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  1. Apologies your correct I read it the other way round they'd be 40mm lower
  2. The new tyres would be roughly 40mm taller than the old
  3. Do you have an idea of postage costs? Thanks
  4. I think I got lucky with the wood on my grade 1
  5. Hi I'll take the tanfoglio for £75 pm me your payment details Cheers
  6. SI93 Beretta M93 style CO2 177 /BB Blowback Pistol Tanfoglio Limited Custom CO2 177 /BB Blowback Pistol Price for these two please
  7. Wanted cheap co2 pistol not bothered if it shoots pellets or 4.5mm bbs Portsmouth area or willing to post
  8. I took it all completely to bits firing pin trigger and everything else cleaned and re lubricated its been fine for thousands of rounds since
  9. Had this happen on a hatsan there was loads of **** in the firing pin hole and it wasn't retracting fully cleaned it and its been fine ever since
  10. No worries, have a look on some of the VAG group forums normally plenty of people with vcds software that would be willing to help.
  11. I've got the software to turn it off, if your anywhere near Portsmouth I'd be happy to do it for you.
  12. Strange its the other way round on my 525
  13. Had a set of barrels done a couple of weeks ago so I'd say yes
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