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  1. Goodnature A24 multi kill trap for sale. As pictured, A24 trap, Digital Counter, 1 CO2 Canister, Lure Bottle (opened but has lots left in it), Detector Kit (unopened), User Manual. All in excellent condition. £100 Posted RMSF.
  2. https://weingartz.com › model-rear-r... John Deere Parts Lookup -Rear Roller Mowers 4-Cycle Engine FJ180V, R43RS (SA922), R43RVE (SA816, SA916), R47RKB (SA817), R54RKB (SA818) -PC4517 - Weingartz This may help you out. Could be something wrapped around the drive?
  3. I shoot a Damascus barrelled guns and I also shoot modern steel proof guns. IMHO the sensible approach to lead would be, If shooting for personal use of quarry then lead should be available to use without restrictions, ie amount purchased or shot per annum. Wildfowl restrictions still remain. Ridiculous as it is for inland fowl. If shooting on a commercial shoot where the quarry is to be sold or gifted into the food chain then non toxic shot to be used. How many guns are going to be instantly consigned to scrap if a common sense approach isn't implemented, instead of a blanket (voluntarily my ....) ban. But then again common sense ain't so common anymore.
  4. The OH refers to hers as platinum, never grey. I've lost / shave mine so I say nowt, best you do the same me thinks.
  5. Could I ask if the BASC are pushing the H O, Police and the BMA to sort out the unfair disparity in charging up and down the country? I wonder how many GPs would refuse a request or charge a ridiculous price if the request and payment for a medical report came directly from the issuing force?
  6. Been watching Catching the Impossible with Bernard Cribbings and Martin Bowler on Amazon prime. Perfect viewing for when it's quiet and a bottle of beer in hand. Some really nice fish caught.
  7. Saw a clip with someone stood behind Boris wearing one of these. Made me chuckle! https://www.google.com/search?q=bbc+t+shirt&oq=bbc&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0j69i57j0j69i60.1624j0j8&client=tablet-android-samsung-nf-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=M948k9f8d8CucM:
  8. One for the Yeti / Bigfoot theorists in there as well!
  9. Good. When Freddie Mercury died the rest of the band should of walked away from Queen, imho. FM was Queen, the lead, the voice, the showman, he was the man that made Queen.
  10. I've got a plan in mind for a new breed of dog. It's going to be a four way cross breed on its sires side and a five way on its dams side, you get the best of everything then you see!! I'm going to call it a ..... Mongr`el. D'ya think it'd catch on?
  11. clumber

    Leaf fungus?

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like I did the right thing in burning and hopefully I can break the cycle of the fungus as there's no juniper near me to host the fungus over winter.
  12. clumber

    Leaf fungus?

    I've found quite a few leaves, on a small Pear tree, with red spots on the top side of the leaf and a growth on the underside. I set to with the snips and cut off all the affected leafs, raked the fallen and burnt the lot. The tree is in a area with Apple and Plumb trees which are not affected. Anyone know what it is? Have I done the right thing in burning or have I gone OTT? Another picture of a affected leaf
  13. Cheers all for your replies. Never occurred to me to use cardboard, could be the best thing britpart have put their name to and save me a few quid. 👍
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