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  1. One for the Yeti / Bigfoot theorists in there as well!
  2. Good. When Freddie Mercury died the rest of the band should of walked away from Queen, imho. FM was Queen, the lead, the voice, the showman, he was the man that made Queen.
  3. I've got a plan in mind for a new breed of dog. It's going to be a four way cross breed on its sires side and a five way on its dams side, you get the best of everything then you see!! I'm going to call it a ..... Mongr`el. D'ya think it'd catch on?
  4. clumber

    Leaf fungus?

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like I did the right thing in burning and hopefully I can break the cycle of the fungus as there's no juniper near me to host the fungus over winter.
  5. clumber

    Leaf fungus?

    I've found quite a few leaves, on a small Pear tree, with red spots on the top side of the leaf and a growth on the underside. I set to with the snips and cut off all the affected leafs, raked the fallen and burnt the lot. The tree is in a area with Apple and Plumb trees which are not affected. Anyone know what it is? Have I done the right thing in burning or have I gone OTT? Another picture of a affected leaf
  6. Cheers all for your replies. Never occurred to me to use cardboard, could be the best thing britpart have put their name to and save me a few quid. 👍
  7. I'm looking at buying a creeper as I'm tired of lying on a board under the motor. Anyone have any experience with them? Are the moulded plastic jobs better or worse than the padded types? Are they worth it? Not bothered about a named brand or bells and whistles just something that does what it says on the tin and is good value. Regards, C.
  8. clumber

    Bore Gauge

    Holts have a gauge in their September sale.
  9. This is my little pond, maybe 15/20yrds diameter. I feed twice weekly May, June. Three times a week July, August (adjust amount if there's feed left over, I want demand to outstrip supply). Every day or other day if feed is being left, September through to mid March. Hard winters can greatly affect this as it's a 'still' water, if I get three days below zero degrees it freezes over. When this happens and the ground is clear of snow I'll dot piles (fist size) of feed around the edge. The first time I did this I already knew that the ducks wandered around but didn't know if it would work so sat out to see them them tuck in. If it snows access is a big problem and I cannot get but the ducks don't bother flighting and stick to the local rivers. From late March I'll start to reduce the feed and start over again. I usually shoot the third week of September then every three weeks after, weather dependent. Self imposed bag limit to 4 birds or 6 if there's two of us. Best of luck with your own place, there's nothing better than sitting and watching the first ones whiffle in.
  10. Glow in the dark dog ****?
  11. Have a 119Hertz, now redesigned as the H2, on the 6.5. Very light, well made, works well.
  12. Sold, pending the usual.
  13. Yes and Yes . 45 & 61. Done the BASC survey (member). Done the Fieldsports Britain survey (shareholder). E-mailed Defra, E-mailed NE(round robin reply) and sent my local MP a e-mail (not holding my breath for a reply).
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