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  1. No,you have to be licenced and have all insurances for carrying passengers and licenced/insured to work a certain distance off shore etc.It is very tightly regulated.I think the number of licences issued are very small in comparison to what was applied for. The fisheries gave the licenced skippers an iPad and when you catch a fish you tag it,photo it and release This is then automatically uploaded to the fisheries data base to they have an up to date record of what is caught and where.Hopefully the information will help maintain the population or provide knowledge of migrations routes et
  2. https://fishinginireland.info/sea/bluefin-tuna-fishing/
  3. I think it works to an extent.It is heavily policed and we often would see the fisheries staff out observing that everything is being done properly and legally. The scheme also opens up big game fishing to a wider audience who may not have the chance or funds to go abroad for the same opportunities. I for one could not afford to go abroad for fishing but when spilt between some friends it is very manageable for our day on the water.That said it is not something I want to do more than once or twice a year whereas I could (and have done) trout fish everyday for a fortnight on the trot when
  4. I have caught tuna in Irish waters.They are fairly common along the west coast from Aug onwards. All catch,tag and release as there is no legal quota for keeping them. Some boats had up to 9 in a day this season averaging around 300lb+ up to about 700lb (Estimated by length as not brought onboard).
  5. It was part of our building regs as a new build to have it vented to the outside.Was checked by BC officer when he came out.
  6. gmm243

    Chateau JDog.

    Finally got a photo of the vine but the majority of the grapes have been taken by now.
  7. This is a real long shot but would anyone have a copy of this book that they don't read anymore? I would like to get it for my sons birthday present. I know you can get it on Ebay but at a huge price that I can't really justify. I know that most folk hang on to good books ,as I do,but just chancing my arm! Thanks.
  8. gmm243

    Chateau JDog.

    My ones were grown in a conservatory so birds aren't a problem.Only issue is the glass roof can get them sort of sun burnt if you get continuous hot bright weather.Not usually an issue where I live. Will they to get a photo of the vine tomorrow.
  9. gmm243

    Chateau JDog.

    Our have come good in the last week,were bitter until then.
  10. I read a lot in front of the fire and sometimes tie flies but I also have two young sons so the tv does keep them entertained. In the first photo behind the stove you can see the photos leaning up against the wall,they have been there for months so we should really get them up.One is of my first,now sadly long gone, lab. Brings back great memories.
  11. We have the living area/kitchen split by a half wall that protrudes about 3m into the open area.This is now seen as two separate "rooms" by Building Control.In each area there is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm and also a heat alarm so in reality there are 6 alarms in the one large room. Spoke to my wife,she says the ventilation system is known as heat recovery,we have an air source system for the hot water and this is then pumped into the tank and around the house by a pump.Realistically we run water and lighting off electricity and the heating is run from the stove and the one
  12. My first issue was marrying an architect who wanted to build a super duper timber framed house that would be cheap to run!! We have under floor heating which is never turned on recently as it was heating rooms that were already warm from the stove.The heat from the stove is pumped through the house through a vent in each room and one directly above the stove in the living area.We then have an air source for the stove which enters at the bottom of the stove vented to the outside so it can draw fresh air in.I think this is now a legal requirement when building a new house? I have neve
  13. We have only got Netflix recently but have really enjoyed The Fall,its pretty dark but great viewing. When I get it to myself it Meat Eater and any fishing show I can find but as said relatively new to it so prob not getting the best out of it.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. Not sure of the make of our stove but it is a double sided (can load from either side) 8kw stove. The house is very open plan so this sits in a wall that half divides the kitchen/living area then the heat is pumped around the house. I burn well seasoned,sometimes too well seasoned-4/5 year old which goes up quickly, oak,ash and beech.Am lucky as have a very good supply and I suppose it uses a bit under a fertiliser bag a night.I don't stack it when going to bed so it is usually out in the morning. Have never used coal or other fuel and can get the room w
  15. Evening all, This may be a stupid question but does anyone know how often you need to clean the flue on a wood burning stove? When I had an open fire I got it cleaned once a year,maybe twice.We have now built a new house which has a stove.This stove is our only source of heat in the house (passive,timber frame,heat recovery and insulated within an inch of it's life) so it had been used most nights over the past few months but it has never been cleaned. Does it need cleaned as regular as an open fire or less?I am only burning logs in it. Thanks. Gavin.
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