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  1. as always excellent pics bud, and hope jake makes a full recovery I know how good that dog is and invaluable to you
  2. yickdaz

    Flocking Pigeons Again

    Yes that's it lol
  3. yickdaz

    Flocking Pigeons Again

    Yeah I agree flocking pigeons could change flocking to another word after sitting for 3 hrs in a hide freezing me dangles off for 14 Anyway as always top marks Mr 👍
  4. yickdaz

    Last game and ducks of the season,maybe.

    excellent again dave nice one I see the swans haven't moved from there 🤣
  5. yickdaz

    More seasonal mixed bag

    another great day dave and what a duck flight to end on top draw that I can imagine it was a cold wind on that higher ground today as for the sometimes poor shooting I,m saying nothing 🤐
  6. yickdaz

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    and that sums it up perfectly the stupidity of it all
  7. yickdaz

    Where did they go?

    you have done nothing wrong it happens on winter rape , done it myself just before xmas looked good worth setting up and played me like a fiddle. just waiting for the game season to finish and I,ll be 100 % into them
  8. yickdaz

    Very windy mixed bag.

    he does that not surprised it was heavy with that bag good on yer
  9. yickdaz

    Very windy mixed bag.

    i missed this post until now, hell of a day dave that's a cracking mixed bag I see you managed a woodcock as well that dog is a machine never seen a dog work as much as that one
  10. yickdaz

    Not Always to Plan

    its the effort you put in that gets you these bags you work hard for it and not forgetting knowledge
  11. yickdaz

    Start as you Mean to Carry On

    you are certainly getting into them now on the rape
  12. spot on there are a lot of people who just don't post the bags they get there are other shooting forums and facebook pages with plenty of bag posts, I know I mentioned it to you last week one guy on one of the facebook pages shoots around 14 to 16 thousand per year mainly on his own sometimes you will see posts were he had someone with him shooting so definatley a lot more being shot that we don't know about
  13. He has said on here he shoots 5 to 6 thousand per year or something like that
  14. yickdaz

    Two Things Learnt Today

    if they where dropping short sounds like a rotary would of pulled them towards you