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  1. 28g sxs

    Pm sent
  2. AYA de lux box lock

    I have a standard No4 16g, it's been re-chequered, barrels re-blued, choked 1/4 and 1/2. I might be tempted to sell. Trying to find a deluxe version in 16g will be very difficult imo.
  3. 28g sxs

    Asked before but someone must have one, looking for Spanish sxs 28g, just to try
  4. Smart motorways

    Totally agree, they slow traffic down, cause accidents and have only one purpose, speeding fines!!!
  5. Dog transport box

    Looked on transk9 site but can't see one designed to be used in on open pickup
  6. Dog transport box

    Can anyone recommend a transport box suitable for use in an open pickup. My cocker (20kg) lives in an outdoor kennel so cold is not a problem but obviously it needs to be dry.
  7. Not surprised!! What a bargain
  8. The "walk / stand " pheasant shoot.

    We have 2 teams one team shoots all day other beats all day, then we swap next time each team having 5 shoot days and 5 beating days. If you miss your turn beating you have to supply or pay for a beater. Works well
  9. Old English Gallyon on its way

    If you were to have the stock repaired, forend glued (you could do that yourself) chequering re done, extension fitted and then refinished professionally you will be looking at a minimum of £400, then the barrels need re browning, another £100. I'm afraid to say it really isn't worth spending that on a gun that has seen better days. If you want to use it, glue the forend (run superglue into the crack) have a go at refinishing the stock but only up to the chequering and fit a slip on extension pad.
  10. Spanish 28g

    Forgot to mention, I'm looking for a sxs not o/u
  11. Spanish 28g

    Has anyone got a Spanish 28g sxs sat in their cabinet? Looking to try one this season, ejector would be good but full length stock more important.
  12. Old English Gallyon on its way

    If it were mine I would steam those marks out best I could and then sand down, stain and oil finish. It would look 10 times better than it does, to gain extra length I would buy a Pachmayr slip on pad, that would give the extra length required and cover up the extension, the leather pads mentioned in other posts don't fit that well and are imo clumsy
  13. AYA No4 16 gauge

    That is one lovely gun, someone wants to buy it because there are very few 16's around especially in this condition. I fortunately already have one!
  14. The Game Fair 2017 Hatfield House

    Went yesterday, no problem getting in, more exhibitors than last year particularly shooting area, very untidy layout though meant very difficult to navigate even with a guide map. Big issue was even though website stated it would be open until 7.30 most stalls where closing by 5.30! Tried unsuccessfully to get a coffee when leaving at 6.30! Big issue walking back to car park from gate C they where letting vehicles out along a single track road at the same time as others, including the tractors and trailers ferrying people to the car parks, trying to get in, result gridlock with pedestrians having to walk along very unlevel ground. My guess is most exhibitors would be very dissapointed and unlikely to go again. Think it's run its course and sadly I won't be going again.
  15. gun you dreamed of owning when you were young

    Always used to have a look in Browns window in Coningsby Lincs and drool over a Sarasqueta SLE, it was £119 if I remember, ended up settling for a Laurona BLE at £105. Always regretted not saving up the extra £14, just as I regretted buying a Vauxhall Viva for £1100 when I could have bought a TR6 for the same money!!