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  1. I feel this whole thread has drifted off into fantisy land.......... .....just pop through the wardrobe....and....ugh...ahh Nannia "hello Mr Tumnus"
  2. ?? Do legions of green slugs, banging drums and chanting war songs, crawl from the firey bowels of hell into your eyes, and eat your very sole - Lurcherboy ? I'll get my coat....
  3. Some cases such as the CCI are longer than Eley and won’t fit the chamber of some rifles. If you have a nice tight chamber then leave it alone and find ammo that shoots well in it. G.M. It just suprises me alittle that given the good name of Eley for manufacture and quality the first 50 rds hung-up and sprayed everywhere, the next seemd fine. I would put it down to a new rifle if the bolt hadn't been so hard to shut and the bullets marked. I feel unconfident that the next Eley bullet will not be damaged and wizz off into the unknown. Could it be that the breech has 'b
  4. If you mean the rim of the case, Yes as the lead bullet was damaged upon ejection, If you mean the rim of the bullet - I think that is at fault.
  5. What actually happened was, I could feed the round from the mag or by hand into the breech. The bolt went foward fine BUT when you pulled it 'down' into the locked position it was really stiff. You can then eject the round, without firing, and there is a thin shiney ring just before the sealing ring where its been 'touched'. Another guy at the range said he had a simular problem with Eley and the new 40grn CCI, he gave me some of his winchesters to try, all chambered fine both manually and from the mag. I went to the shop for winni's to try but all they had were 40g CCI, which jus
  6. I have just added a .22 CZ Siluette to my collection, I tried 50 eley plus subs and more often than not the bullet heads were being squashed when the bolt is completely shut. I went to buy some Winni's but was told they are on 'back-order' so tried CCI - the heads on these are even bigger I have since tried a second box of Eley, brought at the same time as the first and these SEEM ok. Has anyone else experianced this, ? bad batch or rifle bedding in..?
  7. No Winchester .22 sub or any .17HMR B/tips from Countryway Glad to hear Potters may have some...
  8. looks ok - can the parrallax be used without that sidewheel. How heavy is it, it says 750g but some of the Hawke scopes claim to be 500g ish but when I've weighed them they are more like 800g. (I don't want to much weight as I may use it on the .22lr for standing shots at night) Thanks Dead-Eye
  9. £53,000,000 If you are from Tonbridge
  10. There seems to be alot of 'scope related chat on here recently. I am in the market for some new glass and have been searching the internet and looking at some of the old scopes we all collect in cupboards. I want something to go on my .17HMR so a reasonable mag is required as I like to see what I am abliterating I also dont want something which weighs as much as a small planet.. I would like a fine illuminated rectical, for night work. I currently have a S&B 8x56 on it, which is almost 800g on it's own, so around this sort of weight will be ok. Does anyone have any
  11. I see a few of you have CZ's with 16" barrels, I assume factory choped inc. screw cut. Are they any louder, if so how much than std length...(with sound mod and sub's) Thanks DED
  12. So to sum-up I shhould be ok to use a few non-toxic loads AS LONG AS IT'S NOT STEEL. Thanks guys - put my mind at rest Dead-eye
  13. Sorry to hi-jack the thread but... I have a gun chamberd for 3" which does NOT have the 'steel shot' marking on the barrel. As bismouth/Tungsten-matrix is not as hard as steel, do you think I'll be ok putting 20 or so shots per year through it if I stick to open chokes...? :(
  14. Helps alot - thankyou. I am a service manager for a muti-francise dealer, so regularly swap from Isuzu Trooper to Suzuki Alto to Impreza Turbo to T.V.R s So quite used to that
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