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  1. Well shot I bet you slept well that night.👍
  2. Wanted so if anyone has a right handed multichoke 12 bore Beretta 486 Parallelo with 28 inch barrels I am after one.
  3. An ordinary barrel for a Mossberg 410 hushpower.
  4. A good days shooting on the rape.
  5. Met up with Stuart for a couple of hours on the geese this morning at different place to last time.There had been a good shower or two of rain during the night.So we just took nets,poles and decoys as it was too wet to drive on the field which had had potatoes in.Packed in when we had 6 as had to make two trips each.Geese still flying about when we left but we might go back there in a couple of weeks no point in overshooting the place.
  6. Out with Stuart shooting geese yesterday morning for one of his farmers.They were grazing on the farmers winter barley so he wanted them gone.Stuart's first time shooting geese as he was never bothered about shooting them and has been leaving it to me and others who do it.So we set up early and got the hide up,but before the decoys were out the geese were arriving and landing in the middle of the field.We left those arriving and frightened them off and got the decoys out in the field.We then had a few hours decoying and a total of 13 Greylags when we packed up for the day and back home for din
  7. Out today with Stuart and Peter again ferreting.It was a cold start with a good frost and we met up just after 0900.We netted all the easy holes and left the holes under the hedge.But the rabbits just kept hole hopping under the hedge for most of the day.We ended up shooting,netting and Stuart digging around half of them.But we had a good day out and ended the day with 21 rabbits.Still another few days ferreting at this farm yet.
  8. I bought one of his manual flappers and a good bit of kit it is and still use it.The next time i am pulling it off i will think of him.
  9. I met up with Stuart today at 1330 after he rang me to say he had found a few pigeons on a field of cut maize.We shot till 1530 and had a good couple of hours considering we started late.Stuart attracted a few rooks and crows by throwing one he shot over the top of the hide.We managed to get 30 woodpigeon,6 rooks,2 crows and 1 feral pigeon.
  10. We were out ferreting today.Managed to get 15 rabbits.Had to dig for three as ferrets killed underground.Not too bad though as deepest was four feet but it was hard digging.Plenty more to go at here so some nice days ferreting to go yet.
  11. Out on the beans again with Stuart today.We had a look at a couple of fields but decided to shoot in the same place we shot the other week.We got set up and it was 1215 when we got sat down in the hide ready to shoot a few pigeons.Hardly any wind today and it was looking like we were going to struggle for a decent bag of pigeons.It picked up a little from 1400 and the pigeons seemed to be moving about more.There was a steady flow of pigeons till we packed in at 1650 as it was looking like rain.We got packed up and just got the photo when the rain started so at least we never got too wet.We fin
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