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  1. OOH - hadn't thought of that and it seems a fantastic idea that medical students for example see first hand what issues have happened over the years to lungs and other organs etc. Damn good shout there.
  2. After reading the very helpful advice on here I'm now seriously thinking about taking out a prepaid plan for us. Thanks all.
  3. Bless - I've had a quick look and a simple cremation with the Coop in Leicester is about 2K ish so I'm thinking budget £3K. We have both decided we don't want corteges etc - just a simple meet at the crematorium for a small service then away we go really.
  4. I think most elderly people like to plan ahead for their funeral funding to avoid causing any financial burden for their kids. Of course we don't anticipate it happening any time soon but would like to know a rough idea of what we should be setting aside for a no frills service, cremation and small room hire for a little send off at today's approximate prices if anyone can offer advice. This would be in the midlands to take regional cost of living/business rates etc into consideration.
  5. I can handle a bit of give and take - and still think if EU had given a few carrots to Cameron the mess would never have happened. However EU needed putting in its place and wind its neck in.
  6. Given the timber is being replaced because its gone rotten I'd suggest a wrecking bar would probably be the easiest and quickest way to remove it then break the screws by bending them a couple of times to crack them.
  7. Thanks for the info chaps - I knew balsa was classed as hardwood but dint know why.
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=screw+extractor&oq=screw+extractor&aqs=chrome..69i57.6969j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_r4aqX5yVJZWBhbIPvJ6CkAc54
  9. Dunno if it helps your project but a lot of model aircraft builders requiring a lightweight structure 'paint' balsa wood with superglue to strengthen its outer surface.
  10. Can't say I'm much bothered either way. One annoying aspect of the elections is the first night all other news got shelved in favour of every TV news station waffling about the first few states results which meant diddly squat.
  11. Well thanks all, doc has been... Antibiotics apparently didn't work because its viral and more likely to be a persistent chronic cough - treatment is codeine which apparently numbs the airways a tad and contains opioid. Cream colour phlegm confirms it apparently. Plus Nystatin to clear the oral thrush caused by so much antibiotic. He agrees its very tricky to determine if its viral or otherwise. Also avoid hot drinks as that improves conditions for the virus. I've learned something today.
  12. Yep - I usually wait a month or so after the first symptoms hoping to self heal but have been advised its not a good thing. we can't just turn up with samples - have to have a form to be presented with it in a sealed bag. Main trouble with 'trying' first stage antibiotics is the extended test of two or three types then leads to a stinging yellow tongue and oesophagus and staying indoors out of cold air. Anyway, due to shielding and wife out with the car a doc will be visiting within five hours.
  13. Yep - thats the site i found thanks.
  14. In a modern well insulated and vented dry home. gets bad as soon as wet weather turns up - always good in long summers. 911 seems to confirm I may need stage two antibiotics so much as I finally concluded thanks.
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