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  1. archie coates said millions of pigeons are shot each year way back, and no general licences were ever thought of then makes you think dosen,t it
  2. Lived in the real world 43 years so not knew to it
  3. but there was no debate, he got his way without any of us, the shooting community having a say or even the chance to object
  4. ok the court shouldn't of listened to a twonk like him
  5. oh I,m well aware of Packham I posted a shared link to a petition to have him sacked from the bbc, but natural England are or should be impartial and not listen to complete twonks like him
  6. what gets me with all this its not as if woodies are in short supply and near extinction they are prolific and surely natural England know this and have known this for years so why all the red tape, banning and hoops we are all going to have to jump through to if and when this is all sorted out
  7. https://www.change.org/p/bbc-bbc-to-sack-chris-packham?recruiter=74948119&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=8bd560c816d8480da067c52d7dbb3221&recruited_by_id=f0d36903-cb1d-4d12-b08b-d7a31fcd5b58&share_bandit_exp=initial-15121471-en-GB&share_bandit_var=v1&utm_content=fht-15121471-en-gb%3Av2 Hope this allowed if so everyone needs to sign it
  8. as always excellent pics bud, and hope jake makes a full recovery I know how good that dog is and invaluable to you
  9. Yeah I agree flocking pigeons could change flocking to another word after sitting for 3 hrs in a hide freezing me dangles off for 14 Anyway as always top marks Mr 👍
  10. excellent again dave nice one I see the swans haven't moved from there 🤣
  11. another great day dave and what a duck flight to end on top draw that I can imagine it was a cold wind on that higher ground today as for the sometimes poor shooting I,m saying nothing 🤐
  12. and that sums it up perfectly the stupidity of it all
  13. you have done nothing wrong it happens on winter rape , done it myself just before xmas looked good worth setting up and played me like a fiddle. just waiting for the game season to finish and I,ll be 100 % into them
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