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  1. Hi Jon. Just checked my SP3 Ltd and like yours the trident is silver. I think they’ve done a few runs of special editions so the one you’ve seen may be different run?

    1. I bought one Jan 19, this zip was knackered within 3/4 months, sent in back a same happened to replacement. Just ordered an Aigle off eBay so will see what’s it’s like. My guess is the zip on the Jack Pyke is Chinese, probably the entire garment. It’s time we all stopped buying Chinese made gear!!
    2. Friend of mine fancies a Lada Niva, just to be different. Anyone had one, opinion? Or got one to sell?
    3. Below is a picture of mine. Slightly darker wood, I scoured the North of England to find this one! Mine is number 480 of 500. 28” game model, they did a wide rib sporter as well.
    4. I’ve tried the Coopers on a Dmax and found they were not good in the wet on the road and have used Goodrich AT on Troupers in the past and again brilliant off-road but quite woolly on the road especially after 50% worn. I’ve opted for Conti Crosscontact LX2’s on recommendation of a neighbour. Thanks for the replies though lads.
    5. Need new tyres on my Navara NP300. I do 25k miles/yr so need good road capability but also need reasonable off-road performance. What do you guys recommend?
    6. Makers code will be 2/3 letters on barrel flats, year of manufacture wil be a letter followed by *1 or 2. Let me know both and I’ll tell what it is and how old.
    7. triumphant59


      I use a 17 plate Navara Auto as a farm vehicle, it’s on Goodyear road tyres and I’ve never had it stuck quite!! I’ve had the issue with adblue which Lincoln Nissan said they had never come across before ( who are they trying to kid!! ) but by replacing the tank and inboard pump seems to have fixed it. It really is a great truck to drive, and if you have a good independent garage to service it would recommend,
    8. Has anyone got a canvas Brady 50 cartridge bag ?
    9. Me knows it isn’t sleeved, me would have said if it was. The mark you can see is a line stamped under the BSA 3 rifle emblem. GUN NOW SOLD
    10. Thank you all for your suggestions, I think the gorilla pulling too hard on the trigger is most likely! (Not me) I think I’ll take to a gunsmith to carry out a relatively simple adjustment rather than risking breaking a sear!!
    11. Can feel resistance when pulling left trigger but hammer doesn’t release which makes me think the intercepting sear lever has got bent somehow so that the trigger blade does not engage. I’m nervous of trying to bend the lever cold?
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