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  1. As ditchman said : Pigeons massive infested by parasites By jfgpm, July 16, 2011 in Talk From The Field
  2. Fair one, but that was a NZ study, and mites are not flies. Images do look very similar though.
  3. No. No skin damage for the flies to lay into.
  4. Received today, well pleased. cheers, Tedward.
  5. Payment sent for diffuser.
  6. It’ll be “Free Church of Country Sports” when we get ours too.
  7. Hi CapnC, this one please: No 2 - Thickly padded (faux sheepskin) strong and sturdy. Carrying handles. Full length side zip 50” long. £15 posted let me have your preferred payment details, cheers, Tedward.
  8. Tedward

    BSA R10 fac

    Yes, but life’s too short to have an ugly rifle !
  9. MP, why not hear it from the horse’s mouth ? contact the Leicester Mercury.
  10. As above, Sold, awaiting delivery.
  11. jack Pyke hide poles x 4 £15. I’ll take these off you please, let me know price to include postage, and pm me your preferred payment details, cheers, Tedward.
  12. Excellent archive images, have never been to Africa, all opinions are valid but you shouldn’t air brush history.
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