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  1. I think they had two types of hide net.One (like mine) was dark green and brown on the other side.Then there was a harvest one which was lighter in colour. Pity they are not on the go now,they had some decent gear at the time
  2. I had some,maybe a dozen.We have very little pigeons here so I stayed them black and used them as crow decoys. I still use them and even have some of the pegs.They are great until the wind picked up then they flew all over the field,the clip wasn't a whole pile of use in a gale. I also still have and use two of their full body crows decoys. They are huge in comparison to what we have today,must have been based on a revenue and not a rook. I also have still some of their hide netting - I think it was called Leafscreen? Had a permanent hide at home made out of it.Must have been good as the man cutting the hedges never saw it and shredded the whole hide. I was young when they were on the go but still remember looking with wonder at their little owl decoy complete with flapping wings wondering if it would ever work. Years later a friend and I had a great morning on jackdaws with a big owl decoy but although we tried it many times after it never worked again.
  3. gmm243

    HW 57

    Thanks for that info. Do you rate the gun highly?
  4. gmm243

    HW 57

    Thanks for that advice. I did see a few on line but was under the impression it was Hills or nothing.Everything else would put moisture in your gun. Would most of the pumps on the market got to 200bar or would you need a bottle for that?
  5. gmm243

    HW 57

    Morning again, So after a lot of searching it looks like I have managed to find an S200 within a manageable distance from home so I plan to go and look at it soon. (Tested positive this morning so it will be a few days) I was probably going to go down the route of a pump instead of a bottle.Would this be the best way to go and if so do you have to have a Hills pump or are there now good alternatives? Are there any issues to look out for on these guns that I should look out for before I purchase. Thanks.
  6. gmm243

    HW 57

    I have been looking for one but there doesn't seem to be to be one to be had here within 100 miles Need to be able to find something in good nick but local so the boys ca heft it up and see if they are fit to use it.
  7. I spotted the first swallow on 19th April and have seen a lot since Saw 3 sand Martins on Tues. Usually would have heard the cuckoo by now but have not been out much to the places where I usually hear them.
  8. gmm243

    HW 57

    My boys are 13 and 10 but both big lads.The 13 year old is 5'11 and still growing-costs me a fortune in food. I think the pcp is prob the best way to go,I will keep an eye on the sales.I see a webley raider in there but something like a scorpion might be better. Would need to get a bottle as well. I have the FAC slot as I live in N Ireland all guns including airguns go onto the FAC so that is not a problem.The main issue is choice and selection as there is not as much of a following for airguns here.
  9. gmm243

    HW 57

    Morning all I puy up a post here a long time ago regarding looking for a new air rifle for my sons but between one thing and another (Them shooting shotguns throughout the season really) I never got round to getting anything.We did look at some HW 77's but they were too heavy.Anyway the boys have now remembered about getting a new air rifle and I have seen a second hand HW 57 for decent money but the reviews I can see vary from pretty awful to very good.This is one of the newer models with the white dots in the loading port. It does seem to be significantly lighter than the 77 which would be a big plus but I don't want to buy trouble. I know a lot of reviews are written to sell guns and don't always tell the bad points so if anyone had first hand experience I would be grateful to hear it. Would there be a break barrel alternative that would be better? Thanks for looking.
  10. I bought a pair of auto focus binos a few years ago and I find them great.I am not sure of the magnification or any of the details but I really like them. I think they were sold for watching horse racing so you didn't have to keep fiddling with the focus as the horses got nearer and further away. I really like that you just lift them up and everything is in focus.I know you can't zoom in to get really fine detail but for my stalking and other shooting I find them hard to beat. They cost me £80 but the company no longer is in business or I would buy another pair as a spare. I was shooting with a friend in Jan and he had new Swaro binos costing the best part of £2k and when he compared the two he reckoned mine were clearer.I also have another friend who has Zeiss manual focus binos and he hates mine,says he can't get used to not zooming in to objects.
  11. My Dad is 86 and has awful hearing,as far back as I can remember it has been the same but has got progressively worse over time.He bought hearing aids from a private company which cost a fair bit but has gone back to NHS ones as he said they were better.He shot all his life with no hearing protection and blames this on his hearing loss but I know he also suffers from a regular build up of wax and this affects his ability to hear.He has a few friends of similar age with the same problem - all blame shooting. I have to admit that I am a bit too relaxed when it comes to my hearing protection and already would notice it hard to hear if I am somewhere with loud background noise.I got a pair of electronic ear defenders for a birthday a few years ago and try my best to use them but often forget them.I have two sons and have been very strong in forcing them to use ear protection when they shoot so it is already like second nature to them.
  12. gmm243

    Duck call

    Have used the Primos Wench for years now.Has done me very well and is easy to use/clean.Not sure how easy it is to buy in UK but I haven't looked for one for one for years so might be easily enough found.
  13. gmm243


    They still sell shooting equipment in the Belfast store.Decoys,nets,clothing and knives. I recently bought a 240l waterproof storage bag from them.It is totally waterproof,has 4 handles and is great for keeping the car clean.I had 3 red hinds in it recently and not a drop of blood in the car.I was very impressed with the quality. I was not aware of their owners politics but knew the company was very popular in France.
  14. I had a pair of Aigle that lasted maybe 15 years until they started to crack a bit.They got a lot of abuse but were brilliant. I am not a fan of lined wellies due to them making my feet sweat and I wear them most days of the week throughout the year so summer and lined boots do not agree with me. 3 years ago I needed a new pair of boots and happened to be in Decathlon. I bought a pair of their boots,full length side zip,not lined and at (I think) £60 I thought they couldn't be bad even if they didn't last.They have been brilliant, I will be getting another pair when they need to be replaced.Wear them shooting, picking up,fishing, when I am working at the bees and even staying if I know it is going to be very wet and they have been very comfortable and show no sign of wear. Can't remember the model but there was only 1 thst I saw with side zips that was not lined.
  15. gmm243

    Webley patriot

    I had a Webley Patriot. Shockingly bad gun.Actually still have it as I couldn't shift it on,the rfd wouldn't even take it off my hands. Mine was an FAC model (not sure of the power),huge recoil,heavy in weight,long in length.Got the spring changed to a lighter one and even then it was awful.Used to fire Bisley magnums through it but it is easily the worst air gun I have ever shot.The recoil broke a scope and although I did manage to fluke a few rabbits and feral pigeons with it I will never be tempted to take it out of the cabinet again unless I need a fence post hammered in or replaced. My advice for what it is worth is not to buy it ,there are so many good alternatives out there.
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