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  1. Very poor batting against their spin. Four of the top six bats failed to get into double figures. Completely outclassed. Think today's test is a day/night one so hopefully under lights with cooler weather we can get the ball to move. Any more straws to clutch at?
  2. Goodnature A24 multi kill trap for sale. A24 trap, Digital Counter, 1 CO2 Canister, Lure Bottle (opened but has lots left in it), Detector Kit (unopened), User Manual. All in excellent condition. £100 Posted RMSF.
  3. As a kid I was taken to the Sheffield crucible, early 80s. Steve Davis v Terry Griffiths. To this day I still don't know what I broke / lost or did to receive such a punishment!
  4. £170 odd quid to stink like a brocks backside? Jeez! Off his rocker!
  5. They're Joseph Rodgers. The hallmarks are a star and cross. https://www.sheffieldcollectableknives.com/about/joseph-rodgers I use bone handle butter type knives. The OH likes skinny round handle modern knives that I can't hold as they're too damn slim. These old knives hold a edge very well. Once saw a programme about a fish market and one of the old timers used nothing but this type of knife for filleting
  6. Guido Fawkes ran a piece on his "wildlife photography tours" a while back. Think it's been posted before. https://order-order.com/2019/05/08/climate-catastrophe-chris-packham-cashing-carbon-belching-luxury-wildlife-tours/
  7. Mcspredder, the wheels take yout type B sensor. The warning light is on with the original wheels and tyres. Apparently over pressuring the tyres from the recommended running pressure clears the warning. The second set of wheels came without the sensors fitted to the rims so I'm having to buy a set. Kia wanted over £500 for four! I'm wanting four sensors for the second set of wheels, that don't cost a fortune.
  8. try disconnecting the battery. Rebooting the system may clear it??
  9. Was told, when I bought a Freelander 1 years ago that it was set up to feel as though it was front wheel drive and the gearing was running quicker to the front, than the rear. Advised to put new tyres on the rear if only changing two so not to put extra stress on the IRD and rear diff. Didn't mention anything about the useless viscous coupling!
  10. That's what I asked but it went through mot without any advisories ? Was told to inflate tyres to 36psi, take it for a run and it'll clear. Did that, still on!
  11. I've got a spare set of wheels for the OH's car, for winter tyres, an they came without any TPMS valves. Kia wanted a fortune for 4 and that's not happening. Has anyone replaced the TPMS for aftermarket ones? Can you reccomend a supplier of these sensors? Would normal valves work or are the rim fittings different? Clumber.
  12. I really like the idea of smaller machines and sanders are on sliders so they are stored neatly out of the way until needed. A lot of thought and time has gone into this fellas workshop, just wish I could get my garage half as tidy
  13. For the tackle tarts or those who 'get wood'! How many clamps do you need?
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