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  1. My 16g no4 has a pushrod forend. Gun shown is a 1974 No3.
  2. I’ve tried numerous times to relist a shotgun for sale on Gun watch but when I try to pay the 99p it states payment could not be processed! Anyone else had this issue and know how to sort?
  3. I am a PW member! So message me on here.
  4. Looks tidy, what’s asking price on that?
  5. My son is looking for a VW type 2 campervan. Anyone got one they no longer use?
  6. Open to sensible offers, need room in cabinet
  7. Whats the makers code, usually 2 or 3 letters stamped on barrel flats or action?
  8. Anyone got a spare 10 shot magazine for an Anschutz 525 semi auto .22?
  9. 30kv battery will take 12 hours to charge on 13amp socket cable at 2.4kvh, 22kv 9 hours. Home charge point will take 8 hrs for 30kv, 6 hours for 22kv if vehicle charges at 3.6kv or 4hrs and 3hrs if it charges at 7.2kv. Tesla’s bigger batteries take longer, you would need a home charge point to charge one overnight. as to where I get figures from, we run a Peugeot ev van at work and I did CSE maths!!
  10. You’ll get a 2nd hand ev for less than £10k. 22kv will have a summer range of approx 80/90 miles, 30 kv about 110/120. Go for one with rapid 50kv charge socket so you can get 80% charge in 20/30 minutes at rapid charge point if you want to travel further, that will cost you 8 1/2p per mile. Don’t bother with home charge point, it’ll cost you £500 and you can charge from a 13amp socket overnight which will cost you 2p per mile. Remember they are all automatics, average sales guys no nothing about them, have a look at Go Green Autos Ltd. really genuine guy and he’ll deliver vehicle to your door!
  11. Reduced to £125, this will make a lovely sidelock, the wood is dark with fantastic grain.
  12. He’s got 14, they state he should not have more than 12
  13. A few weeks ago I think most certificate holders in Lincolnshire received a letter from the Firearms dept stressing how important it is to keep your guns secure and ensure it is not possible for a thief to get a crowbar behind your cabinet to prise it off the wall. A friend of mine had a phone call from Lincs Police yesterday asking him if he had received said letter and what measures he had taken as a result to make his cabinets more secure! He explained how secure his weapons where and that he had cctv cameras fitted at his property. The officer was suitably impressed but then went on to state that he had too many guns and he needs to sell some! Suggesting the maximum allowable is 12. To my knowledge there is no limit to the number of shotguns that can be held. Is this another case of Lincolnshire Police making up their own laws?
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