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  1. And who would be at fault with an RTA.
  2. I wonder what motor insurance premium aspects are for driverless cars.
  3. Those will be the peeps too thick or biassed to comprehend that most shooting is done in very wide open fresh air whilst gardens in cities will not have such UV cleansed air with fresh oxygen from trees.
  4. Existing customers are treated as lazy mugs who can't be bothered to shop around by most utility and insurance companies these days. I've become a go compare type and am quids in across insurance, broadband, mobile etc.
  5. Blimey - that's a no win situation if ever I saw one. Many on here, myself included, have robustly criticised BASC for doing very little lobbying, now they appear to be doing it - and telling us they are doing it...
  6. It really surprised me, our local golf course green keeper asked me to keep an eye on things as he was blaming kids from two very near council estates for umpteen divots. I'd had a word with a bunch of lippy youths vandalising the greens with golf clubs a few weeks ago, they claimed to be practicing - yet apparently didn't know there were T off positions... I'd previously suggested it might be badgers digging worms because one of the green holes with no flag in had a **** in it. I've only been spotting them in the last month or so, two seem to have recently taken up residence in a ne
  7. I don't think he'd want him to.
  8. You must have missed the hoo-har on here about it a few weeks ago.
  9. Dave-G

    Forum change

    EDIT: My mistake... Its just the unread messages window that is narrow, when clicked open the reading pane is normal width.
  10. Dave-G

    Forum change

    All was OK earlier but the 'page? has now shrunk on my widescreen TV/monitor. Using chrome browser if that helps. Tried to replace the first print but can't remove it for some reason.
  11. I seem to recall you were going there last time? I had to check back just to be sure my memory wasn't playing tricks on me again. It was the photo you took that rang my bell.
  12. A grumble or rant doesn't make stupid, and we're all allowed a rant now and again. Given you feel I'm stupid do us all a favour and block my posts please, there's a good chap. I'll see if I can figure out how to block your posts so I don't get myself in trouble on here.
  13. Hey, I'm old enough to have an old *** grumble whether you likes it or not. I didn't need a tin hat to see that more revealing detail was released much sooner with the shooting because there was no 'sensitive' element to umm or arr about. If nobody biatched about it I wouldn't have felt inclined to come back to it. Some of you seem to be even grumpier than me. I really don't care but might start finding more trivia to have an old *** grumble about just for the wind up value that seems to be emerging. Can we have an old *** grumble - or 'just get it off yer chest' section ple
  14. The three laughing scum cop killers didn't do the travelling community any favours with the way they displayed such pleasure at what they had done. I imagine that issue brought this one on a bit.
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