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  1. Nikko Stirling Diamond 4-16x50 Illuminated. Zero Stop Turrets with spare customizable turret Side Parallax. Sunshade. Bikini Covers. Never mounted, as new condition. Bought for NV but not going to happen. £200 posted RMSF.
  2. The tool on the right is a cartridge extractor. Removing swollen paper cased cartridges when stuck in the chambers. The pot is a oil bottle, the 'turn key' you refer to is for putting a drop of oil where you want it. Thus named a Dropper.
  3. Mobile type chokes fit the Franchi Affinity.
  4. clumber

    Heads up

    Cam arrived, had a quick look over and it seems the same layout as my Aldi cams. I'll have a proper butcher's at it tomorrow and if i get time I'll put it out. Thanks again for the heads up Dougy 👍
  5. clumber

    Heads up

    Think they're older an out of date. To be fair they've taken a lot of abuse, could do with a proper box to store /transport them in instead of a back pack! I'm thinking of fitting new clips with araldite to the front and rear of the unit, wrapping around the sides. If you get what I mean?
  6. clumber

    Heads up

    Cheers for the heads up, this is perfect for me. Need a cheap replacement as one of my Aldi cams has recently bust the closing clips. Trying to figure out how to fix it. Cheers again, 👍
  7. For work I've got a Sony Walkman digital media player. Has its own docking / speaker station for charging. It's a few years old but it still picks up a very good signal and most of my Los are on it. There's loads of this type of digital media player about, I went with Sony purely because I had the original walkman tape player.
  8. Smart phone with external speaker could be a option? A mate is a dry stone waller and he has a small Pure radio that he rates, battery lasts days. I think it's the One model but wether it takes mp3 or not I have no idea.
  9. Had a Greener Empire with side safety, very easy to use and a nice gun to shoot. One of those guns you regret selling!
  10. Hydratic trousers Sold. Winter trousers still for sale.
  11. Hi, fjallraven size chart says they're 90cm which is approx 37&3/4 inches. 

    I'm 6'1" and they're plenty long enough. 

    The winter ones were bought with the intention of keeping warm while sat in a high seat. 

    Regards, Paul. 

    1. kentish


      Thanks Paul, they're too big for me though I'm afraid. Have a great weekend,


    2. clumber


      No problem David.  


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