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  1. Strange its the other way round on my 525
  2. Had a set of barrels done a couple of weeks ago so I'd say yes
  3. 2 x teague super extended 12g chokes lanber fitment 3/8 and 5/8 £20 each plus £2.50 p&p https://www.teaguechokes.com/lanber-12g-super-extended
  4. 12b invector plus full choke brand new £10 + 2.50p&p
  5. Sorry should have said 12b
  6. 1 x 12b improved cylinder browning invector choke wanted
  7. If you have a mole country stores near you they do the big 750ml ones for less than £9
  8. But she wasn't killing the cat as part of her job, it's no different to a vet going deer stalking here, would you say they should be struck off?
  9. That was what I thought killing a feral cat legally doesn't mean she shouldn't be a veterinarian if so is no one who is a vet aloud to shoot game etc?
  10. http://news.sky.com/story/1467566/vet-posts-pic-of-cat-she-killed-with-arrow Just seen this on sky news think it was a feral, seems harsh losing her job.
  11. Price drop £35 + £2 postage
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