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  1. Hiya, I tried similar with the plan of getting rid of the Hmr, I have a very good load for the 50 grain VMAX that I use with the triple and thought about the 40 grain for rabbits & crows etc.. ended up just sticking to the one 50 grain Vmax load and using it for everything
  2. Nice shot, animal was dead before it hit the ground and no meat damage... cant ask for better.
  3. All down to shot placement, I had 11 yesterday out to 40 yards with my .177 rapid.. they all dropped with (some Texas style) heart & lung shots as it was a tad breezy for headshots
  4. Hiya, My new companions Maori & Morvern... New Zealand Huntaway pups
  5. aint the FAC Rapids just great
  6. Ok been chasing this Vixen for a couple of months now, slightest hint of a lamp and she was off at 300 miles an hour :( tried baiting her but she just wasn't interested in anything I left out tonight I did my usual routine of putting some bait out at the usual place I see her with the Spypoint covering it and waiting for it to be set off. As per usual she was a no show so I decided to go for a quick wander. Got to the small hump that lets me see pretty much all the ground in these two fields and had a quick flash of the wee lamp on low power with a amber filter.. bingo caught a glimpse of ey
  7. We are not all pro independence nutters, some of us have enough brains to realise that it is a very bad idea. The point is we should be as members of the shooting community sticking together and supporting each other.
  8. start baiting one spot as often as you can, preferably every evening, keep the camera on it to see when it gets visited. once you get your visitor, keep baiting for another week or so before setting up an ambush. Put a battery PIR out covering the bait and wait for that to trip line up the rifle, lamp on and bang .. problem sorted ... the fox will be so used to the free food it's preoccupied with it and normally takes longer to react to the lamp going on... works every time for me
  9. Check around the field and see where "it" is entering, grass should be worn down and set up a camera covering that spot.
  10. Hiya, I cant do the lamping either and their are loads of foxes about :( This is possibly true but at least everything is reasonably under control on my ground :)
  11. Hiya, Thanks was back out today but not so many birds about, they were on a barley field that had just been harvested at the other side of the estate, (yet again no one was shooting them) still managed a bag of 18 though I've tried every route possible to help the farmer out more, as far as the estate is concerned the Syndicate are the only ones that get to shoot on their land and unfortunately the farmer rents the Barley fields and a lot more ground (600 acres) from the estate :( He does have his own grazing fields, but the Syndicate kicked off about me using the shotgun on ther
  12. Hiya, Was really hard going they were moving between one of the barley fields and a small group of trees next to the farm lane, all had to do was park my car so that I had a clear view of some branches then sit there with the window down and pick off any bird that landed :) I would have much rather have been there with the shotty as there was literally hundreds of birds about, but unfortunately the syndicate that's on the estate wont let me use the shotty :( Which is fair enough but bloody annoying when they hardly ever bother doing any pest control for the farmers, as they are only
  13. Hiya, Had planned to go out and do some work on the new hide this afternoon before baiting up a few fields for Foxy, stopped off at my first farm and kinda got side-tracked All taken around 30 yards with the sub 12ftlb .177 Rapid... might go and have another bash at them tomorrow
  14. you also have IGamebook which is also very good
  15. mine always go in the bin, or if I'm in the field my pocket...there is no worse sight that empties lying about where they are ejected in the field.. tis the height of laziness :( the "shooter" that did this thought it was quite funny to leave the bush looking like a Christmas tree :(
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