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  1. yickdaz

    What a Wind

    great stuff pc well done
  2. yickdaz

    Which Browning / Miroku

    in a word no, why pay silly prices for a gun that will shoot no better than a miroku or browning which are renowned for being 2 of the best reliable quality guns on the market at sensible prices
  3. yickdaz

    Sitty Trees?

  4. yickdaz

    Two Hours after the rain Stopped

    very similar to my day set up for 2pm finished at 4.30pm they are switching off earlier now and once the clocks go back it be all over by 3pm not bad at all for only 2hrs shooting though and flighted
  5. yickdaz

    Fast and furious

    Started out looking at some local farms and not finding a lot to bother with so headed further afield stopped off at some more stubbles about 10 miles away nothing around there either so drove another 15 miles to some more stubbles there was a bean stubble I wanted to look at when I got there someone was metal detecting on it but I spotted birds flighting just the other side of it time was ticking so I just chanced it not really expecting much, got set up for 2 pm shot my first bird 10 mins later then another set the rotary up then it went mental I couldn't load fast enough burned through 75 carts in the first hour back to the car for 50 more shells shot them in the next 45 mins by then it was 4.30 pm and the birds started to slow up I didn't really want anymore to carry it was a long walk back to the vehicle with the birds and kit 3 trips I clicked 92 birds down and hit picked 84 a hot session from what looked like not a good situation also shot the most light coloured woodie I have ever shot not as white as the one in the pic
  6. yickdaz

    Wicked week...

    that is a great week and a big ole perch that is to
  7. yickdaz

    I'm Back

    no ring rust then fair play
  8. yickdaz

    another mixed bag

    nah mate just an ancient combine lol Its only that one field on all of our permissions left standing and if he gets the combine back in action it will soon be off
  9. yickdaz

    I'm Back

    you found some in the end as you usually do how did you shoot today after a 10 week break ? and welcome back by the way
  10. yickdaz

    another mixed bag

    shot a field of standing barley today farmer said he would be cutting it on sun, got to the field at 11.30am they are flighting earlier now and switching off earlier, there had been good numbers around in previous weeks after 30 mins watching birds coming and going we set up in the far corner wind at our backs the barley was only above ankle height so picking them wouldn't be a problem, struggled at first to get any woodies into the decoys but the ferals played ball so we shot some of them to keep us occupied a few woodies made it in the bag as well then a combine appeared far end of the field and we thought that's that thought about packing up but it never moved then we could see the farmer tinkering with it, it must of developed a problem and it sat there for the rest of the session a bit of luck on our part the woodies turned up properly about 2pm set the rotary up but they wouldn't decoy a lot shying away or passed wide of us we split up I moved about 70 yards to our right were they passed wide it worked to an extent mostly flighting birds some decoyed but it was an enjoyable session with the variety 50 woodies 18 ferals could of shot a lot more 3 magpies 3 crows 1 jay
  11. yickdaz

    Nice 100 on Stubble

    excellent bag, knowing the flightlines on your land is priceless
  12. yickdaz

    Which weather is best?

    they will not be looking at the rape yet, with barley, wheat, bean stubbles to go on, its not a case of weather conditions its a case of shooting on the wrong crop as motty says dry with some wind are the best days to be out but on the right field
  13. yickdaz

    old school decoying

    I,ll pm you bud
  14. yickdaz

    old school decoying

    headed out again today just after dinner we had seen pigeons on a field on our way back home from shooting yesterday so met up at the field gate, the field is split in half 1 half cut maize the other half barley stubble the maize part was full of corn cobs littered with them, good lines of pigeons going over from all directions we picked the spot and set up plenty crows about as well so set up crow and pigeon decoys just decoys no flappers or magnets at all then set out dead birds as we went we were on the flightlines cross over point so knew they would come over for a look strong wind blowing from behind us helped, half were shot flighted the other half decoyed few crows and jacks came for a look shot from 2pm till 4pm I had enough room for 50 pigeons in one of the freezers so stopped shooting when we hit that mark could of shot a lot more with an earlier set up and shot till 5-6pm picked 50 and 5 blacks lost a few behind over a tall hedge
  15. yickdaz

    mixed bag

    slice the meat up and shallow fry it quickest way of doing it and it won't dry out Canadas are notorious for being tough as leather you have let my secret out everyone will be trying it now