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  1. Could you put a clear photo of the barrel flats on please, I will then date it and confirm the maker.
  2. Looks like a Littlewoods club book gun!!
  3. I had a lesson today and the instructor recommended Fiocchi PL cartridges for game shooting. Anyone use them and what's your opinion? I usually use Gamebore Dark storm.
  4. I've done 2 speed awareness courses! My excuse is that doing 35k a year the odds are against me! Both times due to a lapse of concentration in 40 limits. However I find the course is very useful and EVERYONE who breaks the speed limit should go on one!!
  5. Travel another 15 minutes to Elderkins of Spalding
  6. £70!! Last time I bought a 1000 of these they cost £60!! It was 1975 mind! Good cartridge.
  7. triumphant59

    Hammer gun

    Has anyone got a hammer gun, preferably English but would consider Spanish. Must be reasonable condition and price.
  8. I'm not a mechanic but in my experience with VW diesels they are totally reliant on the correct low ash oil. I bought a Tiguan from a non franchise dealer and they had serviced the car using their "all purpose" oil. Had loads of issues with various sensors/valves after changing to correct spec oil never another problem and it was driven mainly on short distances!
  9. If I'm honest I don't have too much sympathy with Winchester Dave. Why would anyone take a decent car (or any car for that matter)to kiwi fit for a service or mot. They have a terrible reputation and garranteed to find issues with mot that need expensive repairs and not capable of servicing a wheel barrow!!
  10. Is that the newest version it will load?
  11. What version of iOS is it running?
  12. Risky, if powders got damp they'll just go pop!!
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