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  1. Poison but a type that requires them to drink as long as there is no water souce in building, or traps and stick boards at all times the shop is closesd, gassing is good and the smell from trapped dead rats will subside fairy quickly
  2. not good when drilled but some sport can be had as the green shoots come through, a lot of better value food about at present seed is also dressed which is not ideal.
  3. cash waiting for auto trap more clays it holds the better, I will collect.
  4. kill em all year round, as already said ,shoot the nests out' best time is when they are sat on young this way you can more control for your bang. Patterns not as important your hide, it must be very good and you must stay in it, crows will spot you anywhere and they can count so treat them with some respect to shoot big bags.
  5. Great thinking,you could try the Texas at 200 yrds away and then a standard decoy layout at normal range, they sometimes will draw to 1st pattern and then flare to second pattern.
  6. which part of the country are you as we have not started on pea drilling yet ?
  7. I to have been shooting over chopped rape in Lincolnshire and have this weekend and monday found 2 hrs from first light and the last 2 hrs of daylight to be the most productive. Funny thing pigeons!
  8. Will get my son to do it, beyond me I'm afriad
  9. yes runs ok on red but it would be illegal on the road, I only did it taking clients round the farms and washed it out and changed filters before going back on the highway, not that it is required by law to do that.
  10. Why a quad at between 2k and 5k, would'nt a pony be better at 250 quid, if you got a mare you could breed it, instead of blowing cash you would be making it, not to mention weddings and village fates and panto hire and at the end you could sell it or even eat it, deep fried pony is something of a treat over the boarder I believe !
  11. Had them for 9 years, 26 mph is best and down to as low as 15mph towing very heavy loads or thrashing the nuts off them. I ran mine very hard 40 k per year off road and towing most days, and allthough thirsty they really will stand hammer like nothing else. Since packing the company up, I have not run them as £90 to fill it from your own pocket is just to gauling. hope this helps. poacher.
  12. 1 cocker dog 1 cocker dog pup 8 months old 2 cocker bitch pups 8 months old 1 cocker bitch 6
  13. I spoke to the importers at the Newark show on Saturday, they had just had a container full land and shipped them out to orders already taken, the balence of the shipment was taken to the show and was sold out by Saturday lunch. Orders then taken on saturday afternoon and Sunday at the show were promised to be delivered in 6 weeks when the next container arrives, I hope this information may help.
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