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  1. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    TM's "Deal for the good of the British people" having truly been exposed as "in contempt of the British people" brings to mind EU and UK gov thinking "let them eat cake"
  2. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Those who went on the Brexit means exit march might have been taken more seriously if they'd worn high vis yellow jackets.
  3. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Someone put me right here please because I admit I have always suffered from a lack of attention issues and this has gone every which way but loose. If we lose brexit and another vote is somehow forced on us, would it be feasible to cancel brexit for now, find a leave Tory to replace May - like she replaced Cameron, and enact another article 50 when we have made a better effort towards it and found someone who would be capable of delivering it - albeit after a frustrating delay?
  4. Dave-G

    3D printing files/ideas sought for shooting.

    Hope someone has something similar - and having two screws either side it couldnt be considered a copy even if it was being sold - which I won't be doing. No idea, though its maybe feasible for a single use subsonic which will likely be why I think its illegal to have blueprints for such.
  5. The boy's only been and bought a printer to make some leccy drum sensor instruments for a member of his tribute band. He comes home from working away every third weekend or so - and I thinks its going to be here till he gets better accomodation near his gaming company work in Guildford.... Well it can't just sit there taking up space not doing anything can it? So I'm looking for ideas of what STL files to scrounge, it has a 200mm plate and apparently uses G code...? 😁 I rather fancy an adjustable 25mm tube torch mount similar to the laserluchs ball head one below but wider with two clamping screws either side for when out lamping using the same same weaver rail scope adaptor I use on my KwikFit rigs if anyone has or knows of one. https://www.microglobe.co.uk/laserluchs-ball-head-mount-weaver-p-9358.html I'm not interested in the one from Ludicrous - and won't be looking to sell any either. Anyone got any other shooting related ideas/files? Not cessenarily NV related.
  6. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    And THAT Laidies and genulmen is why so many voted out - so we don't have to dutifully accept the new non European Europeans. The country is broke as it is and we simply cannot afford to have them thrust on us to further plunder our finances. EU has done its level best to strip UK of its industrial ability to produce wealth.
  7. Dave-G

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    Or Oats so simple with syrup in it already.
  8. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Me too. The Tories have stripped down to their true colours now. I've been a lifelong tory bar my last vote for UKIP, but next election I'm going for payback - and I reckon a lot more pensioners like me will too because where we come from out means out. I think we'll do whats good for us rather than whats good for the tories.
  9. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    We also got a very good look at Cox's face stifling what I assumed were tears of abject shame that his rousing 'best for the country' performance in the house the day before had been exposed as shamefull deception of the house and the people. I doubt we'll see much more of him now.
  10. Dave-G

    Nigel Farage

    What do we think he's up to after leaving UKIP - another political party? It seemed he did his job till yesterday... but maybe its not been done now.
  11. Dave-G

    Responsibility for bridge?

    As said absolutely take legal advice. If it were me I'd be mindful what potentially happens if you clear ice from a pavement etc... You could/might be deemed to have caused an injury/issue by interfering/tampering with it. Think blame games.
  12. Dave-G

    moped scum, gloves off?

    " could face procescution.... If he is charged"... "The boy, who was not wearing a helmet, was admitted to hospital with serious head injuries... ...but later discharged" No hint of press sensation from the BBC there then.
  13. Dave-G

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    T'was mildly tongue in cheek but it would spontaneously free up up the police and courts to find the time and funds for other issues. Notwithstanding that a few of our own peado's will fall though the net too. I think I chose my wording and stance quite well there for a change so I'll quit before I go wong.
  14. Dave-G

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    Won't be long before the age of sexual consent is vastly reduced to de-criminalise child grooming or full on sex in one fell swoop to benefit our culturally different bretheren. As usual the justifiably affronted indiginous population will get rubbished if they protest it in any way. Now mildly wondering if thats why a few culprits have been sacrificed to pave the way for the many.
  15. Dave-G

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Sums it up rather well.