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  1. Tedward

    Six nations

    A Welshman utilising traditional English understatement ? - never.
    • Thanks for info but I have looked on Solware sight and mine is advertised on page 1 @ £508.75 as it is the Vortex Viper HS 4-16 x50 Dead Hold BDC, the one you have seen is on Page 2 which is the Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 at £435.  (bar 5p) and is not a dead hold bdc. but thanks anyway , no offence taken. I will check my ad to make sure I have included the wording Dead Hold BDC

    Kind regards Phil

    1. I believe it’s not legally binding, Tedward.
    2. Can’t big it up enough, - and I’m not his biggest fan. Tedward.
    3. Yes please Henry D, let me know your payment details, Tedward.
    4. Tedward

      Sold P

      Yes please, - pm me your details, Tedward.
    5. Received today - Ideal! many thanks, Tedward.
    6. Yes please oxalid, - let me know your preferred payment details, cheers, Tedward. Whoops, apologies for the spelling mistake! Tedward.
    7. Many thanks rapid.25, - ideal ! cheers, Tedward.
    8. And no. 2 for me please - well somebody had to say it ! Let me know your preferred method of payment, cheers, Tedward.
    9. Received safely today - well pleased! cheers, Tedward.
    10. Hi Captain Beaky, could you tell me what the material is please, is it heat moulded ? thanks, Tedward.
    11. Yes please Zetter, let me know your preferred payment details, Tedward.
    12. Hi GB, could I have the 90450 (.495) mold please, let me know your preferred payment, cheers, Tedward.
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