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  1. She'd need to be cautious of any Paris style tunnels if she squeals.
  2. Could it be based on the first four letters of your log-in name?
  3. There could be bigger fish to fry closer to home...
  4. Dave-G


    I bought a small batch of the diodes but I'm getting mixed results and don't intend to supply them for both that reason - and the issues about the questioned legality of selling lasers, be they correct or not at this time. If anyone decides to go down this route they can be made with three power modes and the camera lens iris acts as a dimmer. Its easily doing over 500 yards on tight beam and full power so I generally use it on medium setting. I don't use it for the range - which is totally unreal but because the beam has no spill, it can't be seen off axis in the way that LED illuminators with aspheric lenses can, and the fact I can 'soft start' it by turning it on with the iris closed then slowly open it as needed. I have long been aware how the rapid strike up of LED (and now laser) light gives a more powerful slap in the face to quarry than the slower strike up of filament lamps we used years go, particularly since I rather liked the dimmer start up of the old Atom Pro.
  5. Dave-G


    My 501b is a grown up compact LasIR now.
  6. Dave-G

    Sedwill gone

    Very little but as you slate BJ's handling of the crisis I seemingly wrongly assumed you had someone in mind that would have done things better - but you don't seem willing to suggest who that might be so I made a hazardous guess. I doubt anyone could claim he's done a wonderful job about a catastrophe that landed in his lap - which a clearly new PM relies on specialist advisers to steer him. I also doubt anyone could convincingly claim an alternative new PM would have made less mistakes about a completely new crisis that has screwed up the entire world. EDIT: apparently the worst is yet to come but I imagine that'll be BJ's fault too. https://www.rte.ie/news/2020/0629/1150391-who-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR3W-fskaOa_WkbWEDanESnohK4QgWx8H7bev7h7Ip58ZccqyzSAx0K25LM Contains a link to the full transcript.
  7. Dave-G

    Sedwill gone

    I don't think many would say he's done everything that could have been done with the benefit of hindsight and pressure incumbent on him but Covid was not of his making and I can feel totally confident the country would in a far worse state if Corbyn had got in. Who would you suggest would have done better?
  8. Dave-G

    Sedwill gone

    I imagine the Covid calamity will look like a Tory failure that would happen regardless of what party was in government, but even more so by the time the left and MSM have dressed it up.
  9. UK are supposed to be paying France to stop the migrants yet the French navy accompany the overloaded dingy's risk free and on hand if they capsize which encourages migrants to chance it. UK border control meets them halfway and warn off any observers.
  10. We'll have to disagree on what constitutes collusion while the french accompany the clearly dangerously overloaded inflatables to UK waters and our authorities create an exclusion area and threaten anyone videoing the transfer. Ha - looks to me like the 'traffickers' are both governments, you can keep your blinkers on if you feel you must.
  11. Seems to me our government are determined to maintain a sly back door migrant entry system that colludes with French naval escorts - which the mainstream media don't want to expose in any depth.
  12. Yes, keep at them yourself. Initially you'll keep getting good numbers but the birth rate will drop off. I used to get 20 odd one night a week every week for months but that eventually became less than 20 a month and its now under 20 a year.
  13. I'm very sad to read this Neville, thank you for telling us. John was my first FAC interviewing officer who stepped in because waiting times had got so long because of a 5 yearly renewals backlog hitch. It was a pleasure walking the fields with him and he was so 'comfortable' to chat with. He was a proper gentleman who said exactly what he thought, in a matter of fact and friendly manner. He gave me some very useful guidance at the interview and subsequently corrected some wrong decisions by a trainee FEO (who told me he didn't approve of civvy gun ownership) that would otherwise have seen me about give up in my early shooting days. I would very much have liked to have gone shooting with him.
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