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  1. Thank guys for your feedback always welcome and thankyou
  2. as a floor fitter for over 30 years fitting various types of flooring throughout the world, you carnt beat working with real wood nothing gives a better finish and enjoyment to fit this one had a black Ash stain applied turned out nice
  3. Bald head and sweaty balls it is then, on the mix all day self.leveling a floor off beers in the fridge ready for the finish line
  4. Yes mate but need to.kove the jills on in the photo polecat colour just prefer hobbs as nice and chilled out
  5. Oak skirts definitely just awaiting the customer to sort the walla out and then I will fit them.will.post finished article once done
  6. Thanks they wanted it rustic as the building is over 200 years old
  7. Recently fitted oak flooring and porceline tiled hearth for a neighbor loved how it turned out
  8. Trying to keep mine cool at the moment
  9. Great photos carnt wait to get mone back out into the field come September where Bouts are you from
  10. lampro

    New bar

    Will be even better with a bin of ice water and beers and a couple of optics
  11. lampro

    New bar

    Was bored today, had a pile of scrap timber laying around went to home and bargain and paid £30 for some bamboo screen and hay presto a garden bar
  12. My works van is on its last legs looking for a cheap under £1000 van or pick.up with mot I know it's a long shot but keep me posted if anyone hears of anything
  13. ******** no brains thicko's
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