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  1. doncatraz armley and wealstun . few new faces since my last post . yis yp
  2. aye up lads .. long time yis yp
  3. Usually best HD.. Any other of the old school about Henry ? all the best yis yp :yp:
  4. Ey up lads what's been going down ? all the best yis yp :yp:
  5. Ey up Been quite a while since i posted on here . I hope to be able to post a little bit more in the time to come . Anyways ow do to me old mates . all the best yis yp :yp:
  6. Would you be open to bids ? all the best yis yp :yp:
  7. Thats one hell of a nice skinner . If the two gents above somehow make a mess of the purchase of your knife , give me a shout . Mr. Cuda , Mr. Lojack . Which everone of you gets it , enjoy !!! all the best yis yp :yp:
  8. What number is the book , don't have a swop for you was thinking of more of a cash transaction . But at two and a half , it's well steep . all the best yis yp :yp:
  9. Gentlemen ................. Sterlise your spoons , the Elderflowers are here . This year i am going to make 3 times my own weight of Elderflower wine and champagne ( i will gladly give some of the finest fluid to the person who guesses the amount of Elderflower wine/champagne i am going to make . use formula 1kg of pudding = 1 litre of Elderflower ). Anybody else noticing flowers are out round there way ? all the best yis yp :yp:
  10. Go for it ! And then post the truth about keeping the BAS@@@@@@@@D things . They kill everything the ground , fencing , your boots . Enjoy . really grand idea . all the best yis yp :yp:
  11. Does it knock when you set off and change gear , and then accelerate then ease off then accelerate again (bang) all the best yis yp :yp:
  12. Don't get caught ! all the best yis yp :yp:
  13. Is it a new one or an old one ? Petrol or diesel ? Is it full overfinch or just spoilers and bling all the best yis yp :yp:
  14. Bill Would it be possible for me to come an see your doors please ? all the best yis yp :yp:
  15. Henry me old tooty fruity . Re-read my post . What your quoting is direct ingestion of Methanol . To counter . Methanol poisoning can be treated with the antidotes ethanol or fomepizole.[12][15][16] Both of these drugs act to reduce the action of alcohol dehydrogenase on methanol by means of competitive inhibition, so that it is excreted by the kidneys rather than being transformed into toxic metabolites.[12] Further treatment may include giving sodium bicarbonate for metabolic acidosis and haemodialysis or haemodiafiltration can be used to remove methanol and formate from the blood.[12] Folinic acid or folic acid is also administered to enhance the metabolism of formate.[12] So home distilling , At the start of the run a small amount of methanol will come out of the wash BUT Ethanol also comes out with the Methanol . Seeing as Ethanol is an antidote to Methanol poisioning , i still would like to meet somebody that has been turned blind by distilling at home . all the best yis yp :yp:
  16. You want some Glysophate . Bob down to the farm , just up the road . Offer the farmer a fiver for a "trendy pop" size bottle of the stuff . Just paint said chemical onto the stump job done ! all the best yis yp :yp:
  17. I'm not saying that any of you are WRONG . BUT Would somebody please explain to me how you end up with a poisonous substance by simply boiling a wash ? and collecting the vapour . It already exits within the wash . The first runnings out of your still is when the methanol comes out , the amount is very small AND WILL NOT KILL YOU .( If you collected this out of all your still runs and necked it , grave results would happen ) The reason why the first bit of the run is disguarded is because it is very bitter and leaves a nasty taste . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methanol The reason why the blindness myth has been put about is because :- Guess what if you start distilling spirits at home , HM GOV will not collect any tax's . BTW i think you will find that alcohol is a poison . I'm sure your tales of blindness and peoples fingers dropping off are indeed true , but i would love to meet these people . all the best yis yp :yp:
  18. PM inbound all the best yis yp :yp:
  19. Zapp It's a 3.9 . As to the pitfalls , it's a landrover ( please be aware this is the green oval that i love and own , have done for the last 8 years ) . You'll love it ! If it makes you smile , wha tmore do you want ? All the best yis yp :yp:
  20. I'm sorry but it is , the trick is you have to work at it . all the best yis yp :yp:
  21. Don't bother £700 is not going to get you anywhere . Spend it on some ..... Well make up your own mind , but the banks/stock market etc go ...... So if it was me , i'd make a trip and buy some products from Belgium , then with the profit from that , i would ...... Go to the auctions and buy a ................. all the best yis yp :yp:
  22. Fella Now this is my subject/speciality . Whisky .. We are talking a single for that kind oh money . So do you just need the one bottle or are you making sure it goes round and everybody can havea couple of fills ? As to the cigar side , you need to get yourself on a flight and go to Spain . They have a bit of a thing with Cuba . Myself when i partook with some tobacco product , i loved a Robusto to be fair a Partagas cerie D no. 4 was just the job. !!!! Good luck with the wedding an all that stuff all the best yis yp :yp:
  23. I own a chippy . all the best yis yp :yp:
  24. Jim Stella ain't French . It's from Belgium . How about Duvel Tucher Delerium Tremins ? sp? Leifmens Kriek all the best yis yp :yp:
  25. Stop bloody moaning , you sound like an old woman . How about you advertise your gun on the 30 other forums your a member of ? And stop taking band width up with a load of old cobblers . all the best yis yp :yp:
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