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  1. Very well been using them for nearly 4 years now and they are as good as anything
  2. His gun could shoot high or pulled the shot you can't get an accurate answer with one shot you could do it 5 times and get a different pattern with each one I use 32g 4s steel your covered for duck,pheasants, and pigeon only have to buy one lot of cartridges Instead of buying 2 or 3 different shot sizes and loads for different quarry Until its banned then you have to switch
  3. We sometimes get them in thousands on any old stubble in winter but after a few shots they go off to who knows where and don't come back Spain and Portugal I reckon
  4. Nice day and that hide blended in well
  5. Hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what has happened shooting groups on Facebook have taken over
  6. That's why I don't bother anymore i could of put a dozen posts and pics on during the summer but with 1 or 2 replies and just general lack of interest,I don't bother anymore used to be buzzing on here years ago with posts of bags its died a death now
  7. I've never seen a decline in pigeon numbers in the last 34 years I have Been shooting them I think they are actually increasing, and you are right about offloading them I have nearly 300 in the freezers that i can't sell or give away for that matter could of shot a lot more last few weeks they are frozen and not wasted I won't shoot anymore until I can
  8. shot 5 in last 15 years with rings on all shot within a 10 mile radius
  9. that particular issuing force are obviously inept and never turned over a pebble let alone a stone
  10. exactly that many times i have had shooting on fields they are not even feeding on by drawing them across with the magnet turned very average days into great days and can be the difference between no shooting at all to at least some shooting
  11. there's no peas grown in any of the areas we shoot, its a field of barley well supposed to be but the weed growth took over it and thats what the birds are after
  12. Went back to the same field we shot last sat not really expecting much shooting after taking 90 birds off it but it was worth a look with the amount of birds in the area I couldn't of been more wrong as last week 3 to 400 on the field and birds fighting in the wind was in the opposite direction so it would be the otherside of the field not a problem slightly shorter walk got set up by 12 .45pm it was a carbon copy of last week first hour and half it was hectic then went to a steady stream of birds coming in my dad had gone clay shooting with a mate and said he would join me later on he left it to late I had over 100 down by the time he got to the hide at 4.30pm so I left him to shoot the last hour whilst I went looking for birds I seen drop in the distance and hit birds that made the trees total was 130 exactly picked 121
  13. There will be something there small weeds and tiny clover leaves that they can see
  14. No that I'd like to see 🙄
  15. Great result sometimes things just go your way after lean spells
  16. We don't have any peas around here apart from one rare occasion years ago so from spring drilling it's usually laid barley or wheat when we get another chance so that was a rare bag in-between those crops
  17. Found some birds in an area we sometimes get a few on clover this time of year the grass hadn't been cut and was waist high so they wouldn't be on that but they were on a field opposite that is supposed to be barley but it was very low and choked up with weed thats what the birds were after watched for 20 mins and a steady line was coming in from a few different directions a good 300 or so got up off the field as I walked over with the gear it looked good, no sooner set up and had birds in set the rotary up and all hell broke lose they piled in for an hour must of shot 50 then they tailed off and ended up a trickle for the next 3 hrs an enjoyable session not shot a bird since Easter weekend due to not having any to go at so it was nice to see birds at last and over decoys picked 83 lost about 8
  18. had a very lean winter period we never shot a bird on rape at all they had just vanished but the spring drilling improved things a little started on sat had 25 at the wrong end of the field needed to be the opposite end but farmer was drilling and rolling it, sunday went back to the same farm and shot a field opposite birds are only flighting well after 2pm so had a decent afternoon picked 45 today went to a different area that was drilled 5 days ago good wind blowing made for some very hard shooting at times but managed 52 picked 46 and a crow
  19. They are not on the decline at all if anything they are on the increase I don't now where you get your information from I really don't
  20. Two guns same field in one day the pics were posted on on another site few years ago I seen the pics and read the report Chris Green filmed the day
  21. well if people are stupid enough to pay that much for a days pigeon shooting they deserve to get ripped off
  22. still on old stubbles around here but a pain to decoy
  23. And you dismissed people at first who were telling you to do exactly that, you listened in the end and proved yourself wrong and those people right
  24. haven't been able to resize pics last few weeks for some reason so not managed to post them, still been out on the old barley stubbles though and had some good afternoons shooting and today was by far the best in recent weeks strong N/W wind blowing and plenty flighting down a belt of trees and a wood behind a stubble field they were very reluctant to pull off the flightline and into decoys but gave some brilliant shooting on the wind at passing birds, some of the trickiest shooting i can ever remember they just wouldn't stay on a course and fly in a straight line the amount of birds that changed course as i was swinging through and pulling trigger was unreal ending up shooting at thin air quite a lot but when you connected it was a memorable shot. shot from 12.30pm till 4.30pm with 76 on the clicker and picked 60 2 feral and a jackdaw the other pic is a 50 bag from a few weeks ago
  25. do you want to know why because you are peeing people off
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