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  1. I changed my HW100 KT for a Regal HR,never looked back.The HW was everything it said on the box,accurate,superb quality,reliable. The Regal is as accurate (probably more) it's a beautiful gun to look at and own/cherish,it has way more shots to a fill,again it's totally reliable,and it is much lighter in the shoulder and I have a biggish scope on mine,I say get one,you won't regret it,but definately get the Regulated version,fill it to 250 bar and its spot on from shot 1 ,no power curve to have to think about. Target is 5 shot group at 30 metres.
  2. I bought a Lightning XL SE in .177,out of the box it shot like it was wired up to the mains,frankly it was awful. I really liked the looks of the rifle and wanted to own a BSA,I decided it was worth spending some money on and had it tuned,the shot cycle was tamed,the internals where quieter,and cocking was way smoother,but it was still jumpy and noisey,I did fit a Weihrauch moderator to it but frankly it was of limited benefit. The rifle grouped ok but it was still a pretty poor shooting experience,I sold the rifle. My advice is take a good look at what the same money will buy y
  3. nrj

    BSA Lightning

    I bought a Lightning XL Se in .177 more for nostalgias sake than anything.Lovely looking little rifle,I ignored all the reviews and the bad things I had read online about the gun. It was shocking to shoot,so I had it tuned by a renowned tuner,it made it much better,but the trigger was still awful and I decided rather than have it and not shoot it,I'd simply trade it in for something else. That was the best decision I made,wish I'd listened to the reviews,could have saved myself a lot of time and money.
  4. I thought they where a boxlock with side plates ?
  5. Decathlon do a decent case with harness.
  6. Very nice ground and well worth a visit for the high towers alone. A little bit on the expensive side per clay but considering the quality of the ground and walkways I Would say it offers good value for money.
  7. I've had about a dozen new competition guns over the years,mainly Brownings but tried most of the popular brands.Ive learnt that in terms of performance there is very little to choose between them,if I had put a quarter of the money spent on guns into tuition I would be a better shot now with more money in the bank.Having said all that pleasure of ownership has always played a big part of me changing guns,I have enjoyed high grade Browning and Mirokus and full on competition Brownings,I have ended up with a gun that offers a little bit of each and is in that c£2k price range.I have now got a
  8. 2 X Teague Beretta Optima Extended Knurled Chokes, 3/8. And. 5/8 I had one round of 50 sporting after buying these chokes then got tempted by another gun,now surplus to requirements. I paid £48 each plus postage in March,looking for £60 for the pair,posted first class. payment PayPal f&f
  9. I would say no,the 35 stock has a cut out for the barrel latch.
  10. Looks good to me,certainly the right spec for air rifle shooting,I have a front lens hood that extends beyond the objective lens and is very useful if you are shooting in bright sunlight especially into the sun,might be worth checking if you can get one as an accessory for this scope.Also make sure you get the right height scope mounts to make sure the sight picture is spot on when you mount the rifle and also has enough clearance for the magazine..
  11. The picture is my actual rifle,I paid an extra £50 for select walnut,since I've had it I've given it a few quick coats of Slippery Dic#s stock wax and it just keeps getting better.Ive also swopped out the standard shroud for a Huggett as I wanted to fit a Huggett Snipe moderator and really liked the look of the shroud/mod combination,I can't say hand on heart it's quieter than any quality moderator but it does look nice. With reference to your scope,it is a very nice scope but will definately limit you on an air rifle,it is set to give you sharp focus at 100yds as most full bore riflescop
  12. What he said,for air rifle shooting you really need a scope that can focus in the real ranges you will be shooting at ie 10-50 yds scopes with adj objective lens can be had for anything from £100 and up new and less if you buy used. i have just bought a new Huntsman Regal HR in .177, fitted a Hawke Airmax 30 SF 4-16x50 it is an extremely accurate combination,it's only limiting factor being me 😏
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