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  1. Indeed. I can't imagine anyone volunteering their continent or people for the depopulation elephants while armies and ironically, workers, are in such high demand.
  2. Fair points - I'll settle for both sides not trying hard enough to stop them - perhaps each for nefarious reasons.
  3. I had an old CR-V a few years ago and currently have an 02 Civic as a second car mainly for Mrs-G. Both had/have no underbody rust at all - dunno how they acheive that but the Civic looks like a two year old from below. The guy who bought the CR-V contacted me after the next MOT inspection to say it sailed straight through and how pleased he still was with the car. I only sold it because the drivers door was too short/narrow for my height (knees knocked the dash on entering) and my NV fouled the window frame with the rifle on the door mirror bracket. My X-Trail door is 5" wider and doesn't have that issue. My point is: I'm assuming they must use a clear underseal or clear coat lacquer. Even behind the wheel arch folds are totally clean after washing accumulated dust away.
  4. It seems quite logical to me that a few successful 'stops' on french beaches will cause the migrants to stop gathering in northern France seeking a boat ride to England. It has to be in their interest to put a stop to it.... unless of course its all deliberate EU skulduggery to make life difficult for UK - which I personally suspect is the case. Withholding the payment/bribe/ransom to France until they earn it is of course the proper way to do the job, seems Priti and Boris might have some balls after all.
  5. Solid/insulated roof's are defo the way to go these days now restrictive planning rules have been relaxed.
  6. Any MK 7 Honda Civic 1.6 VTEC EPS gurus on here?
  7. Dave-G

    Good old DHL.

    Hermes/DPD etc delivery drivers get peanuts per delivery - almost all are eastern European or Asian driving old private cars on private insurance and I imagine many have gone back home now. Similar to taxi drivers, farm pickers and almost any other unskilled labour dependent work, plus many semi skilled jobs too. Bosses just got too complacent with poor wages to acheive competitive prices to compete with Europe. Partner and I are much better off on my standard state pension and her reduced one than when I was cabbing before I got mugged by five Somalian passengers. Schools and Universities didn't help with their silly media studies ETC instead of practical education... I'm thinking that might have been part of the EU game plan to take us downhill.
  8. I'm well pleased with both my first and second T30 auto's.
  9. Almost everyone else here knows your tats reference was about some people pleading poverty while spending money on non essentials like tats, beer, smokes, big screens, latest mobiles, trendy clothes, takeaways/deliveries yada yada but tats seemed a superb coverall.
  10. Or the house of Windsor doesn't do court proceedings - end of.
  11. Plod might do well to consider how many ticket holders go the extra mile in lawfulness to avoid losing their hard won treasured possession. Making things more difficult for holders might see some not bothering to stay on the path of righteousness.
  12. I see it as very encouraging that the police are digging deep within their own departments for those who don't do their job correctly. Anyone with common sense can see the persons who allowed twatto to get his gun back are wrong uns not to be trusted to act in the interests of public safety.
  13. Dave-G


    Trump's revenge maybe.
  14. Dave-G


    Facebook, instagram and whatsapp all gone down together.
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