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  1. Thanks all - I made contact with david BASC who confirms what Leicester FLD has said: Brother does the variation with my firearms entered onto his ticket. So seems there was an error made in what D&C told him over the phone.
  2. That sums up what were initially after but we compromised when it was said to be too complicated: We therefore settled on both of us being able to use one of my rifles each while he's out with me in Leicestershire, but that too seems to be difficult so he's opted to continue doing a not best practice of carrying his rifles on 600 mile round trips with motorway service's breaks and fit a cabinet at his Leicester office. That means at any given time some or all of his rifles could be stored in Cornwall or Leicester. This seems truly stupid in my opinion - He'll have to carry his guns if he breaks down and has to leave his car - or what if he has an accident? The issue could so easily have been avoided if only the procedure could be found. He sold his .22LR and currently has HMR, 204 and 223. I have FAC air, .22LR, HMR and 17REM so all my calibre's are less than his largest. If I hadn't been told - quite emphatically - that it's not permisable to let another person shoot my rifles in my presence we'd not be having this issue. I've often heard of buddies both using a rifle but we know what COULD happen if a call out ocurred while he's accompanying me and using one of my rifles - or been seen to have been. I'll ask DavidBASC to view this thread and advise me if there is a procedure for this. EDIT: I don't travel down there so often - he has a spare cabinet in a spare room that I can use when visiting him.
  3. Is he in a different force area than you Crossy?
  4. This is not going well. Brother phoned D&C FLO and got told it needs doing my end, on my ticket if he wants to use mine but have no access to my cabinet. (to simplify the procedure) I emailed Leic's - who phoned me to say I need to get my rifles added to brothers ticket. Being able to avoid carrying firearms and ammo 300 miles + a break at motorway services - and the return trip several times a year has to be a worse practice in my mind than allowing my brother to carry one of my firearms when he's out with me during a visit to Leicester. Why the eck does it need to be so complicated? I'm loathed at the thought of asking BASC to have a word but its not our fault 'they' don't know how to do it. It seems this is needed due a policy that we are not allowed to let other people fire our guns. Does anyone share firearms use with someone from another force area?
  5. Thanks for the reply David, I'm still a bit confused about it though as its in the Guide on Firearms Law April 2016 which made me think it became a slippery slope by the way it had been seemingly slipped in. I can't find the statement made - at possibly a meeting of police chiefs and something to do with greater London I think but a bit of a google leads me to think he was quoting from this: 1.1. What is meant by the term ‘firearm’? ‘Firearm’ means a lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged. See Chapter 2 for further details. 1.2. What are the basic principles of firearms law in the UK? UK firearms policy is based on the fact that firearms are dangerous weapons and the State has a duty to protect the public from their misuse. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. Firearms control in the UK is among the toughest in the world, and as a result firearms offences continue to make up a small proportion (less than 0.2%) of recorded crime [ONS 2012/13].
  6. I think that was the case before some police chief pronounced it was a privilege - which got left there as a slippery slope.
  7. I'd say having lived about 1.2 miles from Cape Cornwall qualifies me as coming from deepest Cornwall.
  8. Well I'm just a trusting old bloke from deepest Cornwall but that looks like BASC are weighing up the wisdom of attempting to judicially force a police chief to reverse his determination to change government policy to suit his own agenda before spending - or wasting - membership funds to bring it to a probably satisfactory conclusion. Some things just can't be done and I'd imagine the policeman looked into before changing the policy of his force. Sounds like a good plan to me: If its unlikely to succeed why throw money at it - but if there is a viable chance of pulling it off go for it.
  9. So - seems the gas was oxygen starvation

    Me too - my current feeling after a bit of Googling is he just seems to stick his neck out and actually get on the ground in the middle east rather than buy into the sources where mainstream media get their chosen agenda stories from. I've no idea if he's right or wrong and have no personal agenda to support either way but I'm coming round to the idea that UK 'security' maybe really runs the country and manipulates our various trusting PM's into all sorts of shifty actions.
  10. So - seems the gas was oxygen starvation

    That's going to be worth a look thanks.
  11. All those videos of kids being hosed down and breathing through masks... oxygen masks: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/syria-chemical-attack-gas-douma-robert-fisk-ghouta-damascus-a8307726.html
  12. No worries bud. I recall someone posted up a photo of a red car they were selling on here and there were similar comments because it looked pink.
  13. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself, pink is a girly colour where I comes from my ansum. The laughing thingymijig was to emphasise it was meant as a joke - as in 'oh no, not pink' and laughing while saying it. To 100% clarify then - I was referring to the colour. I'm slightly dyslexic but I do think it's an effeminate colour for a bloke to be seen carrying - unless he's swinging his hips too of course. As for the printing - looks good... but now I don't know if you'll mistake another smiley thingy as offensive.