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  1. I'll also take the Viht, how do you want paying? SS
  2. I've got a mate that's after a cack handed semi auto anything considered, would prefer a Berretta/ Bennelli Whats out there? Cheers SS
  3. It was a great trip! And to think I was on the peg left of 'Pig Magnet Dougy' watching all of this unfold Very good shooting mate
  4. South to win by.... unlucky for some Northeners 13
  5. Anyone know where I can get one of these from? Or if anyone's got one knocking about that they don't need. SS
  6. I'll have one of those please mate How do you want paying? SS
  7. Exact same thing happened to me.....I know Numpty! Take the rifle and ammo back to your gun shop & tell them to contact Edgar Bros who are the importers of the ammo & they will sort it out for you As said before this is happening far to often & it is just a question of time before someone gets seriously injured from these dodgy rounds
  8. Hahaha.... A few hours work!!! If you're referring to the butchery side of things, you obviously haven't seen Colin in action! I reckon 45 minutes tops...that's with 4 tea breaks Well done Colin mate
  9. Nice buck mate, Gold all day long It was good to meet up again for a bit of clay bustin today
  10. Took the rifle, blown cases and the 30 rounds with split necks to my local gun shop & they were horrified! Got straight on to Edgar Bros & they've asked for it all to be sent back to them, so we will see what the outcome is. The gun shop incidentally have seen 2 similar incidents!! SS
  11. I've just gone through all my remaining Hornady 17 v max ammo, using the very scientific thumb nail round the bullet neck & out of 175 rounds 30 have split necks
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