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  1. That's a grand place, there's something calming about a walk 'through' willows.
  2. I'm sure he remembers - just don't want to play the name and shame game that all opposition parties/MSM deploy to look like they're doing something.
  3. I suggest speaking to the FLO to explain the urgency - but - I think you still possess your ticket even though its in for a change of address. THE FLO will at least give you the correct advice.
  4. Seems the MSM have moved on now lol.
  5. Dave-G

    THEM !

    APPARENTLY I was found on top the bedroom wardrobe hiding from the monsters in the field across the road when I was delirious as a four years old kid. EDIT: Delirious with measles lol.
  6. Who do you feel would have been more successful to win the election and lead the country with voter mandate?
  7. Glad to see my own thoughts were about right on this occasion.
  8. So who thinks Carrie has become Boris's achilles heel? I can't imagine Boris would be overly fussed about spending his own money on decor for what is basically temporary government accommodation - and it seems she got between him and cummins too.
  9. That'd be with a later EVO model, not this older type.
  10. Shtoppit now, everyone knows henry's always right.
  11. You are not doing very well at spelling Cornish locations my 'ansum' :-) Lands End isn't as much of an attraction as its made out to be unless you like tat for the mantle piece. Nearby Sennen Cove and Gwenver beaches are nice. If you have some younguns with you, a reel of cotton and a bent dolly pin gets hours of fun in rockpools using prised off Limpets for bait. If you like walks Park up in ST. Just and have a stroll down to Cot Valley beach then maybe a cliff path across to Cape Cornwall and back to St. Just. Or you can hire push bikes from a shop on the corner of Chapel Roa
  12. That might be due to most others having the intelligence to know they'd be found out and don't try to bring a trump card into play..
  13. It could be Par sands - near St Austell
  14. All the news reports indicate an Indonesian sub...
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