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  1. If the river cottage book has not gone may I have it please
  2. I made quad sticks following instructions from YouTube and a guy on The Stalking Directory. I found them simple to make,really light to carry and very very stable. Cheap to replace if you break one of the poles,think the poles were about £5 or £6 each from B&Q. Just make sure you get the 2.2m ones so you can cut them down if needed and cut the pole at your cheek lower then the other 3 so it is not poking you in the eye when you go to shoot.
  3. I would never part with my Charles Lancaster but to have only one gun in would like some amendments to it. It currently has 30' Damascus barrels with 2.5" chambers. If restricted to one gun I would like another set of barrels made for it of the same weight,balance etc but in steel and with 2.75" chambers. Don't want multi-chokes.Shoot all I want with imp cylinder and 1/4 but then again most of my shooting is woodcock and snipe shooting,not too many driven days in my diary. It could prob do with a good service too.
  4. I saw a Hobby this year when out fishing.It was taking mayfly from the sky just above my boat. I was pulled into an island waiting for the gnat to fall and was able to watch him.for around 20 minutes. Not an extreme sighting in parts of the U.K but this far north and west they are very rare.Looking up records it was only the second one ever recorded here. I would love to hear Corncrakes again but fear that will never happen.
  5. Years ago I shot a teal which fell winged onto the bank of a fairly small but in full flood river.The teal ran for the river and my big lab went in for him totally ignoring my whistle and shouts.He managed to catch the bird in the river and turned back to me but the current dragged him into and subsequently under a bush.All I could see was his head and shoulders and they were getting pushed under by the force of water.I really did not know what to do and felt so sick.This literally took seconds to happen and I thought he was gone.The dog was a great dog for marking birds so I fired a shot acr
  6. Just done the washing up and lazing on the sofa in front of the wood burner. Had smoked salmon and other little bits for a starter,then had a large leg of lamb and a ham for mains plus all the veg, it looks like we will have a lot of lamb sandwiches for the next few days.Have not had Turkey for years. Had a lovely plum pudding and also a trifle for dessert. Out after woodcock tomorrow to burn it all off.
  7. I use a Gillette sensor but a few times recently have tried to buy blades and Tesco has been out of them.Tesco do their own razor brand(The name I am not sure of). They are advertised as also fitting the Gillette and so far no problems and they have great life,do not need to change them too often.
  8. When I got married my mother saw loads of Denby,bed clothes,towels etc after the wedding that folk had very kindly given us. She took pity on me and her and my Dad bought me a Leatherman as they thought I should have at least one present just for myself!! I use it all the time,fishing,shooting,stalking and around the house.Last weekend I used it to put IKEA wardrobes together. I would hate to be without it.Great build quality,very sharp edge on the knife blades and everything just shouts out quality.
  9. So now all the places, bar one, I thought I could source an express say they are out of stock. There are a lot of Remington vermin hunters on offer,they seem to have a good review. The final final question is would you get a .22 or .177? Thanks in advance. Gavin.
  10. Thank you both. Think this may have helped make my mind up. Not sure about all the working/polishing as it is not anything I have ever done before but am sure I can learn although I would not want to make a mess of the gun.
  11. Thanks again for everyone who took the time to reply and look up guns for sale for me. One last question!! Has anyone any experience with a Remington Express Compact?I think I can get one fairly easily in .22 and brand new but don't want to jump on it just because it is accessible if it is not a good gun for my son. Thanks again.
  12. This may sound a bit stupid but he was originally looking for something along the lines of a Red Ryder or Daisy as I already have a pcp BSA. The laws are such over here that anything that produces over a joule is considered a firearm and therefore needs to go on a FAC.When I found that out I thought I would be much better getting him his own air rifle,possibly a junior version and it has sort of snowballed from there,he said he does not want a pcp as he does not want the hassle of filling bottles or getting me to do it. I still think if there was a Red Ryder at the end of the bed on Chretmas m
  13. I wondered about the very long/full length silencer on the wooden one.The black gun looks pretty much size wise what I am looking for but as I have said it is not that easy sourcing air rifles locally here and would prob be easier to get them posted over. I have another son who is 10 next summer and will be obviously keen to use this new gun.I had him shooting 1.5" 3 shot group at 110m yesterday with my .243 so they are both well used to shooting and this will be very much a shared gun. I was just sent a link by a friend to a BSA meteor SE (I think),it is he more modern version and has a
  14. I would much prefer a wooden stocked gun for appearances sake if nothing else but if they shoot better than plastic or synthetic stocked guns that really makes my mind up for me. I will have a look through the second hand gun sites for starters and see what I can find.Don't want anything too heavy but the are bound to be some guns in good nick that are up for sale as kids have grown out of them.
  15. Thank you for the reply,hopefully he is strong enough now to cock a rifle but I will be with him regardless so can cock it for him. Have you any experience with the BSA Comet Evo?
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