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  1. Woodcock and Snipe shooting days

    Any white birds down this year 😄🙈🙉🙊
  2. Free Brass .223

    Now gone
  3. Free Brass .223

    I have appprox 140 ppu cases free All i ask is you cover postage i guess £5 should cover this first to comment and pm will get dibbs
  4. Woodcock and Snipe shooting days

    Thos is by far the highlight of PW Marks hospitality over the trips i have had with him have been 2nd to none. The land can be hard going but each guest is well looked after. It is a pitty i will not being doing this again this year due to other commitments Good luck to all tho
  5. reloading items

    Are the dies still up for sale
  6. Pre-Season Clear Out

    Hi is that price included p+p if so i will take the jacket
  7. Tikka T3 223 magazine

    Pm sent
  8. AYA 03 12 gauge

    Sawn off maybe ?? 😂😂😂😂
  9. Range camera

    Copper has a max run of about 100m per run you could put a router as a boaster 1/2 way to get you the 200m or you could buy a 3g/4g enabled camera or router and dial in as and when you wish tomsee the target
  10. Stickmakers steamer

    Can i also suggest that if you cannot get 6" galv pipe im sure most electrical wholesalers will sell galv box trunking which could be made any lenght and end caps and lids will make it a resonable enclosure.
  11. Mick what are you doing to me any other month and i would of had this but another new purchase stops me
  12. Tweed shooting jacket £70

    Weekebd bump
  13. Weekend price drop for pw members £200 & carts if collected