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  1. Dave-G

    Night vision spotter

    Now then... is that a compact monocular type that is held in the hand and brought to the eye that also fits in a pocket - or something a lilltle bulkier that doesn't? I make these pistol grip monitor types to order but they are not best suited to a lone hunter on foot because of their bulk. If you have any interest or questions about them please ask on this sales thread - which could do with a bump. :-)
  2. Dave-G

    When are poults due?

    Ah... best call him before making the trip then thanks all.
  3. Dave-G

    When are poults due?

    Thanks for that chaps, he doesn't want lights or gunshots to disturb the poults.
  4. One of my rarely available and distant perms usually has his poults in before his crops are done so I can't get a drive round for bunnies. With the extended heatwave I'm thinking the crops might be down early, so calling the bloke to ask if that's the case this year but don't want to bother him if his poults will be in - so are they likely to have arrived yet? I don't shoot pheasant so just plain don't know.
  5. Dave-G

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    Tin hat time for me, shame to - but I'd remove the reason for those unwelcome visitors to consider damaging the fence to gain access to the land in future. My sisters GSD's usually have rabbits but recently tried Hare and ate them so they needn't go to waste. Repairing the damage or strengthening it at great expense doesn't stop them from returning at some future date. They might come back once and discover there is no reason to come back a third time.
  6. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Is there somewhere we can read about that dea?
  7. Dave-G

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    Thank you gent's - I'll not use the bitumen now. Curious about why you say not Waxoyl ditchy - I recently bought two spraycans of it in readiness lol. I have read so many differing opinions about this but would have more respect for your thoughts as a known do-er rather than most who just regurgitate what they've read on tinternet.
  8. Dave-G

    world cup

    At least we don't now have to listen to a bunch of sado's out in the street incessantly singing mind numbing Engerland and footballs coming home 'songs' all weekend.
  9. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I've voted conservative at every election of my adult life, even in the certain knowledge that Labours slimy Vaz will always win the locals because the large asian community here clearly approve of dodgy politicians. If the Tories don't take us out of Europe I'll never vote again unless there is a party that will do the deed. How very dare they give out a leave mandate and then renege on it - it feels like we have been diluted to become a third world country. If that sounds racist rather than patriotic and democratic then tough.
  10. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My two penny worth - I'm English, which is an island with a queen and elected government, I could stretch that to being British. I do not consider myself or my family to be partly European and resent being obliged to follow EU diktats. An interpretation of diktat is: Diktat - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diktat A diktat is a statute, harsh penalty or settlement imposed upon a defeated party by the victor, or a dogmatic decree.
  11. Dave-G

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    I have about 3 litres of very thin bitumen primer left from a project that I'm contemplating making thicker to become underseal for my X-trail. I'm thinking along the lines of adding flour to it but felt ( pun intended) it maybe best to get a few other opinions before taking the plunge. Its at leat a month since we've had any rain and now seems a good time to get underneath it with a wire brush and get stuck in.
  12. Dave-G

    Poor shots and guilt

    I and many others have occasionally messed up a shot ot two, had the feelings of guilt - and moved on. Lesson learned: Hare's are bolder than bunnies and will stand their ground letting you get closer. You don't need to be shooting them above 100 yards. A closer shot is less likely to miss the kill zone and has better terminal velocity for a cleaner kill.
  13. Dave-G

    Mobile phone networks

    contract - had to be to a new user - or the result of a major threat to leave arguement on their chat feature. It was available to my partner as a new user so I demanded the same or I'd leave and get her on instead.
  14. Dave-G

    Mobile phone networks

    Tink it might be 12 months but at that price I'm not bothered about a contract tie up anyway.
  15. Dave-G

    Mobile phone networks

    Vodafone has been perfect for me. Sim only, massive calls and txt, 2gb data £6 PM. Seriouisly reliable.