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  1. lampro

    In the cupboard

    Love old.books I managed to.win a set of old ferreting books on flea bay the other week great to read and chill
  2. In circles the field has loads of tracks, best is the farmer.said he has no bunnies on his land I beg to differ, but unless he thinks I'm after badger because massive set on there but not into that game bloody cruel sport
  3. lampro

    Is it possible

    I have spoken to some.local companies and there saying moles rabbit fencing and rodents are what pays unless I get I to the wasp and hornet game
  4. lampro

    Is it possible

    Knee and back and hands ******** already lol and have 20 years working if they ever stop moving the pension age hence why I want to have a crack at something different
  5. II think they are Hare tracks but not 100%
  6. lampro


    I crowned our big apple tree last year and it burns great and smells good too
  7. Love going out into a fresh field of snow gives you chance to see what's about at night time guess the animal track
  8. Some poor bloke has paid a great sum of money for one of the old estate houses near me only to find that the new polytunnels at the back of his house sound like a hurricane when the wind blows through them unlucky
  9. lampro

    Is it possible

    Cheers tommo appreciate your help
  10. lampro

    Is it possible

    Cheers guys for all of your thoughts and help, strummer shame a dont live any closer to you as I would of come over and dropped the carpets in for a bacon butty and a brew, was thinking of keeping it on the side line visits in between my flooring jobs and build up customers slowly so to save on money, I have my pa1 pa6 licence from.past recession went working for a company so have a start there for herbicides and pesticide spraying and application. If inbetween you want a floor fitting let me know will do pw rates
  11. Would love to take my hobby to the next stage and run my own buisness, rabbit removal moles squirrels birds ect any insights on how I can move forward and get off my knees being a floor fitter
  12. lampro

    Air rifle

    Good enough for pest control not a plinker doesnt have to be perfect as will be used for work, springer gas ram preferred under £200
  13. Agree to a point, but squirrels decimate red population the cray fish Carrie's a parasite that kills our native species but these tiny opinion should be left alone they have survived and adapted this long in the uk climate be it's time for a change. Come on the pheasant isn't a native species but only gets shot for sport and money, watched something regarding the pine martin increase is working towards the demise of the grey squirrel so nature is doing it's own thing. Have a shoot at a parakeet but not a national cull
  14. Was a topic about them yesterday on radio 2 regarding shall.they cull them or not, tbh I would leave them alone my opinion only and I k ow some of you will disagree
  15. Well just tested against a mk3 collar and it lights up not as strong a signal as the mk3 locator but works so thanks Dave for the heads up
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