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  1. If you want to meet me in Welshpool next Saturday I'll give you £100 for it Morgan
  2. Was told once that transk9 is the only box crash tested, I have one and it has escape hatch
  3. bi9johnny


    I have a excellent condition 12g and comes with 4or5 boxes of hush power carts
  4. Had mine for a few years now it's on 145k and I've done nothing to it. It goes everywhere I want to go around my permissions . The boot is full as I bought a trans k9 and I fit a bakrak to the towball when I'm shooting the rabbits out the window.
  5. If you need 17 mtr just walk over the other side of the puddle you'll only need 3 mtr then lol
  6. Always chasing birds it's not a dating site fella lol
  7. Old reg wooed the young lady from the hairdressers next door and made her his wife and also coached her to shoot for wales as well as teaching her to fly. He was a proper old chap was Reg
  8. bi9johnny


    The outlaws live in North Walsham and love it they moved from Black Bury Hill Luton so anywhere was going to be better. I work in Norwich one weekend every year at the Tattoo Convention and the only thing that I think is wrong is they seem to have more homeless/rough sleepers than say Liverpool ??
  9. Great vids and pics lads I'll get my two set up
  10. Still for sale, if paying by PayPal it is plus fees
  11. Look on eBay mate all my carving tools are Flexcut, American and very good quality but I only do spoons, wood spirits and walking sticks as whittling.
  12. If you don't get sorted pm me
  13. When Reg Gizi had it I traded two stone of yellow fish for cartridges with him lol what you after J
  14. Genuine Turner Richards dummy launcher in very good condition with two dummies and blanks Not had a box of blanks through it £60 inc courier delivery
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