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  1. just be glad these new ones are more in our favour
  2. that's the natural England licence, not the new defra one
  3. exactly without them nobody will listen to us ie the shooters
  4. you don't need to apply for one just abide by it
  5. he was no nonsense and wanted to get to the bottom of all this mess
  6. yeah just watched it he got clipped a few times but apart from that he was class, lets see him in proper super middle fight, smith and canelo will be tougher
  7. Exactly and he did start all this in the first place, make your bed (lie) in it
  8. I hope it is and I hope he,s squirming at the min
  9. i.m scratching my head at this post as well ?
  10. and listening to him he seems to be in favour of the new licence
  11. that's the biggest farce about it all, and shows you how short sighted they all are a crow can attack a lamb on a livestock farm one day then the very same bird can raid a nest the next day on a arable farm few miles away they seem to have forgot that crows have wings and can fly
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