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  1. We had no beech mast last year but lots of acorns.We shot some great bags of very sporting birds fighting through the tree tops. This year it seems that we have neither beech mast or acorns.
  2. gmm243

    HW 97 advice

    Thanks. I know that all guns are different but would you think that (in theory) this power of gun would be accurate to 40m or so?Admittedly I know very little about air rifles but would be used for mostly plinking and a bit of vermin control. I don't want anything that is so overly powered that it affects the performance. Thank you,I wondered if that was the case. As we are not restricted in power here this rifle would then be as it was originally when it left the factory?I didn't think that they would be produced at a certain power if they were not able to perform at that power but you never know.
  3. gmm243

    HW 97 advice

    Yes,all guns in Northern Ireland have to be on an FAC.Have held one for over 30 years.As all air guns are in the same band you can do a one on/one off with zero hassle.
  4. gmm243

    HW 97 advice

    Hi, have been offered a second hand .22 HW97 in 16ft/lb.Not an issue about it needing FAC as all airguns must be licenced here and I will prob be doing a one on/one off with another lower power .177.Am pretty sure this is the Black line edition- ambidetrix black synthetic stock. My question is :Does anyone have any experience with this gun at this power?I would think a 12ft/lb gun would be nicer to shoot but does the extra power equate to poorer accuracy?I remember shooting an air rifle of my brothers which was about 24ft/lb which had an awful twang when fired, very poor grouping and was pretty useless over all. Don't want to buy a dud and could wait on for a 12ft/lb rifle to come available in time if that was the advice given. Also do these guns shoot well out of the box?I don't have anyone near that would be able to do any work to it so it will be shot in it's original. Thanks.
  5. Funnily enough I had a few ppu bullets to try when I first got the rifle and they grouped the best out of all the 100gn bullets. I then moved on to the Hornady and Federal expecting them to be better but the grouping opened up with them. Might have to go back to them if I can not find any other alternative.
  6. Will do,thank you. Not that easy finding different types of ammo here locally but I will make a few phone calls.
  7. 1 in 10 twist on the rifle. Spoke to a local gunsmith who has advised that 80gn would be the better choice for a twist rate of 1 in 10.
  8. Thanks all. Original owner got rid of it to move to .223.Rifle had approx 120 rounds through it when I bought it.I have shot it and so has a friend and both getting the same results.Barrel is allowed to cool between shots. On Sat I will try to get some time to take Mod off and see what it shoots like then.Not sure where I go after that but would like to try some more ammo before I do anything.Hard to source other ammo presently but I will do what I can.
  9. Morning all. I have a .243 Tikka T3x.Bought 2nd hand but basically in mint condition. I have been trying to zero with 100gn bullets (legal deer requirement here) but can not get better than 2" group at 100m.Have been trying Hornady,Federal and Winchester.Tried some 90gn ballistic tips which did perform slightly better but I would have liked the group to be 1" at most at that range. Have moved the scope and mod over from my last rifle which grouped very well so don't think they are the issue.Everything seems tight but maybe there is something I am missing? I didn't think the Tikka were very bullet sensitive but has anyone any advice on different bullets they find work well or is there something glaring at me on the rifle that I haven't thought of? Thanks.
  10. Have never shot a ringed pigeon,wasn't aware they ringed pigeons have shot a few birds with rings but mostly ducks.I did shoot a ringed woodcock.Was ringed 4 years before I shot it,was 340 odd km from the ringing site to where I shot it.Would have been interested to know how how far it had flown in the intervening years on migration. Years ago my father shot a ringed teal near Limerick,it had been ringed 3 days before in Holland.
  11. I manage a refuse company, can't get enough hgvs drivers to be totally honest.Crying out for them most of the time. A lot of small companies now offer to put people through the hgv test on the written provision that once passed they stay with the company for 2 years.They get a driver for 2 years and the driver gets two years experience then can decide to stay or move on as he has the required experience then.Can work out well for both of them.
  12. I was wondering if anyone had posted a non component part of a moderator and if so what did they describe it as in the post office? I need to post a bridging unit for a Wildcat Mod and I am unsure what to tell them in Post Office when I go there tomorrow. I I am sure they will think the worst if I even mention the word moderator. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  13. Afternoon, I was looking for a piece of antler to make a fishing priest and was put in the direction of Christian Sutton. He had a few pieces that fitted the bill and below is the finished article. Turned out pretty well but could have been a slight bit more lead in the head of it,I didn't have it perfectly straight in the vice and then didn't want to add more molten lead on top of the already set lead. It will give it some character!! Small brass bar fitted across go prevent the lead ever springing out. A coating of oil mixed with a little of our own beeswax (mostly to darken/bring out the grain) and I will be handing it to my fishing buddy tomorrow. Hopefully a present for life and he won't drop it over the side of the boat like the last one he bought. Ps.I know it could do with a little more filling and sanding on the top but I might get time to do that this evening.
  14. I have an Ameri-step pop up hay bale blind. Will hold two men shooting,a dog,shells,lunch and still have a bit of room.Takes a few minutes to set up and down although the taking down takes a bit of practice trying to get the sprung steel folded in the right way. I tend to shoot sitting down in any hide but you can stand up with ease in this hide.There is a collapasble front net on runners that you are meant to slide down when getting up for the shot but in practice I leave it nearly fully open and don't move too much and never had any issues. They do come up on Ebay every now and again but there is also another make that I have seen for sale too but can't remember what they are called.
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