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  1. Is that something to do with rabies checks?
  2. Media pays good money for damaging photo's.
  3. On a purely mercenary war basis I guess it'd be useful to NATO and Europe in general for Russia to run out of bombs and missiles etc somewhere other than our backyard. The loss of energy and food is a problem for the rest of us though.
  4. Regarding middle east wars not being as 'concerning' to us in the west. Could it be that the west have largely relaxed religious hatred while 'they' clearly still feel their religion continues to be worth killing for?
  5. Agreed, I'm also wondering if it's possibly the first crack in NATO unity developing - with potentially a couple more balking at the loss of their oil and gas. It's looking like Boris made a very shrewd move.
  6. Wondering if Boris signed up to Sweden and Finland knowing Turkey was intending to object to their entry to NATO. I'm mindful of the fact that the Balkans are between us and Russia, and Russia would use that area by land or sea to get to us.
  7. That'll keep him busy till he gets some LPG for that drag racer of his. I'd have made the pasty's sooner but the wife has a strict food use by date regime that I'm obliged to observe.
  8. Maybe I'm being too naive but I've always felt NATO is a defence alliance. That said I guess a preemptive first strike might develop to be prudent.
  9. That's stunning workmanship and look what excellent work Neville did for me with some of the offcuts. Thank you both.
  10. I find the heads up type best when shooting from a bipod or other rest such as a high seat, gate etc. In fact I have the forestock nestled in my quiet petrol 4wd door mirror bracket with an arm out the window and don't use a cheek rest. Luckily my perm's are all golf or grazing now so I can basically steer the car and rifle till the quarry is about centred in the 7" remote screen from the thermal roof spotter facing straight ahead. Thus I need no lights anywhere till I'm in a prime shooting position, and those E700 camera based rigs don't need illuminators for subsonic ranges if there's half decent overhead moon and only thin cloud or none. I've overshot my perms (only rabbit now) so can choose to leave sorties till the right conditions - that suits someone with breathing issues in cold damp air.
  11. sounds like the scope needs aiming lower - with shims is usually the easiest/cheapest - and more tuneable IMO.
  12. I suspect Boris forming a UK/finland/sweden help request alliance is a shortcut fix to effectively get them in now rather than wait for all the other members to ratify it.
  13. 40 regulated shots (so I use five x 8 pellet mags) and a few more after that with gradually reducing pressure. I'd typically only take five to ten shots of an outing.
  14. Exactly - lefty political shenanigans is all it it is in my mind, and yes I'm a centre righty. I'm thinking Cressida **** had some politics in mind as I think it was one of the things she held on for, and I'm thinking Keir's local police chief has already given the nod. That's my own thinking why Starmer is being so sanctimonious about his/their potential resignations. It'll probably never been known for sure and will most likely be plausibly denied of course.
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