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  1. Not really in the spirit of buying and selling amongst fellow shooters is it stick to ebay or facebook fella look at some of the adds people offering to give somthing to a newbie and your out and out profiteering
  2. Browning 425 12 gauge 28inch wanted multi choke must be in excellent condition
  3. Any 425 28inchs out there vgc only
  4. This happened to a mate of mine also a grade 5 inspection of the long fixing bolt showed they're bent roll it across a flat surface and i bet theres a kick in it which means not all the head of the bolt sits flat when tightened he took it up with browning and got a new set of grade 5 i can't believe this keeps happening to people when you consider price paid
  5. ade wills

    Browning 425

    Browning 425 m/c 28inch barrels must be in excellent condition within 1 hrs drive from West midlands for f t f deal what have you got
  6. Yes please send me your details and ill pay in the morning
  7. Dont do paypal mate sorry ill pass on it all the best with the sale
  8. Ill take it can you pm details and ill do bank transfer
  9. Selling for a shooting buddy i have a pair in size 10 and they're like a pair of slippers Brand new in the box looking for £30 posted bank transfer please
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