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  1. Hi. What’s barrel length and lop. Is stock damaged behind trigger guard, difficult to tell from photo?
  2. William Powell, but made in Spain, it will have a Spanish makers code on it.
  3. Errrr, no it’s not, the Monarch is/was made in Spain for William Powell
  4. Any chance of better photos of chequering and action? What are barrels like?
  5. Selling 237 Eley CT20 20 bore fibre cartridges, dry stored, collection near Market Rasen Lincs. Cert holdings only
  6. Selling my KOFS 28g, made in Turkey, 30”, o/u multichoke. 14 1/2” lop, As new, fired less than 50 shells, comes with full set of 5 chokes, key, original box and manual. Cheapest available at £349, sorry no RFD transfer.
  7. 1978 is good, AyA in their prime. Where in Norfolk are you?
  8. Clearly if the gun is pre 83 it is a true AyA which is good, hence why I asked for date code. Not sure what “poster with sale” implies?
  9. 1983!!! That was the year AYA joined the ill fated Diarm cooperative, although guns were labelled AyA they were built in the Diarm factory between late 83 and 88 when they went bust.
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