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  1. clumber

    Leather Boots

    Breaking in another pair of the Alt Berg Tethera. My old Tetheras are 7 or 8 years old, re-soled 3 times and only now are failing beyond a repair. These have taken a lot of abuse over the years. I had no hesitation in buying another pair. The service I've had when they've gone back for a re-sole has been fantastic, even spoke to the guy who was working on them advise me they needed a new rand and could he go ahead. They always come back like new.
  2. clumber

    Rrs and co ltd sxs hammer 12 bore

    I only have The Vintage Years by Boothroyd, must put a few more of his on the list!
  3. clumber

    Rrs and co ltd sxs hammer 12 bore

    This could be your fella- Robert Roper Son & co, 13 Broad St, Park, Sheffield. c.1878-c.94, also at Haymarket c.1897, Haymarket only c.1901. Robert Roper Son & Co Ltd, 29 Sheaf St, c.1905, 8 South St, Park c.1909-c.40* (also Pmkrs c.1878-c.94). British Gunmakers, Vol 2, N Brown.
  4. clumber

    Osmo Hardwax

    I used the polyx-oil, clear in a semi matt. I forgot to do a 'before' photo to compare but it's had 2 thin coatings. The top will get another coating as it has really taken it in.
  5. clumber

    Osmo Hardwax

    Well it took longer than I thought to get done. Very pleased with the finish. Going to fabricate a stand for the press so it's lowest point sits just above the drawer and one for the powder measure.
  6. clumber

    Dummy launcher

    Launcher now SOLD
  7. clumber

    Dummy launcher

    Turner Richards Dummy Launcher for sale. Comes with a covered dummy and 4 spare O rings. Not sure of age but it's in good condition. £50 + postage Collect from the High Peak, nr Whaley Bridge. Derbyshire.
  8. clumber

    Defender/Discovery Alloys

    I've a set of four landrover alloy wheels and tyres for sale. I was going to put them on my defender but have had a change of mind and going to stick with modular wheels. They've been stored in a dry shed, lay flat, for approx 12 months. The tyres are Nexen Roadian HT SUV. 245/70,R16. Lots of tread left on them, 8.5 - 9mm. Photos shows blistering to one of the wheels, others are fine. Will need balancing, some thieving toe rag had the weights and dust caps away when I first got them!? Price reflects this. Wheel Nuts to go with. £220 Located in the High Peak, nr Whaley Bridge. Derbyshire.
  9. clumber

    Osmo Hardwax

    Have a tin of semi matt on order. I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully over the weekend.
  10. clumber

    Osmo Hardwax

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I don't mind spending if I know it's a good buy and works. Don't want to mess up a good job at the last. Thanks again.
  11. clumber

    Osmo Hardwax

    Is Osmo hardwax as good as they claim? At the eyewatering prices I've seen for it I don't want to be spending if it's all bull. I've a little work / reloading bench that's been made in pine. It's in a raw untreated state made from new wood. Now looking for a good treatment for it at a reasonable price. Not looking to darken it so was thinking a clear semi matt finish. Something hard wearing, very important. Any pointers from those who know would be much appreciated. Clumber.
  12. clumber


    Has the stock got any cast in it or is it straight? Thinking the lever may have been cast over for a left hander??
  13. clumber

    Importing parts from USA

    I found a trade label in the U.S. that was period correct. Emailed the company, who are a well known gun manufacturer from Connecticut, about the label and they flatly refused to post. Tis a piece of leather! What's the problem?
  14. Doh! Read it as a FL2. Used to have a 3 door Td4, 52 plate. Sister still has it, done 120k and still going strong. Viscous coupling is a common problem, can cause the rear diff and/or the IRD to fail if it's not working but there's loads on youtube, Google on how to check if it's ok. Know a lad who bought one that had the prop removed because of this, diff blanked off so only front wheel drive, only found out when it snowed! Crankcase breather is another part that gets over looked. Filter gets blocked increases pressure in the engine forcing oil out, dipstick or turbo (expensive), and reducing performance. The hose to atmosphere for this is right at the back of the engine, next to the bulkhead. There's a upgrade for this you can fit in no time and saves the hassle of changing the filter, again YouTube, Google for the kit and how to. Put a decent set of tyres on it and they're very capable off road and the hill decent control is a great help if needed.
  15. Don't run one myself but one thing that is a common problem is the rear diff. Land Rover used sub standard pinion bearings in the diff, listen out for a drone/whine from the rear. It's usually a full diff swap, easier. The haldex oil pump is another one, gets blocked filters then pump fails. There's a firm that do replacement diffs and pumps, exchange basis, with bigger bearing that can handle the torque load levels and sort the haldex but for the life of me I can't remember who they are!? Bell engineering i think? http://www.bellengineering.co.uk/freelander-2-products/