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  1. Many thanks markm and NatureBoy, interesting stuff, will follow this closely. They need even more publicity, cheers, Tedward.
  2. Hi Markm, could you post a link to that vid please, cheers, Tedward.
  3. Anything right handed considered, thanks, Tedward.
  4. Any reply/point of view from BASC yet ?
  5. Most semi-autos are approx 4in longer than equivalent barrel length o/u, owing to the action design. So for me, 26in barrel is the way forward, Tedward.
  6. Tedward

    Minox za5

    Yes please tweedledee, let me know your payment preferences, cheers, Tedward.
  7. Free petrol at the pumps next week then !
  8. Excellent ! thanks very much guys, plenty to think about - and plenty of time.
  9. Hi Longbower and Drummer70 in particular, can you tell me what your shot count would be in an R10 at approx 30ft lbs, cheers, Tedward.
  10. I’ll take them if you can post/courier them, cheers, Tedward.
  11. How about getting wood pigeon on the quarry list instead of coot or moorhen ? While obviously still retaining their pest status, bit like Canada geese.
  12. Just research the history of the panel members of the Oxford Lead Symposium. Tedward.
  13. How about rubbing steel and iron together? - serious question.
  14. No new science, no change. Option no. 4. Having said that, I find iron shot very effective for my purposes, but I would prefer to lose plastic before lead - where legal.
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