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  1. yickdaz


    yes they definately do
  2. yickdaz

    Lazy Sunday afternoon

    Oh ok a 2 litre bottle of coke would give you that
  3. yickdaz

    Lazy Sunday afternoon

    you still drink hot coffee in this weather
  4. yickdaz

    Ive gota' come clean...

    one of my fave films lol
  5. yickdaz

    Ive gota' come clean...

    aye highlander
  6. yickdaz

    Cylinder fun

    As said if it works for you crack on I like tighter chokes so I can take on the more rangier stuff flighting over and the birds that don't decoy usually 1/2 and full with lead 1/2 - 3/4 with steel
  7. yickdaz

    A day in the sun

    I agree some unscrupulous people will do that that's why I show them the bag of empty steel carts and full boxes of them that I used to shoot the bag with, but as with the metal detector there could be birds in the bag of steel shot ones that have been pricked with lead shot previously and lived on and could make you look untrustworthy
  8. yickdaz

    A day in the sun

    I have already started selling to the falconry fraternity direct for 50p per bird sold 200 to date
  9. yickdaz

    A day in the sun

    I have been using the eley vip 32g and 28 g 5s they are ok but noticed a lot more birds flying on with a plume of feathers out of them the gamebore super steel 4s perform better seem to get cleaner kills with them
  10. yickdaz

    A day in the sun

    Great stuff bud some nice bags there, and I agree it's been hard going in this heat of late although we had a lot cooler and windy day today on rape stubble but only managed 16 the birds just wasn't around on 3 rape stubbles we looked at
  11. yickdaz

    Spoiled For Choice

    nice one a 60 bag is a good day out and gives you enough shooting for the day
  12. yickdaz

    nice day

    Nah I heard he is a bit of a diva and would be a nightmare at the marketing photoshoot
  13. yickdaz

    nice day

    its not by choice though lol the rape I mentinoned is shot by others so we can't shoot on it
  14. yickdaz

    nice day

    didn't have to take any birds to the dealers today so could get out and look earlier than last week, I was told that 2 rape fields had been cut right next to our perm so we headed out to look at that, we have a couple of cut grass fields that borders one rape stubble and barley stubble next to the other, no surprise they wanted the rape stubbles good lines going in to both somebody turned up and drove onto one field and started setting up so we went to the other and set up on the grass about 12.30 pm as near as possible to the flightlines this was the 3rd time in a row we have set up on fields the pigeons didn't want but manged to pull them off the flightlines with a magnet a flapper and a load of decoys had a steady day in the hide I moved to a small oak that birds were flighting to and over midway through the session and just flighted them for an hour or so and added 20 to the bag we finished at 6pm final pick up was 71 with about 10 lost all of them steel shot so pleased I have enough birds for the orders I have with the bird of prey guys although might shoot a few more tomorrow for them with a bit of luck I,m just looking forward to shooting a field the birds are actually going on
  15. yickdaz

    A start to 2018 harvest

    I have 3 guys who want pigeons from me sold some to 1 of them and the 2 other guys want some midweek but they won't want any for a while once they are supplied until the birds eat them its a strange dilemma I have the outlets but I will be shooting them quicker than I can get rid of them