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  1. Maybe we could recycle our plastic into the bricks, blocks, panels, concrete and roofing we build houses with for the little dears. The houses will likely cost more and be glued together but I'm sure they will be at the front of the queue to buy them. We could build a 50% waste plastic city, with no roads of course, maybe call it 'walkham' - that'll please them no end because they could all go live there in wondrous bliss.
  2. Wonder if the young toff knows how much extra pollution the little darlings cause with so much traffic at a stanstill?
  3. Very nice Jamie, mine was that tidy once. I have some of those blue rolls in mine too. :-)
  4. Drone/quad copter flying: You can take one pigeon shooting with you, when its quiet fly to nearby fields, check what's there and 'fire a blank shot' over the far side of them to shift them your way.
  5. I saw a video on facebook that had no commentry about its content and assumed it was about Brexit: But I think it might be have been about a squaddie getting a raw deal, and yet .Guv wonders why it cannot get enough recruits and blames an agency for not producing enough mugs volunteers to get nicked for following orders from superior officers - who get orders from politicians who should be the one's to blame.
  6. i believe you are correct - and loads of cabbies exploited the driving another car aspect too apparently.
  7. I almost came a cropper with similar insurance small print whilst driving alone in my brothers shooting truck (on a small remote private land permission in deepest Cornwall) when plod turned up to ask what I was doing there late one night. Took about an hour trying to explain why my Sako Quad .22LR action had a 17hmr barrel with a different serial number in it. They made several phone calls and got nobody to speak to at about 11pm. They werent 100% convinced about the swappable barrel and calibre - and me having comprehensive insurance for a taxi and eventually repeatedly insisted I leave the site: It occurred to me they would stop me again on a public road to ticket me at least so I agreed I'd drive up into the wider car park over the brow of a hill - ostensibly to follow them out to the highway - they were at that time blocking the narrow exit. To shorten the story I left via another exit over the brow that they were not aware of... :-) They didn't get to witness me driving the short distance back to my brothers house on the public highway. They apparently drove by later but didnt knock, maybe because it was after midnight with no lights on. It subsequently became apparent the insurance industry had stripped down 'fully comprehensive' policies to just 'comprehensive' by removing some of its extras to get reduced comparison website prices. I had not been aware of the changes and was in fact innocently guilty of driving without insurance. That was a very lucky escape.
  8. Hmm, so all the other bits of us being gradually surrendered to Germany EU under the lie that we were just joining a common market also had to get through Parliament? What I'm getting at is, was the deception all MP's in Parliament knowing what was happening - not just the mongrel that signed? There simply HAS to be a hidden (official secret?) reason why so many MP's are blatently giving us up. Let me get the next bit of possible skulduggery out thats come to mind: I read something about Winston Churchill saying never again, and that a single Europe would be a good plan. : Could it be that Germany surrendered WW2 after being promised we would slyly acquiesce to Europe over the next few decades
  9. I mean about May signing a full blown (my words) treaty instead of a request to discuss? I can't find that seriously important detail anywhere else.
  10. Oops I forgot you were using air - sorry bud.
  11. And Unicorns - you forgot the Unicorns.
  12. Keep in mind the illuminator of a night vision rig will also light up that smoke coming out the barrel but the camera will have better performance than your eyes so the smoke will likely be even more apparent. You referred to fitting the torch below the barrel - that could avoid a small but important portion of the smoke being lit if the torch is far enough rearwards under the rifle, particularly if you use a fat sound mod.
  13. To the mess Dilly Dilly.
  14. I don't think 'mistake' is the right word - but can't think of a more apt one. The official secrets act prevented the general public being aware of the deception we were subjected to regarding the common market, It only came to be known about decades later after so many slippery slopes has let so much slimy politics slide under the bridge
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