bunch of hair tied in at the eye and given a coat or two or two of mums nail varnish to keep the thread from unraveling. There was no tag or under body or anything just badger hair. I imagine that you would not be meant to
  4. I have used the John Norris lines for a few years now and have no complaints.I thought I would use one a season and at that price it was nothing to worry about but I found the lines lasted well and I was getting 1 or 2 seasons from them.I do a lot of boat fishing and inadvertently stand on the lines a lot which does them no good at all.If I was solely bank or river fishing I am sure they would last for 4 or 5 years. The year before last a friend was telling me of a company called Maxcatch who were producing very cheap lines,reels and rods etc and I bought a reel and a line of them just t
  5. Have just got back from a few days fishing,my wife tells me the wagtail have hatched which is great but I will leave them alone for the time being and hope they fledge successfully. Fishing was ok (ish),lots of mayfly but cold, bright sunshine and then heavy rain and thunder.Wind cha fed direction more times than I could count but still have a few fish for the freezer and one for dinner tomorrow evening. Heard a cuckoo each morning and through the day then got a fleeting glimpse of one in the distance but yesterday morning when heading out I saw one fly into a bush and let us get within
  6. No good news sadly. I sent away a sample but haven't heard anything back yet.Am away trout fishing tomorrow until Monday so hopefully will have heard by the time I return. My dad and I took a frame with day old eggs on it and put it into the hive to see could the few remaining bees produce a queen cell but no joy.Dit the same again last evening and I will check when I get back.It is a very long shot but may as well try before they die out. Strangely enough the bees were very quiet and docile up until the time the lost the queen and the vast proportion of them.Now you can hardly
  7. I only have one hive at this location,there are more at my parents house which are fine. Lots of bees with their tongues out and I have stored some for sampling.Never though to freeze them, will put them in the freezer now. I have three frames out with brood which have dead bees in them as well.Usuallt dead bees in the cells is a sign of starvation but they were fine on Thurs, have lots of honey both capped and uncapped to feed from so I can only think that poisoning is the only other option. Am sending the sample away in the morning so hopefully it will not take too long
  8. I am not sure what he was trying to do.There was no crop on the field bar grass for silage,we do not have many cereals grown here. We have had more dandelions here this year than I have ever seen but I am not sure why they would be sprayed off when the field is only to be cut for silage. One of the men I was chatting to said he had told him he was spraying them off but again that is second hand information and may not have lost anything in the telling. I will send a sample of the dead bees off tomorrow for analysis and will be interested to see what comes back.In the meantime I will
  9. I think he could have been using something that was lying in his shed for a few years. I gathered up all the dead bees and went through them to find the queen which I sadly did.It is a real kick in the teeth but the damage is now done. Tried the screen shot,it worked perfectly-thanks. Have attached a view of the nest and sadly the remains of my bees.
  10. Our Wagtail is still in residence and sitting on the eggs.I have left her alone but took a peak in yesterday and there she was. On sadder note a local farmer sprayed a field of dandelions yesterday (Not sure what with).My bees have been feeding in this field for weeks and making a lot of honey.Sadly they must have brought it back to the hive and then I came back from work I noticed there was no traffic outside the hive even though the weather was warm. On inspection of the hive there was a lot of dead bees outside and the inside was a ball of dead or dying bees including the queen.A lot
  11. I am lucky to have a good local fruit and veg shop nearby but at times I have bought fruit in Lidl which has been fine. I have been in Tesco a few times recently and noticed oranges already going off in the net bag,some with mould obvious on them.Was surprised they were still on the shelves. We grow strawberries,raspberries,logan berries and red/blackcurrants so we freeze these down and then defrost through the year as needed. We also have a lovely vine which produces great grapes but we have to wait til Sept/Oct for those.
  12. I heard a Cuckoo on 21st April this year,slap bang on time to when I usually hear them.Did not see it though. Saw a pair of gold finches at my parents house on Sat past which delighted them as they had been absent all winter but sadly I had a grey wagtail fly into my kitchen window and kill itself,they are a very pretty bird when observed up close.
  13. I went to move a cement mixer yesterday and a wagtail flew out from under the cover.Thinking it a bit strange I opened it,there is a nest with 6 eggs sitting on top of the engine... No mixing for this machine for a while. Have tried to attach a photo but it says it is too big and I am not technically minded enough to be able to shrink it.
  14. Thanks,will PM now.
  15. Would you post to N Ireland?
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