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  1. In the flooring industry for 30 years and I dint rate it, looks good when used at golf and horse days by the beer tent but stick to real turf allot better
  2. Drop.me a message stafford
  3. lampro


    Quick question, as a self employed floor layer my van is under business insurance as I carry goods for other companies, watching on TV these drivers for just eat deliveroo ect, how many have legit insurance for there cars whilst delivering food items, also how many of us have had parcels delivered over lock down with someone in there own car
  4. Mk1 nocker box 1 working collar and 1 collar for repair box needs a recalibration but works up to 5 ft deep looking for a swap for air rifle full power springer or sell £180 Midlands
  5. lampro


    You can get a non return flap for pipes works one way for the water to run out but rodents carnt push past, also wire wool works well for holes, poison works but a dead smelly rat rotting away somewhere isn't nice
  6. Never better said, I was in Marsalis when the yellow jackets rioted I was on a cruise ship refit in the docs, we used to have a coach take us into town to get supplies and one night we went into the town and there was a water canon and gas being used in the market square against them, second night no trouble
  7. All I can say is that the protestors let them selves down and once again show that there is no respect for the police law and order are no longer respected I copper hits someone and they get in to trouble and fined, when I was a kid a copper would smack.you up the back of the head if your were playing up and god help me if I went back kn told my parents because I would end up getting a wack of my old man for making a copper do that no respect the country is on its knees it will only get worse as the civil rights none gender you carnt say that people are around I carnt stand in the street and s
  8. Will be all.about tech reduction on squaddy recruitment, tbh when was the last full on land war requiring thousands of troops, most is air to ground attacks SF infiltration and intelligence gathering, Russia and China can easily hit us with a computer virus tech war Russia with fuel.imbargos in there gas lines, America is always happy to throw the big guns in when in suites them and we will always pay tax payers money to them.to help out when required
  9. £40 of fish was only a pair of young rams and 3 young barbs that they recommended to start off with it wasnt like I brought £40 worth of guppies at a £1 each and over populated it , the tank had been cycling for a month i did the ph test all came clear even took a sample to the centre for them.to ok it first, i used to breed Oscar's many moons ago so not my first time fish keeping just disappointed with there response tbh more than anything
  10. Really off topic tbh, my little girl wanted a tropical fish tank for her birthday so 4 weeks ago I brought and set one up for her, went out to buy her fish over the weekend spent £40 on the ones she wanted today all dead, white spot infection. I have read up and this takes 7 days to incubate so the fish had ot when I brought them. I called up the hollybush garden centre and they said sorry no refunds no replacement as they only garrentee there stock for 48hrs, what chance have you got when u buy fish already infected from.this place without knowing and not able to get a refund no credit nothin
  11. Had a mk2 gti great cars wish I had the space for a new one
  12. Never better said totally agree
  13. Try the farming forum good lads on there will give u plenty of advise any rabbits you want shifting with ferrets whilst I'm.at it lol
  14. Well.well after walking of the news today now he has quit or moved on his arrogance has got the best of him, loved what he done during covid and got the answers we all wanted but eventually got bored of his rants for half hr at 6.30 in the morning
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