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  1. Spandit, you may be discussing a legal argument, but the op was commenting on an observation. The national population levels of corvids has increased massively - fact. A local reduction in numbers is just that - nature abhors a vacuum. We need a national effort to reduce numbers to pre 1970 levels, until that happens you can only act within your own sphere of influence.
  2. Check out the growth in carrion crow and magpie numbers in your life time. BTO stats are a good place to start - and both species have a long term trend of “rapid increase”.
  3. I’m not superstitious, yes and yes, 13.
  4. But it does Blade, if you’re eating the pigeon, it, or it’s potential offspring, can’t be eating anything.
  5. TC, I must learn how to use the sarcastic “emogi” thing.
  6. Just watched BBC news and Newsnight, no mention - anything on ITV ?
  7. Yes please henry d, pm sent, Tedward.
  8. Well I never ! every day’s a school day, many thanks for sharing Tedward.
  9. Just googled “moon walkers” - confused ! Tedward.
  10. I found her paddling the kayak while it was tied up embarrassing, Tedward.
  11. Tedward

    410 cleaning kit

    Payment made, cheers, Tedward.
  12. Tedward

    410 cleaning kit

    Yes please Telf, let me know your details, cheers Tedward.
  13. Hi CaptC, I’ll take the 410 rod please, pm to follow, cheers, Tedward.
  14. Tedward

    Six nations

    A Welshman utilising traditional English understatement ? - never.
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