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  1. rapid rich


    Just another fad IMHO...... A well placed diablo will do the job every bit as well as a well placed hades..... Rich
  2. Brilliant fellas, thanks for your helpful replies Rich
  3. Anyone wear either of the above boots? Army surplus grade 1 ? I'm after a pair for the winter instead of Wellingtons all the time... Which are the best to go for and any recommendations of where to buy? Thanks Rich
  4. Great moderators, light weight and great sound reduction. I like the rubberised finish and nicely presented in a handy plastic box Rich
  5. Hi mel re. My message this is the type of black leather I'm after,
  6. Foxpro, I've sent you a few pm's both here and on another forum ? Could you get in touch please Thanks Rich
  7. Brilliant JDog, I actually have some Verdone in the garage 😉 Thanks for everyone's help Rich
  8. There can be only one...😀Theoben Rapid . All you'll ever need. Built to last. Rich
  9. So probably lesser of 2 evils ? Any recommendations for getting rid of it? Thanks lads, all replies much appreciated Rich I think it does if lawn not cut for a while, but I usually keep it fairly short. It's only in 3 patches maybe 8ft square in a fairly large lawn.... Rich
  10. I've really no idea, but I don't think its mares tail tbh..... Rich
  11. Hi all , I have a weed on a few patches in my lawn, i thought it might be mares tail but now I'm unsure as it's not really like any Google images I see Any one knowledgeable about this? Thanks Rich
  12. Anyone got anything ? Gen1...dialable turrets... private message meThanks Rich
  13. As above , a lot of Hodgdon powders are unavailable. Cfe 223 is readily available. And an excellent powder it is for your 39 and 40 grain bullets.... Rich
  14. Anyone got one they're not using.... Thanks Rich
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