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  1. Dave-G

    .17HMR Set up

    Sako Quad, 17 HMR heavy barrel composite, outstanding like new condition with box. Had less than 200 rounds through it + choice of four scopes to be selected at collection from East Leicester + recently purchased brick of 500 17grain Hornady V-Max rounds that cost £140. £600 face to face only. Sending PM.
  2. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    But it WAS the people who voted to leave. I'd hazard a guess that if a second vote is put forwards at least half the voters will never vote again in their lives. Of course that could be the real plan in the belief that most oldies will give up voting while many younger trendies feel driven with attempts to change the result.
  3. Dave-G

    Scopes - what makes one better ?

    I think internal coatings on the tube will have some effect with off axis relections that would affect focus.
  4. Dave-G

    Xtrail boot liner

    The non slip area sounds interesting, is that on the spare wheel cover Luke? If so, and if you are near Pulford Drive I'd like to nip over for it from Hamilton if thats OK, I Have a T30.
  5. That caused me enough anathema to google the word. 😂
  6. Dave-G


    So glad I settle for freeview.
  7. I wasn't aware of the requirement of a good reason for shotgun use.
  8. Dave-G

    Police chief. ?

    I'm more dyslexic than I thought, I've just picked up on the fact that the crud is a knight. I naively thought knights were particularly brave people.
  9. Dave-G

    Police chief. ?

    That's what I was thinking, but would the other officer have had one? I've not seen any footage of the events and don't know if any exists: What I'm getting at is, could it be the apparently unarmed officer was in fact better armed and equipped than the commissioner and somehow signalled his boss away?
  10. Dave-G

    Police chief. ?

    Have coppers stopped carrying asps theses days?
  11. Dave-G


    Did you get sorted? The NS200 is so named as being suitable for 200 yards. My Kwikfit rig is good for 300 yards if the Black Sun ruby illuminator option is taken. See more about it here;
  12. Dave-G

    Head tourch

    Every time I've used a head torch I soon took it off again because of all the fly's attracted to the area hitting my face ans eyes.
  13. Dave-G

    Police chief. ?

    He's likely going to get a lot of compensation for PTSD and a very good early pension.
  14. After almost a year, my errant machinist finally found time to make up some parts for these mag mount sun roof spotters, designed for use on steel sunroofs - so not for you if you run a Landy. :lolno: See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3acKW762XU&feature=youtu.be Look for some of my older 'spotter lamping' videos to see the results of differently mounted but otherwise similar rigs. Here is an aspect that few might have considered with such a device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6nPsp8jB5g The main parts of the spotter have the same basic format as my regular pistol grip spotters, please read this thread with its links if you are interested in the roof spotter: https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/349629-pistol-grip-night-vision-spotters-reduced-for-2017/ The 50mm lens used here adds about 3x zoom to the image - as can be seen from the tree its viewing, which is about 340 yards away. Buyer can fit smaller or larger 'C' mount lenses for different zoom values. . Changes are the use of a custom machined stainless steel pivot ball screwed into a metal block that the battery/screen box is in turn screwed to so it can be wrenched up with a spanner - thereby not shifting any attachment to plastic when panning and tilting the base unit. The switches have been moved to be more accessible from below. The rubber coated magnets are very powerful - I discovered them as a taxi driver for retaining roof signs at speed. Available at £300 with my usual 5" 800x480 monitor and one meter extension cable - or with an 'FPV' transmitter fitted to a dummy 'lid' in the battery box: Buyer supplies his own First Person View receiver - this one can record the video: https://www.amazon.com/EACHINE-LCD5802D-Monitor-Receiver-Battery/dp/B01ANOOJ3Q . These are not designed for use in the rain - and if you'd use an open sunroof in the rain yer mad. 😂 RMSD delivery is £13 to UK postcodes.
  15. Dave-G

    Which and why. .17hmr

    Clearly not lol. We persevered so long because we too had thoughts that rimfire barrels don't get burnt out.