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  1. It'd be way too close on the rear of the scope - just measure the distance you read a paper or food label at. Several have made rigs with the monitor at the rear and kid themselves they did well. Probably ok if you are shooting prone on a bipod with the rifle well out in front of you.
  2. Was that in Leicester? I know someone who had kicked off at home then spat at an attending officer and told him he has the virus. Currently on bail.
  3. I shot 10 bells out of a bunch of nests last year just before branching time. I checked it out again about a week ago while walking the dog and there is no sign there were ever any nests there. The rooks have moved to a new location a few hundred yards away and appear to have taken what was left of their nests for building materials unless high winds finished them off.
  4. Lets hope its only a month but I suspect it will be extended in stages that people will be more likely to accept is reasonable, particularly if too many brain dead idiots keep meeting up.
  5. Prepare to be in for a very long time then. Not being rude but I don't expect any agency other than Defra - who appear to be asleep on the job again - to even think about specifying pest control as a reason to venture out into safer wide open spaces that are off any public footpath, where they are wanted to be on, any time soon. As for ANYONE telling us to do it - really?
  6. Lol the upwards velocity matters not to the falling energy because it stopped at one point.
  7. And those builders staying apart on new build sites - how dare they? Oh hang on... .GOV thinks that's OK so they don't have to pay their wages - but a home buyer would not be making an essential journey....
  8. I'm slightly dyslexic and struggling to express the right words here but I'll try. After they've eaten a huge stack of tiny spring drilled seedling that is too small a meal they'll destroy a much larger amount of plants than if the crop was more established, larger and a bigger meal. This is why spring drillings are so vulnerable Similar occurs with rabbits - check out huge bare patches nearest their warrens where they fed on tiny morsels of crop before feeling safe to thin out the larger crop area when its grown enough to hide in.
  9. 2.5 SVE petrol auto by any chance and defo the 4WD variety?
  10. Hmm, bit more on it here suggesting it was a gun too; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8183603/Police-probing-Sussex-massacre-builder-42-got-gun-used-shoot-family.html
  11. That's great for you if farmer won't get someone more willing. There is someone itching to get on the permission that I need to keep pleased to get my impending renewal calibres on.
  12. To be fair there are also some presumably intelligent people who naively believe they are better off staying in a house with other people and near neighbours that the wind has just blown from, because politicians who we don't always trust say we must. Just for the record, I have not been out since being asked to stay in - I'm biding my time a little longer hoping that Defra wakes up and accepts there are major differences between being in a house with others or far away from homes and footpaths on private land in the countryside with permission of the landowner to be there for the agreed specific purpose of shooting pests. EDIT Not for surfing, flying model aircraft, metal detecting, bird watching, sun bathing, butterfly photography, copulating, yada yada
  13. Thank you TC. The nearest part of of my most valued and prime permission I want to be willing to sign my permission renewal for my firearms renewal in November to oblige is .7 of a mile on foot or two miles to a vehicle entrance. Our FLO requires a recently signed reason for every calibre. The permission is desperate for me to deal with some blackies but I imagine would not be considered an essential reason by all officers I might encounter on 101 or the trip there. I have a short barrel HMR I can conceal under a very large poncho that would look odd in warm daylight and imagine the FEO would prefer I drive the two miles with it. In fact I can remove the Sako Quad barrel to make is incredibly short. I'm posting the issues here because I think BASC should be lobbying more for their members - I agree it may be difficult to lobby face to face at this time but imagine they have the means to do it electronically. And I have little else to do at the moment.
  14. I'll take that with the great respect it was given Mel. I'm thinking some of the other posts were also respectful but said plain English with less tact. I'm slightly dyslexic and not very good at tact either. I just cannot help feeling some 'compliant? people staying home have become victim of the two metre rule when they could have been much further apart. My main motive for my posts is to try and galvanise our shooting orgs to lobby lobby and lobby again. Some of us are able to substantially improve on two metres. Here is another harrowing image for a few police and shooting orgs to ignore:
  15. Unfortunately many of those will have caught it from being in stupidly close proximity to other humans - sometimes wantonly mingling with friends and family, sometimes innocently and unwittingly. I'd rather be much further away than two metres where it can be done. Can we not wonder how many catch it from flies in a field? It has to be safer being a great distance from ANY other human. I'll ask you a direct question - what would you be saying if we did it on foot or bike without taking a rifle? I've asked it before but nobody has answered it.
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