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  1. triumphant59

    Apple iPad 2

    Is that the newest version it will load?
  2. triumphant59

    Apple iPad 2

    What version of iOS is it running?
  3. triumphant59

    Eley VIP 28 bore 24g 6s Cheap!!!!!

    Risky, if powders got damp they'll just go pop!!
  4. triumphant59

    new gun for £250

    I wouldn't have one if it was free!! Or any other semi auto for that matter!!
  5. triumphant59

    Nissan navara automatic

    I bought an ex demo auto in Jan replacing a 63 plate Isuzu. It is simply awesome, does around 33/34 to the gallon over 40 on a run. Wouldn't look at anything else!!
  6. triumphant59

    Lincolnshire Firearms Licencing

    Probably so, I've tried 3 times to register an account but tells me password is incorrect when I try to log in! I'll probably just print out a form and send in.
  7. triumphant59

    KOFS 28 gauge

    Great gun, great guy, simple transaction
  8. triumphant59

    Lincolnshire Firearms Licencing

    No, that's the spreadsheet you have to print out and either scan or post to them, there used to be a simple online form you filled in and just pressed send, job done!
  9. Does anyone who like me is unfortunate enough to have to deal with Lincolnshire firearms licensing department know where they have hidden the online acquisition form. It states on the website there is an online form but all I can find is a spreadsheet that looks as if was devised by a 3 year old!
  10. triumphant59

    Hulu sxs

    Picked up a 28g sxs Huglu in a gun shop today, single trigger multi choke anyone know anything about them?
  11. triumphant59

    Info needed on seter shotgun

    Apologies, hadn't noticed you make any mention of the makers code BA or for that matter Antonio Bilbatua being the maker!!
  12. triumphant59

    Info needed on seter shotgun

    Makers code BA is that of Antonio Bilbatua and date code H*1 is 1962. He was probably a one man band working in a workshop in Eibar.
  13. triumphant59

    Side by Side Club

    I own 9 sxs's mainly 12g Spanish sidelocks, couple of 16's, so would qualify and be interested in a sxs group.
  14. triumphant59


    I hankered after such a gun when I was 16 in 1975. It was £119 (brand new!) and I couldn't afford it buying instead a Laurona BLE for £105!
  15. triumphant59

    AyA number 2

    Try Elderkins of Spalding, they may well have a used stock and ability to fit it or may be able to glue original. Could claim off house insurance if adequate cover?