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  1. I really like the idea of smaller machines and sanders are on sliders so they are stored neatly out of the way until needed. A lot of thought and time has gone into this fellas workshop, just wish I could get my garage half as tidy
  2. For the tackle tarts or those who 'get wood'! How many clamps do you need?
  3. When he was in his prime fighting weight would be 27 - 28Kgs. He was about eight when that picture was taken and about 30Kgs. Unfortunately he has Progressive Retinal Atrophy, PRA. Stills okay during daylight but dusk is a problem. Still gets excited when the gun comes out Will look for another next year.
  4. Myself I found him easy to train. He's quite a soft dog so went gently but he'd pick up most things second or third time of asking. He could be quite headstrong at times as he grew so we'd pack up for the day. Could get bored easily so I mixed it up each day. He'd need scent or would look at me with a 'your joking' look when we moved on to cold game. I went along the Divid Lisset line with bits from quite a few other trainers. They work like a Springer but a little slower and with a purpose, I'd say. The same but different, not as frantic if you get me? Fantastic noses.
  5. Quite the characters. Love em!
  6. clumber

    Homing Pigeons

    I get it! Personally I did steadying with hens, similar to the link. https://youtu.be/edF9NGurOz0 When it came to the flush/drop training I did it while walking the boundaries. Not ideal but made do. Good luck.
  7. clumber

    Homing Pigeons

    Are you wanting to race them or keep fancy birds like tumblers or fan tails? We used a 6x4 shed for youngsters and strags (strays). Mesh door inside the main outer door. Side window became the trap to a outside aviary built on to the side of the shed extended higher than the roof. Simple perches. Not kept birds for nearly 30 years but my brother has a few, mainly for pets now. Word of warning, which ever you get they'll attract feral pigeons and being on a farm will be a PITA. RPRA will give you more information
  8. Used to see our local FEO out and about, lives in next village, so got updates until he retired. Never had any other contact only for renewals. Mind you living in a small village some folk know what's going on before it happens!
  9. Not had one from Derbyshire.
  10. I was surprised by how much land and water they've bought up and the deals done on beef. They've been going about buying into different countries around the world for quite some time, nice and quietly. Africa springs to mind. Like you say, it'll be interesting to see how the Aussies go. Could be a turning point for the rest who are in a similar position?
  11. https://youtu.be/qqOa4jJMwao And we want to let them loose with their 5G
  12. Latifs inspired on YouTube is well worth a look for the home curry cook.
  13. Dogone, What's the deal with the Carbon Tax you're being levied with? I've watched Quick **** McDick on YouTube, a light hearted take on serious issues, and it seems like the government is willing to destroy the country in search of money?
  14. Think you mean at a BBQ 🐷
  15. You may be leaving a scent on the trap so mole detects it. The jaws may be set narrower than the tunnel, mole bumps into it and digs around it. Seen and had it done many times. Try barrel traps, the covered top holds soil better than scissor types. Putange types work very well but take a few goes to get right. As London best said, shoot it on the third push as it'll be up inside the hill. Knock a few hills flat and wait. The old wife's tale says they throw at 3pm. Good luck.
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