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  1. Dave-G

    terrorist's ?

    Wonder who might have laid on all the busses.
  2. Dave-G


    There wasn't an in between option presented - in or out were the only two options, now seemingly over simplified by politicians who blatantly think of their personal preferences before honouring the result.
  3. Dave-G


    I'd like to suggest that whilst elections are clearly to do with represents us in parliament, a referendum that was put to the people wasn't voting for a member of parliament. It was a choice given to the public so I don't see how the parliamentary democracy system comes into the referendum.
  4. I see your point, perhaps the real facts are that the shooter actually shot a dog that was chasing livestock rather than sniffing around..
  5. Dave-G

    terrorist's ?

    Maybe they'd rather cover over huge swathes of grazing around the world with plastic greenhouses and kill everything else alive that exists on plant life.
  6. Its entirely reasonable to assume a responsible and licenced shotgun holder would have stayed put to be held accountable.
  7. Dave-G


    Very yes - regardless if food etc costs me more - maybe even vegetable patches in our back gardens might make a general comeback.
  8. Dave-G


    Tried to find this earlier but it had been fairly well hidden from facebook plebs: For Guy Henry regarding hidden EU skulduggery. http://veteransforbritain.uk/whitehallbriefing/
  9. Dave-G


    If you have missed all the advisories? about a unified/united/European Union you have been living in cloud denial land Henry. Guess what EU stands for. I can't get the links because they keep getting taken down - wonder who wants to cover up the recent news about handing over our forces to the EU army? they may not be true, but I've not seen any denials - just efforts to keep it concealed like all the other issues about the 'common market' we voted to join. I think that's the first time I've used a roll eyes on this forum.
  10. Dave-G


    No - I feel there is SOME possibility of the EU - which wants to politically govern the whole of Europe - POSSIBLY holding us to ransom or at some time in the future taking us by force. If our ability to produce steel and heavy defensive machinery is deliberately allowed to deplete it would fit in well with their expansionist plans and be a dereliction of our government - which is becoming a problem that you would seem to endorse. Only a muppet would allow us to compromise our ability to defend the nation.
  11. Dave-G


    So we're not entitled to be suspicious of German/Brussels subterfuge? Behave yaself Henry.
  12. Dave-G


    I rather suspect (but don't have any proof) the German steel industry subsidy was part of the master plan to debilitate us by causing ours to wither away - along with heavy industries that used UK steel. The objective being to make us more vulnerable and less experienced to make ships and tanks etc like we were able to in WW2.
  13. Dave-G

    Defecting MP's

    But it would have to pass a parliamentary vote...
  14. Hello Dave.

    Do you still build the NV kits I've got another mate who's after one.


    1. Dave-G


      Hmm... Look at any 'billboard' outside a UK university you'll see it carries words to the effect that its funded by the EU, and we know the EU likes to project its own agenda. In addition I think that many uni students are pretty miffed about the massive debt they have to eventually repay for their education when they find suitably profitable work - that us older peeps never had to endure. All in all I suspect uni students are a fairly resentful bunch.
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