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  1. AYA 400

    Before ASI started importing AYA shotguns into the uk AYA like most Spanish makers made a range of shotguns with model numbers that made very little sense. The range for the uk was very simple No1, 2, 3 and 4 and it soon became the best selling range of shotguns available in the uk. My guess is that a few of the non uk spec guns such as the 400, 53, 33, 112 to name a few where imported from Spanish retailers and still come up occasionally. Interestingly the 400 was available in 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28g both ejector and non ejector!
  2. Schoffel ???.

    I would like to agree with everyone that says how good schoffel jackets are but I can't! I have a Ptarmigan jacket which I bought new about 6 years ago, 1st time I wore it in heavy rain it let water in across my back and upper arms. I contacted Schoffel and they asked me to return it and they replaced it with a new one, my friend had the same problem. On beaters day this season 3 of us where wearing Scoffel jackets, mine was ok but the other 2 had both let water in across their backs! In my opinion they do not come close to the old Musto countryman jacket which were warmer and never leaked. Not sure if the new Musto jackets are as good but if you keep an eye out on eBay you can still find a good Musto
  3. Red eye stickers for eye dominance

    If not sold I will take them, PayPal?
  4. Wolf leathers, Arai helmet

    Pm sent
  5. Panorama - Driven Game Shooting

    Have read with interest the comments of many members on this subject. I shoot driven game, I belong a small syndicate and we average 40 head, shooting 10 days throughout the season. I am lucky enough to get an invite each year to a 200 bird day and very enjoyable it is. A team of 3 pickers up work tirelessly to ensure every bird is found and I always advise the pickers up as to where I think all my birds are. The same cannot be said for all the guns I shoot with and unfortunately many of the privileged few that can afford to shoot on 3 4 5 or 600 bird days don't really care whether their birds are found or not! Can we as a group condone these huge commercial shoots where none of those involved have had a ####ing for not keeping in line when hacking their way through dense briars for a £1 a day!!!
  6. Hunter wellies guarantee

    My daughter bought a new pair of standard hunters at the Game Fair a few years ago for a summer soil sampling job. Within 5/6 weeks they had started to split. Contacted the supplier who asked her to return them. They in turn sent them back to hunter who stated they were not designed for the purpose she was using them for!!! As a gesture of good will the supplier refunded in full! Moral,of this story is that Hunter and their Wellingtons are not fit for purpose and fo not deserve to be in business!!
  7. 28g sxs

    Pm sent
  8. AYA de lux box lock

    I have a standard No4 16g, it's been re-chequered, barrels re-blued, choked 1/4 and 1/2. I might be tempted to sell. Trying to find a deluxe version in 16g will be very difficult imo.
  9. 28g sxs

    Asked before but someone must have one, looking for Spanish sxs 28g, just to try
  10. Smart motorways

    Totally agree, they slow traffic down, cause accidents and have only one purpose, speeding fines!!!
  11. Dog transport box

    Looked on transk9 site but can't see one designed to be used in on open pickup
  12. Dog transport box

    Can anyone recommend a transport box suitable for use in an open pickup. My cocker (20kg) lives in an outdoor kennel so cold is not a problem but obviously it needs to be dry.
  13. Not surprised!! What a bargain
  14. The "walk / stand " pheasant shoot.

    We have 2 teams one team shoots all day other beats all day, then we swap next time each team having 5 shoot days and 5 beating days. If you miss your turn beating you have to supply or pay for a beater. Works well
  15. Old English Gallyon on its way

    If you were to have the stock repaired, forend glued (you could do that yourself) chequering re done, extension fitted and then refinished professionally you will be looking at a minimum of £400, then the barrels need re browning, another £100. I'm afraid to say it really isn't worth spending that on a gun that has seen better days. If you want to use it, glue the forend (run superglue into the crack) have a go at refinishing the stock but only up to the chequering and fit a slip on extension pad.