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  1. Except the Tories save it up for election time.
  2. Erm - what happened to Labours last claims about supporting the referendum result? That transpired to be a wild reversal of fact or maybe its OK to do the exact opposite of what one pledges if they lose just to prove they were lying.
  3. Haha Thassacracker. Downloaded the image and borrowed it for FB so don't draw on PW bandwidth.
  4. My gut feeling he is staunchly and patriotically doing what Brexit and UKIP before that said on the boxes: get out of the not even a government EU organisation that wantonly and deceptively via a series of slippery slopes, manoeuvred our easily led or bought politicians into surrendering the UK to their control diktats.
  5. Dave-G


    I think I explained my thinking quite clearly there - sorry if it made you choke.
  6. Dave-G


    EU has been slowly but surely stripping UK assets and abilities for some time. I'm EU sceptic enough to assume that was just a sour grapes teach us a lesson type thang to make it look like we lost out on something that never would have come here in reality.
  7. I'd have preferred Farage to only stand aside where leaver Tory MP's won seats - and not where remain Tories won.
  8. At about half the price of a Pard NV008 some would take the gamble if they can get on with near eye viewer rigs. Remember the Pards had to start somewhere too, and I can't imagine a factory investing such a wad of cash for something that doesn't work as it should. Also seems Pard can't keep up with demand because so many places have no stock.
  9. I've swapped out the m12 board lens for a better quality used M42 thread mount lens in the spotter, and this handle can be supplied if preferred:
  10. Dave-G

    Airport Parking

    Before I retired from cabbing I refused to do airports once I'd realised it was costing me better paid work - or at the very least more overheads than local or non airport long destinations. Can't say Stansted was on the quoted price lists though. One of the most annoying customer habits was if I arrive to collect them nice and early they take the wee and ferret about for ages but we couldn't charge waiting time for a fixed price job.
  11. A Minox Z5i 3x15x56 would also fit the requirement.
  12. I have been looking around to swap some unsold new stock night vision rigs I make for a mid market scope such as yours. Have you seen these posts?
  13. Lol, people can keep dressing up remain in different clothes but its still the same person underneath.
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