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  1. Has anyone any idea as to were i may be able to purchase a thumbole stock for an Air Arms TX200 from
  2. Hi i have had a Logun solo for the past 5 years and i can not fault it at all i have had one service on it and it still shoots as good as when i first bought it from Blackpool Air Rifles it is in 177 calibre very accurate and i have shot a rabbit with it at 60 yards a clean kill and i use it now at a field target club and it hits knock down targets and knocks them over right out to 60 yards one of the members there has got one as well and even he is happy with it such a great single shot air rifle from logun.
  3. I have an AGS LW8 in 22 calbre with a handmade grade one walnut stock,adjustable butt padd,and 2 eight shot mags in exellent condition that i would like to swop for eithe a air arms pro sport with walnut stock in 22 calibre or a air arms tx200 also with a walnut stock and in same calibre. i can send you my contact number on request and i can text u pics of the air rifle for you to see,i am in liverpool and i do not drive so hopefully looking for some one fairly close to me
  4. it has down here by where i live in merseyside you are no longer allowed on public transport at all with any air weapon or fire arm or ammo there a bloody big row going on at the moment over it
  5. I have just spent the past week looking into the new rules and regulations for transporting air rifles and firearms if you have to use public transport to govto a gun club or to shoot over land that you have permission to shoot over. it is now as from the first of this month to transport any air weapon,or firearm or any ammunition on buses and trains,there rules and byelaws say it is illegle to have them on there bus or train,and any one caught with one will have it confiscated,they will prosecute you,and you will lose your FAC i myself choose not to drive as i dont want to so i use pu
  6. ******* LOUD MOUTHED **** **** OFF *****
  7. not all scousers are thieves and this site is supposed to be for all that share the hobby of shooting and yet ********* like you get all of us a bad name. you might one day find a scouser coming to your help with something so please dont tar us with the same brush.
  8. fenman09


    hi lee i dont drive as well and i go to my gun club which is 5 miles away from me using bus or train,and i travel 9 miles by bus to land that i have permission to shoot over for pest control and have been doing so for the past eleven years. and i have never had any problems using public transport i would suggest that the best gun case would be a hard case as it just looks as though it is a key board case.
  9. If ther is anybody from liverpool that would like to go the british shooting and countryman show on saturday the 26th of february there is a coach trip going there organised by aintree pistol club and sandhall air rifle club. There are some seats left available on the coach the cost for your seat is £21.00 the coach will be departing from grundy street in liverpool just off derby rd by the ats tyre depot,then over to saint helens for another pick up,then over to newark to the show. if you would like to go on the day please e mail me asap at *************** the seats are available on a
  10. Hi with regards to your enquiry to answr your question without beating around the bush the answer is a definite YESbut by using a 22 calibre air rifle. my first hare i shot with a 177 air rifle took 3 shots to dispatch it,and i was not at all happy with that outcome. it was a gamekeeper friend of mine who told me to use 22 calibre and my personal best to date is a hare at 45 yards with a pre charged 22 air rifle from the prone position,the reason for using 22 is that a 177 will not cleanly dispatch a hare due to the skull being thicker than that of a rabbit. But please note that it is
  11. just re my ad for a shooting partner wanted in the liverpool are sorry i forgot to mention in the ad hat any one interested in joining me MUST BE INSURED WITH EITHER BASC OR BASA it is a requirement of my land owners,sorry for not mentioning it earlier on.
  12. hi i am looking for a regular shooting partner to join me on pest control trips out for rabbits,rats,pigeons,etc i have plenty of land to shoot over and just recently my landowners are contacting me telling me they are over run with rabbits and rats. if you live near the liverpool area and would be interested in joining me please get in touch with me as soon as possible.
  13. Due to the lack of air rifle clubs in the liverpool area i am trying to start one up, i have a farmer who lets me do pest control for her and she has plenty of land to set up an air rifle club for ft and hft ,i also am a member of an indoor sotting that does everything from air rifles to rimfire and full bore but i can use the indoor ranges to use for an indoor venue as well. if there is any body in the liverpool who would be interested in getting involved please get back to me so that i can sort out my e mail and contact number i am very keen on getting this up and running so please if in
  14. i am looking for a right hand stock for a daystate LR90 can any body please help as to were i may get one made for it
  15. fenman09


    can any one please help,i am desperatly looking for a right handed stock for a daystate LR90 does any one know were i might be able to buy one from or if there is any were i can contact to get one made for me. i would really apreceiate any help on this one please as i am o much wanting to get out and use it. many thanks paul
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