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  1. Thank you all for taking the time to come back to me. Decisions decisions!! I have seen a Subaru Forester for around 6k.56,000 miles on the clock. Needs a towbar fitted,has a dog guard fitted but I usually transport them in a trailer.From the photos the boot looks big enough and clearance is better than my old car.Have still a hankering of something a bit bigger or higher but this could be a good cross over for work,transporting kids and shooting/fishing. My present car has just had a new turbo and dpf fitted - I was told that this due to only driving low miles most days and not getting the engine hot enough to burn off the carbon.I presume this will be the case with all diesels. The turbo went when a pipe blocked and it seized. Add in new pads and discs and 4 new tyres recently I have had my fill of cars.
  2. Funny I did have a look at the CRV and the Terrano but could not make my mind up about either. Not sure the Jimny is big enough for what I want.I am sounding pickier than I mean to but really appreciate all the advice. I think one of the problems is that I am only looking online and have not had a chance to sit in any of them bar the x-trail. Maybe there is too much choice!!
  3. I don't suppose I need a 4x4 exactly but need something with a fair bit of clearance.Presently I have a Hyundai 140 estate which had great boot space and passenger space but no clearance. Some of the farms I shoot have lanes that only tractors use so the middle is fairly raised so need the clearance for this sort of ground.
  4. Evening all, This has prob be done to death but I have about 5/6k to spend on a new car.I was looking for something along the line of an X-trail (old style) or similar.This will be used as my daily car and also for shooting and towing my boat but nothing really madly off road-mostly forest roads or farm lanes. My father has an old style X-trail,not sure of the age, and it pretty much does what I want but there may well be alternatives I haven't thought of. Any good/bad points to look out for? All ideas/advice welcome. Thanks.
  5. I did some red and Sika last year.Used a kit that my brother brought back from Cabelas.It gives you all the correct measurements of mix to your weight of meat.I dried in the oven at its lowest setting and it (mostly) turned out very nice.A bit charred at the edges but I just cut them off,the centre cuts were fine and chewy. I froze it and used throughout the season.I would do it again and prob buy a dehydrator to take the cooking element out of it. I think practice would make perfect, thankfully I have more of the kit left over so will give it another go soon.
  6. Thank you for all the replies,seems their bullets are not much better than I remember their shotguns shells to be. I will hang on and see if I can not source some Hornady somewhere else.
  7. Hi, Does any one have any experience with the above bullets? I can not source my usual 100gn .243 bullets locally (Hornady) but have been offered these as an alternative in the same weight.I don't reload and usually only use about 30/40 a year so happy enough to buy factory rounds. One of the reasons I ask is that years ago I used Sellier & Bellot shotgun shells and they were not great but presume things must have changed by now.The other factor is that they come in boxes of 50 which if they don't suit my rifle will be a waste. I tried a box of Federal and it was producing awful grouping but Hornady and Winchester group well.Both are proving difficult to source at the minute. Thanks
  8. gmm243

    Bee Suit

    Thanks for all the responses.Looks like I know where to look now. Will get the measuring tape out in the morning and se what size he is.
  9. gmm243

    Bee Suit

    Thank you for the quick response and advice. I was trying to get him down the boiler suit route but thought I would ask just in case there was one lying unused somewhere.His younger brother has already said he only need a veil and gloves as he will be using his John Deere boiler suit (Handed down by his brother). I hope he will stick at it,he has been fairly obsessive with his other hobbies (Shooting,fishing and rugby) so I suspect this might go the same way but the first few stings will be telling.It has made my Dads say to be able to teach him about bees as well after teaching him to shoot and fish.
  10. gmm243

    Bee Suit

    Evening all, My 12 year old son has been showing signs of becoming a beekeeper.My Dad has kept bees for over 70 years and is keen to show him the ropes.Yesterday we caught a great swarm and I now have them hived safely. I was wondering if anyone had a child bees suit they would like to sell.I know you can get them online but thought I would ask around before I buy new.He is a strong lad but am not sure that the first few stings won't put him off for life! Thanks, Gavin.
  11. built in (I think 1882).About 10 years ago I got her totally overhauled -rib relaid,barrels rebrowned,pits taken out,new ejector spring in one barrel and a new safety spring and re proofed as she was not in proof at the time. The man who did this for me charged a lot less than the 2k quoted above.The gun was used weekly by me and had been through the wars but it came back in a lovely condition. This man has sadly passed away since but it I imagine that it should still be possible to find someone who could carry out this work for less than a small fortune. I got this gun from my Father as a gift from a very old friend of his and have had it over 30 years now and would hate to be without it. I still use this gun all the time bar when I have to shoot non toxic or am shooting a lot of shots at pigeons/crows then the Remington auto comes out. As many of the other posters have said it would be a real shame to scrap as they just aren't being made any more. The first line of my post was deleted for some reason.It was meant to read "I shoot a Charles Lancaster built..."
  12. If things don't work out and you have to split may I have the wind checker powder? Thanks.
  13. Years ago I found this in my shed,actually heard it inside a box. Sorry about the quality,was taken with my old Nokia phone.
  14. In NI you get an FAC for all guns,air guns (regardless of power),shotgun or rifle. I have travelled to Scotland to shoot and kept my gun in college cabinet when there.All this was legally done on my NI FAC as was buying cartridges.I imagine it must be the same going to England or Wales.Just declared it when going on the ferry,they used to hold it and then return after the journey if you were a foot passenger. To bring a gun to N.Ireland from southern Ireland you need a visitor permit which easily got if you apply in time and in think it is now £16 for the year.I sponsor friends every year to come up to shoot with me and it could not be easier. This used to also be the case for guns coming into N Ireland from Emgland,Scotland or Wales but I am not sure if the visitors permit from other UK countries is still required.I only have experience with friends coming up from the South.I also know there were problems with some people going to shoot in Scotland travelling through N Ireland from the South to get the ferry but they had no visitors permit for N Ireland and got their guns seized at the port. Hope that is of some help to you.
  15. Thank you all who replied and offered advice. As you can see I am no expert in air rifles and don't use them an awful lot.I bought this Ultra mainly for my kids to use as it is a more manageable size for them and they have loved it and to be honest still do so I don't think I will change it just yet. I know there are better options out there but presently it will have to do. What I plan to do is try some other pellets as suggested and see what difference they make.I was hoping to fire her to empty this morning but there was such good weather I spent the morning cutting up an oak tree that has been down since the autumn.I will get round to it this week and report any findings. When I brought the bottle to the gun shop to get filled they were trying to sell me an air arms but I didn't bite. I will also join the airgun forum and see what is on offer over here.I am not that aware of many folk having air rifles,most seem to have .22 rim fire or nowadays .17's. Thanks again for all your advice and.for taking the time to respond.
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