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  1. Thank you all who replied and offered advice. As you can see I am no expert in air rifles and don't use them an awful lot.I bought this Ultra mainly for my kids to use as it is a more manageable size for them and they have loved it and to be honest still do so I don't think I will change it just yet. I know there are better options out there but presently it will have to do. What I plan to do is try some other pellets as suggested and see what difference they make.I was hoping to fire her to empty this morning but there was such good weather I spent the morning cutting up an oak tree that has been down since the autumn.I will get round to it this week and report any findings. When I brought the bottle to the gun shop to get filled they were trying to sell me an air arms but I didn't bite. I will also join the airgun forum and see what is on offer over here.I am not that aware of many folk having air rifles,most seem to have .22 rim fire or nowadays .17's. Thanks again for all your advice and.for taking the time to respond.
  2. Yes,it is one with the front push cocking system. I am not sure what energy I want it to run at,I know that 12ft/lbs legal limit seems to be adequate for a lot of shooting and indeed will be for most of mine but I would prefer to have a few more shots per fill than running to the bottle every while. What does the 690fps work out at in ft/lbs? This morning I fired it til empty and refilled it with the borrowed bottle to just over 200 bar.If I get a chance today I will fire it off and see just exactly how I get on.The last of the pellets I fired yesterday (approx 30) were half protruding through the paper of the target and were just slightly lodged into the wood backstop.
  3. There is no visible gauge on my gun, it must be the older model. Is there a benefit to getting it tuned or a larger air cylinder fitted?
  4. Thank you for that, what would you do now? There are some very good gunsmiths here but I am not sure if any of them deal with air guns, as far as I am aware they all fix either shotguns or rifles.That sort of leaves an alternative of sending it away to get sorted or are the valves/seals something that you could fix yourself?
  5. Thank you. Am using accupels in .22.Not sure of weight of pellet.
  6. So I finally managed to get all sorted out and took a look at the rifle.Firstly got the bottle filled again but also borrowed another one. The borrowed bottle filled the gun to just over 200bar-prob 210 or so. I filled the gun and took a shot through the chrono.It registered 690.9 feet per second.I then put a few magazines through the gun and noticed that with the higher filling pressure level I was getting more shots at what seemed a consistent level of power.I did not chrono it every shot due to the rain but watched the point of impact.After about 26/28 shots I noticed the pellets start to drop.I did chrono again after shot number 30 and it read 544.6 fps. I could have gone on until empty but it was pouring down and although I was dry in a hay shed I was getting soaked running out to check the zero.Maybe not the most scientific test but certainly still under the amount of shots per fill I would expect but I am not sure what power it is running at so maybe it is high powered and with the small cylinder this is normal? Thanks in advance for advice.
  7. Thanks for that.Am tied up at work today but will bring the gun and bottle to the shop tomorrow to get both filled. A man at work has a chronograph so I will borrow that and put the results up here.
  8. Is there an easy way to get it fixed or would it be better being sent to a professional to get it properly serviced?
  9. Thanks for the responses,I am running it off a dive bottle but it was recently refilled and would only have had about 15 fills since then. I know that now I am going to sound stupid but I don't know what power she is running at.I am in Northern Ireland which means that all guns have to be put on an FAC regardless of them being shotguns,rifles or air guns (Again regardless of being sub 12ftlb or not).I asked when I got it but can not really remember what I was told although 13ftlb sticks in my mind. Even when she was filling to over 200 bar I would never had more than 30 shots or less without noticing the pressure dropping which would suggest to me there is something not right.It does not seem to be leaking either. Thanks
  10. Evening, What would be considered to an average shot count for a .22 BSA Ultra?I have one and the shot count from fill is dropping badly.I fired 10 shots at a target today and from the 7th the power was dropping very noticeably.I have also noticed that it does not take the same pressure when filling,it used to be over 200 bar but now seems to be full at around 130. There are possibly a load of variables between models that I have not given details on but in general I would have expected a lot more shots per fill.Any advice or thoughts that might get more out of this gun for me? Thanks.
  11. Evening. It is only like for like Ie.Shotgun for shotgun,air rifle for air rifle and there is then a banding system for rifles. In short it is not possible,the only option is to apply for another gun on your FAC,whether you are allowed another shotgun will then be decided by your FEO. Hope this helps.
  12. My brother bought a Patriot about 20 years ago.It was nearly impossible to cock and would not pattern at all.Think or was well over 20ft/lbs.I can only remember the odd occasional successful (lucky) shot.We eventually changed the spring which brought it down to a manageable level and with Bisley magnums it just about printed 1"at 20m.It is still in his cabinet,when he went to trade it in the shop would not take it off him,said there was no way they could ever sell it on. I think there was a poll taken on the worst air rifle ever made and the Patriot won hands down.
  13. My copy of 'Goose Fever" is falling apart and only secured with cellotape. Got it when I was 10 so has had over 30 years of reading.I also have some very well thumbed copies of all of Jim Corbetts books. I read every day so have been through as good few books more than once.Really enjoyed most of Bill Bryson's for a humourous take on life.Have read Stephen King's IT over a dozen times and Shadow over Babylon something similar.It is not so well known but is a decent story of a Scottish stalker being hired by the government to take out Saddam Hussein. Not all believable but entertaining all the same.
  14. Last year I posted that I was looking for tails for fly tying as there has been a complete deline in grey squirrel numbers in my local area. Many thanks to Mick,Neville & Garnett for sending me on a lifetimes supply,a lot of which have been robbed by fishing friends who wanted some. I dried and dyed a lot with different colours so they were in demand!! We used to have plenty of greys but I can honestly say that hand on heart I have not seen a grey squirrel for about 2 years.On the flip side I have observed a massive increase in reds and judging what is killed on the road there has been an increase in pine martens also. So to the point of my post,I was shooting woodcock on Fri and while waiting outside some cover I saw a grey in the tree above me.After getting over my surprise he was added to the bag.I am pleased to add him to the total but am pretty sure that I will not be a regular contributor!! 116
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