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  1. had a look at the field we shot 154 last sat good wind blowing hardly any birds flighting carried on to another area we have been getting success on that was the same the odd bird flighting spent 2 hrs looking around and decided to head back to the first field we looked and sure enough they were flighting well only trouble the wind would be in our face at the only spot we could set up due to roads got in position for 3pm and in action from the off its always awkward for birds to decoy and tricky shooting when the wind is in your face but managed to bag a few finished just after 5pm with 60
  2. they will be somewhere trust me maybe off your route or a few miles this way or that way but they will be in the area as motty says just because people are not seeing them on a certain patch doesn't mean they are not there
  3. Straight lines or a heap doesn't matter to me lol
  4. shot a local barley stubble that had started to be cut yesterday part of the field was left due to it being to wet , the birds where going on this field when it was standing the only laid patches right in middle of the field, would of lost to many to shoot it, so we knew we would get them on the stubble once it had been cut so straight to the field at 11am watched it for 30mins and birds were flighting not a strong line but knew it would pick up later on got set up at 12pm and shooting straight away was steady at first then picked up as the day wore on called it a day at 5pm with 154 on the c
  5. I was thinking that but didn't say it 🤣
  6. No like you say they come and go I'm not denying that, but because we are persistent and out every weekend looking they eventually turn up, and this year has been the exception because it's usually better than it has been
  7. I'm in the northwest and we don't have the amount of birds there are in a lot of other counties but there's enough when you find them we do ok by looking around and knowing where to look and which farm to look at a certain time of year and a certain time of day then keep looking and then look some more I said look quite a bit in that post
  8. I don't go out everyday I work 5 days a week and I have a life trust me I'll admit the first 7 months this year have been terrible and I don't shoot big bags everytime I set up, had 5 consecutive days of 20 somethings last month when I was on a 2 week break, it's only the last 2 shoots we hit over the 60 mark
  9. same here i finished shooting at 6.15pm on sat last thing i wanted do is lay them out in neat rows i was tired and hungry and still had to pack up then drive home oh and does it really matter if they put in a heap or put in rows i mean come
  10. well the ones that make decent bags quite regulary must be smarter than you then, by going off what you have been saying about being unsuccesful most the time you go out he was being sarcastic motty
  11. found one in the field on the way back to the car but already took the pic
  12. well don't tell anyone there;s only 56 in the pic and not 57 👍
  13. nice one pc i see the ocd is getter better 😉
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