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  1. had a very lean winter period we never shot a bird on rape at all they had just vanished but the spring drilling improved things a little started on sat had 25 at the wrong end of the field needed to be the opposite end but farmer was drilling and rolling it, sunday went back to the same farm and shot a field opposite birds are only flighting well after 2pm so had a decent afternoon picked 45 today went to a different area that was drilled 5 days ago good wind blowing made for some very hard shooting at times but managed 52 picked 46 and a crow
  2. They are not on the decline at all if anything they are on the increase I don't now where you get your information from I really don't
  3. Two guns same field in one day the pics were posted on on another site few years ago I seen the pics and read the report Chris Green filmed the day
  4. well if people are stupid enough to pay that much for a days pigeon shooting they deserve to get ripped off
  5. still on old stubbles around here but a pain to decoy
  6. And you dismissed people at first who were telling you to do exactly that, you listened in the end and proved yourself wrong and those people right
  7. haven't been able to resize pics last few weeks for some reason so not managed to post them, still been out on the old barley stubbles though and had some good afternoons shooting and today was by far the best in recent weeks strong N/W wind blowing and plenty flighting down a belt of trees and a wood behind a stubble field they were very reluctant to pull off the flightline and into decoys but gave some brilliant shooting on the wind at passing birds, some of the trickiest shooting i can ever remember they just wouldn't stay on a course and fly in a straight line the amount of birds that chan
  8. do you want to know why because you are peeing people off
  9. ok you might have better grammar and put me right on that but, i'll pass on the help with shooting matters
  10. a i don' t think he has that in his armoury end of
  11. had a look at the field we shot 154 last sat good wind blowing hardly any birds flighting carried on to another area we have been getting success on that was the same the odd bird flighting spent 2 hrs looking around and decided to head back to the first field we looked and sure enough they were flighting well only trouble the wind would be in our face at the only spot we could set up due to roads got in position for 3pm and in action from the off its always awkward for birds to decoy and tricky shooting when the wind is in your face but managed to bag a few finished just after 5pm with 60
  12. they will be somewhere trust me maybe off your route or a few miles this way or that way but they will be in the area as motty says just because people are not seeing them on a certain patch doesn't mean they are not there
  13. Straight lines or a heap doesn't matter to me lol
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