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  1. How about getting wood pigeon on the quarry list instead of coot or moorhen ? While obviously still retaining their pest status, bit like Canada geese.
  2. Just research the history of the panel members of the Oxford Lead Symposium. Tedward.
  3. How about rubbing steel and iron together? - serious question.
  4. No new science, no change. Option no. 4. Having said that, I find iron shot very effective for my purposes, but I would prefer to lose plastic before lead - where legal.
  5. Tedward

    Head torch

    Hi cragman, I’ll take this at your asking price please. Let me know your payment preferences, Tedward.
  6. Received today - well pleased !
  7. Any preferences Ditchy, wax or oil based?
  8. Yes please, FF69, pm me your preferred payment details, cheers, Tedward.
  9. At the risk of derailing this thread, what is the best way of cleaning the spring etc after a good soaking ? cheers Tedward.
  10. Lots of info on Saubier web site. http://www.saubier.com/forum
  11. ratty1, totally agree, for that price you will not get better ! love mine.
  12. Received today - excellent ! many thanks Tedward.
  13. Yes please Enigma. Let me have your details, cheers Tedward.
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