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  1. I’ve just viewed the clip, current laws should be enforced as per any other crime. Otherwise outright propaganda.
  2. Hi clay cracker, interested in the brass cases should you decide to split, cheers, Tedward.
  3. Hi Manor, do they come with a shoulder strap ? cheers, Tedward.
  4. Received today, many thanks Craig, atb, Tedward.
  5. Payment made, and pm sent Craig cheers, Ted.
  6. ne’er mind the gainsayers scortchieboy, I’ll have a punt at this, pm me your payment details please, cheers, Tedward..
  7. Tedward

    90° South

    I’ll watch that, having seen Ben Fogles version the other night, (one of his better ones, I thought, less me more you) cheers, Tedward.
  8. If in doubt, ban it! - solve the world’s problems at a stroke. Fenn traps used legally are efficient and cost effective, just enforce current legislation.
  9. Yes please, let me me have your payment details, cheers, Tedward.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-48430483 I wonder if Mr Packham and co will comment on, and justify the complete eradication of a species ? - just wondering what their moral stance would be, how can they argue about the balance of nature if all land is managed to varying degrees by mankind.
  11. Spandit, you may be discussing a legal argument, but the op was commenting on an observation. The national population levels of corvids has increased massively - fact. A local reduction in numbers is just that - nature abhors a vacuum. We need a national effort to reduce numbers to pre 1970 levels, until that happens you can only act within your own sphere of influence.
  12. Check out the growth in carrion crow and magpie numbers in your life time. BTO stats are a good place to start - and both species have a long term trend of “rapid increase”.
  13. I’m not superstitious, yes and yes, 13.
  14. But it does Blade, if you’re eating the pigeon, it, or it’s potential offspring, can’t be eating anything.
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