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  1. Should be allowed as many as u like as long as there secured.I used to have well over 15 but now have about 8 of various calibres which all get used regularly.
  2. I once sold a shotgun to a bloke who had over 40 shotguns he apparently built he's spare room into a gun room and had to have a monitor alarm. Another bloke I met who was a target shooter and a hunter he had over 30 firearms not including moderators about 4 were fac shotguns and afew rimfires with the rest being centrefire rifles quite afew being same calibre.
  3. Wanted sauer 202 sights with screws.Thanks
  4. I've met halfway afew times no problems what so ever.Just take the forend off if your unsure and hide it or bolt if rifle.
  5. Looking for a cheap side by side deactivated 12bore shotgun must be cheap and condition not important.Cheers
  6. Looking for a 12 bore hushpower barrel,Thanks
  7. Brand new brattonsound RD5 cabinet purchased for £220 looking for £150 collection can be from near Romford Essex or dunmow Essex. 5 Rifle or shotgun Cabinet. Type: Sentinel Rifle Safe (extra deep for scoped rifles). Lock(s): Two 7 Lever Safe Deadlocks (each lock supplied with two keys). External Dimensions (approx.): Height: 1308mm Width: 268mm Depth: 320mm Weight: 34kg
  8. Remington 1100 1187 trigger in like new condition £60 posted
  9. 2x 25 brand new practical shotgun quick release belts adjustable from 28inch to 48inch £75 posted the pair.
  10. A friends selling hes Remington 1100 barrel it's 12bore 28inch and fixed full choke. Its in very good condition with no rust and hardly any wear. Looking for £100 Also many other bits I will try find out what he's got and put them up for sale.
  11. I have afew new genuine hoppes 44calibre bore snakes boxed £10 each posted
  12. Hi all looking for a remington 1100 12bore deactivated.Thanks
  13. They probably sold the guns and can't be bothered replying.
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