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  1. yickdaz

    Groundhog Weekend

    Some bag for this time of year really is And don't you just love people like that
  2. yickdaz

    a wet day

    today I used steel as I had an order for steel shot birds in the week, last week and the week before I was using the hushpower with lead
  3. yickdaz

    a wet day

    the day started off bright and windy and high hopes of making a bag, I chat regulary with a member on here who shoots the same farm as us were the rape is he had been watching them in the week and said birds are on 3 or 4 different fields so we planned to meet up and then split up on different fields to keep them moving after watching birds flighting in the wind onto the rape we got set up 10.45 am started off well birds decoyed straight in to static decoys and it looked good then it clouded over and started to rain it went on like this for 3 hrs and the birds came every 10 to 15 mins or so until 2pm then it started heaving it down sat it out for 30 mins to see if it would clear up it never did shot a few more in rain then that was it we had enough everything was soaked **** law the moment we got back to the car it stopped ended with a very soggy 27 pigeons and our mate had 26 so very similar to our day also a pic from last sat on the rape picked 30
  4. yickdaz

    Five weeks and Counting

    they certainly like that field that's for sure
  5. yeah with an 8 bore not a 12
  6. well there is nothing down for any of us if we can't find a birds head with a pellet we will kill nothing I think most of us are thinking exactly the same
  7. oh right so the guys who you saw kill birds at 100 yards were all head shots ?
  8. you said you seen guys shoot duck and geese at 100 yards with steel in another post make up your ,mind
  9. I'm sure you just come on here and start a thread to cause an argument Also on the 90 to 100 yards you have been talking about in the thread complete and utter rubbish
  10. yickdaz

    Not Early Enough

    you have a knack for this pigeon shooting lark cracking bag you two you hardly ever fail to pull it off
  11. yickdaz

    Third Week lucky

    hell of a bag and on maize I would of thought they would be on rape around your area they have gone on it quite early around here just a matter of time I reckon
  12. yickdaz

    hushpower on rape

    20g no they don't spook the same as they do with a normal shotty, and its strange you can hear the shot strike the bird due to the sound not being drowned out with a big bang
  13. yickdaz

    hushpower on rape

    and that's exactly what I did after shooting the first bird I immediately swung on to another and pulled the trigger and nothing happened then I realised you have pump the dam thing lol I used fiocchi 28g 6s lead fibre wad
  14. yickdaz

    What would you do...

    I think its legitimate thread its only a what if type thing its highly unlikely it would ever happen its interesting to know others thoughts on it
  15. yickdaz

    hushpower on rape

    it seems they have started on the rape around here earlier than I was expecting as I was heading down the motorway I could see birds flying over and dropping into rape fields at the side of the motorway so I thought I would go straight to the rape fields for a look found some straight away so watched for a while and it looked good so I trudged across the field to the spot with the gear and got setup for about 11.15 am almost immediately they started to come for a look not decoying but giving me shots as they passed I used the 20g hushpower today due to this field being a bit noise sensitive with a lane and footpath nearby I don't shoot it that often but I started off really well killing 6 for the first 7 shots but it evened out during the session with some misses creeping in which happens with hushpowers heavy handling if a bird jinks at the last second you can't adjust the swing quick enough well I find it difficult to do but anything in a straight line I was knocking them down for fun , the birds were difficult to decoy all session and long lulls inbetween shots a very enjoyable session shot my last bird at 3.15 so 4 hrs in the hide it was a lovely day for it and to be out enjoyed every min of it picked 40 lost a few