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  1. With about 20 years age difference has anyone considered the young lady may have a bit of a high maintenance persuasion.... one has to wonder if she might be a gold digger and he's getting weary of it.
  2. Absolutely - I'd guess you feel the 'concerned parties' did it for no payment too lol.
  3. I've not heard the recording but can't help wondering if the recording was aided by a glass on the wall type of device, or maybe something more sophisticated - perhaps supplied by a lefty newspaper digging deep for a chance to smear Bojo.
  4. I smell a snooping rat in the kitchen: Remarkable how a neighbour just happens to have a decent recording device in just the right place to hear every word of the hottest bloke in UK news ATM.
  5. Dave-G

    What is this?

    So its not a scaffolding spanner then. :-)
  6. Now I've retired I do a couple of mowing and weeding jobs locally to get me out and about a bit and pay the car insurance, never seen so many weeds cropping up out of nowhere.
  7. I think he was shrewd to skip a clash with some who are going to get dumped from the contest - some might be voting for him after they've dropped out. As the current leader of the pack by far he's better off waiting till he's one of two remaining, and do it on a less left wing TV station, the clearly leftist BBC C4 would be trying hard to trash the probable winner's right wing position just to weaken it.
  8. Agreed but there is a flip side to that - our breeding age youth have not had enough kids to cover the growing cost of pensions/care etc. I read that as one of the reasons wee need so many migrants...
  9. But are WJ say "they not live stock as they roam free" ....but on enclosed private land...
  10. Dave-G

    Jo Brand

    That sums it up very well for me.
  11. I'd rather have used a word sounding like chitty but we have a filter...
  12. No - I meant stuff usually found in a sewer.
  13. If released birds are encouraged to remain in a specific area by supplying feeders etc how can they not be considered livestock?
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