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  1. I'd never have thought about checking if an anvil's level.
  2. I think its truly amazing you were able to show absolutely everything in a horizontal view instead of vertical. How big a magnet were you using?
  3. Bet you'd love to tell him which one it is.
  4. Don't think many people wanted syphilis.
  5. Natch - C5 won't want them protesting outside their doors.
  6. You did very well there considering the tide.
  7. I think she looks Jamaican.
  8. Dave-G

    Greedy Celebrities

    I suspect some adverts are a requirement of sponsorship/contracts.
  9. Dave-G

    Pard nv008

    Its optimised for night vision but will produce a daylight image too - broadly similar to what you see looking at the screen of a digital camera or camcorder.through a small focusable lens.
  10. Dave-G

    Greedy Celebrities

    I think that one is particularly irritating.
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