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  1. Well done pc you made the 100 if you count the corvids in the bag, have a good one and I'm sure we will see more of you in a month or so
  2. tue we had a go on some rape stubble after looking all over the place got set up at 2.30pm had a good hour and half then the flightline just stopped coming shot 36 forgot to take a pic of that bag, also theres a pic of 55 we had few weeks ago on laid barley that I forgot to post Thursday we had a wheat stubble in mind after seeing a few birds on it tue on our travels, I was at the field for 11am watched the flightlines and picked the best one on the face of a massive wood the birds were flighting right along it and down the side of it, was in place for 12pm on the dot it was frantic to start I must of shot 20 in less than an hour but as the day wore on it became more steady great shooting in the strong wind called it a day at 5pm with 68 today couldn't find any number of birds at all on stubbles just a few here and there I settled on an old rape stubble they wasn't feeding on it but there is a natural flightline across this field had many good days flighting and decoying on it, the wind was that strong it kept blowing the birds far and wide of my position all session I did decoy some shot from 1pm till 5pm had 46 on the clicker picked up 41
  3. the aim yesterday was to just look at any stubble we came across, some rape had been cut in the week but rape stubble hasn't produced anything worth shouting about the last few years so wasn't optimistic to be honest, just kept driving around looking finally found a few on a rape stubble few birds flighting in not prolific but looked like it would give a shot or two, set up at a telegraph pole middle of the field best place due to the wind direction with a canal towpath to one side and a caravan park the otherside of it, it would let me shoot in all directions had a trickle of birds come in from 2pm till 5pm it went dead so packed up shot 50 picked 41, the old fella set up on another field and manged 41 also so 82 between us so not a bad day
  4. top shooting, shows you what a little or should say a lot of knowledge can do
  5. and it also says looking for advice in the post, but whatever you choose hope it works out
  6. same here been stopped a few times once when I was pigeon shooting the other when I was on my way home from shooting clays both times after a few questions, I just handed over my certificate they checked the serial numbers on the guns matched it , then your on your way no big deal if you deal with them in the right way they will deal with you in the right way well said
  7. you could of buddied up seeing as he might know the field just a thought
  8. off topic to out in the field that's the way
  9. good report, I have never shot 9s at anything other than clays, but if you think about it what you lack in weight and penetration you make up for in pattern density very small gaps in it, so more shot on target more chance of hitting the vitals just a thought, ill stick to 6s though in lead, mind you I have been shooting pigeon with steel for the last 12 months
  10. mate its posted all over the shooting forums bags are being shot day in day out on the stubbles at the min
  11. one farmer started did about 4 passes on a field of barley then stopped due to rain other than that all standing rape, wheat, barley
  12. I don't know anybody that does that either, completely different where pigeons are concerned plus they breed all year round
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