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  1. depends on whether it's winter or spring sown, they will be on the winter sown right about now or next week
  2. well thats why i don;t post a lot anymore i like having the banter never serious or insulting but i know i have peed a few off because of it not mentioning any names either
  3. its not only that i think a lot of shooters just like being out in the countryside i know i do besides the shooting, and this situation being stuck in makes it worse
  4. i think the post will help shooters in your area
  5. well if that is the response you got from the police i don't see why you shouldn't go, you are going to get flack for the post, it is perfectly logical drive from A to B, or you could go to the local shop or supermarket and stand more chance of catching something seen more cars on the road today than at any point of the lockdown
  6. you make a great point as always bud, and I tend to agree with you very little risk going out shooting but, this is like the GL fiasco of last year when there was a lot of confusion can we cant we go shooting and I didn't go because I was so unsure about it and I feel the same right now if theres any doubt don't do it
  7. Well I haven't shot a pigeon so far this year so just seeing some would be good
  8. It might not be a genuine hushpower but it's definitely a moderated one, and it can be used with or without it so I'm more than happy with it
  9. no signs whatsoever of somebody messing with it the parts are all American, the only bodging that's been done is by me taking it off
  10. there's baffles in the last 6in of the mod it cuts the noise down by half, it would be less if the barrels were ported got to admit
  11. planning on keeping it now I know it can be used as a normal pump or and a husher, I always thought the part where the moderater screws on was welded in place so just accepted it couldn't come off until I looked into it more and it was only epoxy rubber and a grub screw holding it, a bit of tinkering and there you go it did come off and goes back into place
  12. strange how they vary some with ported barrels some without like the one I have no ports on it
  13. Already have done mines the mossbergh maverick 88 and it's a standard barrel underneath the mod it isn't ported with a screw in choke which has MOD on it so it's half choke and can be used with steel I just wanted to know if it's classed as a modification by shooting it without the mod on it I'll get some pics on when I get the chance
  14. Had a 20g Mossberg pump for the last 5 years or so, but discovered you can take the mod off and it becomes a standard pump action and it basically screws back in place and grub screws for the rest of the fittings, what I'm thinking is can it be used as a standard pump without the mod on it or has it become a totally different gun altogether, it's on my license as a hushpower not a standard pump but in my case it can be used as both , what are the legalities on this ?
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