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  1. That's been very much the case with me since the lockdowns got me out the habit of going, sort of been there done that if you like, and partly because I'm a night person finding another night person buddy for company and to inject some companionship into it. That was partly the reason for selling my centrefire and reloading kit. Just this evening though my nephew said he's applying for his FAC and he being a shift worker I'll be seriously happy to take him on board and get him shooting land and mentor him along. I'll need to check I can act as one of his referees but his other ref is an ex bobby who would have been an FLO if the local firearms department hadn't lost his application.
  2. Its my understanding that every government in the world had'nt acquired sufficient PPI for an event that MIGHT occur. Then IT happened and every country had to scrape and scramble in a mad rush and pay vastly inflated prices to hopefully beat everyone else in the queue. As for care home patients: while I was taxi driving I delivered medicines to care homes, going deeper into them to nursing stations than most visitors would get to. The stench in some was awful, the sights I saw with bedridden people hooked up to all sorts of pipes, wires and monitors was pitiful, comotose - waiting to die but kept alive because letting them go with dignity is not allowed or perceived acceptable. Mostly middle aged staff having to bed bath and empty chamber pans was enough to make me want to avoid that if I have my marbles long enough to know I'd want out rather than some person spoon feeding and wiping my back end possibly in the same visit to my cell/room. Awful - just plain awful once you get past reception, dining and visiting rooms. that wasn't the case with most but enough to make me not want my 86 years old mother in one.
  3. this is dressed up aa a morality issue to my mind. I know I'm somewhere within the autistic spectrum so my thoughts might be narrower than some others and have slightly less empathy for other peoples issues but on the other hand I tend to see stark reality more than some more prone to wetting themselves about grim reality. Most people in care homes have been put somewhere out of the way to see out their days whilst receiving more care than family might be able to manage. I imagine there's many a person over 75/80 fully aware that the years pass quicker and their time cometh, and most won't be feeling sorry for themselves because they are mature enough to accept the inevitable. Doctors probably see that more than most and even get asked to DNR if life is going to go downhill after procedures from those poor souls. Doctors simply had to make choices that are hard for younger people to accept. I think letting the old die off to make health care more available to younger fitter covid victims who were much more likely to survive the merciless death toll we saw in the early ill prepared for days of the pandemic was a hard but necessary reality. Its not a Tory nor Labour nor any other party leaders fault. The tax paying voters who fund the country rather than those draining it would vote out any political party that raised taxes to do it "better" or "luvvier"
  4. Think I need to find some popcorn.
  5. I rather feel this is close to the truth of the matter - given the early understanding at the time was that the elderly with health issues were very likely to be the biggest death toll so keep them out of hospital to make space for those more likely to survive. Doctors have/had to prioritise who its most beneficial to save and who to let go just like in a war time field hospital. And all elected governments have scrimped with NHS funding because its a bottomless pit.
  6. Your'e on sticky ground there i think: you requested a mod for your air rifle - not the 223. I'd imagine the supplier of it is too.
  7. Any time I remove a wheel to change pads etc I always shove the wheel under the sill while doing the work.
  8. Can we see the other profile? I found this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32989386703.html and suspect it might be a puller for the covers in the link.
  9. Steel wheels are quite sought after by serious off roaders/laners because they bend ( and hammer back) rather than crack if they hit or ride on a stone.
  10. There's a few different variations of Cooper discoverer tread patterns, (armoured etc).
  11. First time I've seen that, looks a nice ret, better than their half mildot efforts. I'd not want to be using it at 16 mag to get those markings right and thats at 2550 FPS meaning a full length barrel. I'd say use it at less mag and learn the distance drops but keep in mind a HMR, particularly a short barrel variant is typically borderline 1 MOA - so forget reliable grouping at much over 150 yards. I use a BDC retical on a different scope at 8 mag to retain feasible acquisition, 16" barrel, V-max. Zero at 90 yards, first marking 150 yards. Second marking at 220 yards is just for pure optimistic vermin control body shots if getting closer isn't viable.
  12. Be advised: the unburned gasses from a short barrel HMR will soon erode the aluminium baffles in a sak. Brother and I have both been there and done that following recommendations... Invest a tiny bit more in steel baffles such as an ASE UTRA rimfire: https://calibreinnovations.co.uk/product/ase-utra-dual-rimfire-moderator-1-2-unef/
  13. ANPR deployed on a drive round grid?
  14. Flip side is use them or lose them is what I'm thinking, popular UK locations are at a premium price and then some. Its probably fair to say anyone who ploughed their life savings and spare time into setting up dwellings/sites for holidays in popular UK location location locations only to not be able to recoup their investments in a shorter season due to lock downs will do better to sell the property and further reduce holiday availability because they are treated as rip-offs. Sounds like the UK holiday industry is on a lose - lose path to me.
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