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  1. Any space for or rules against a pony/donkey shed? I've seen some tethered to a stake that gets moved around a bit to grace chosen areas. apparently there are rules about stables that can lead to future planning consent if that appeals.
  2. I'm after a redundant EVO 67/75 torch to chop about for a project. It doesn't need a working pill or driver, nor lens but will need the lens bezel. Now there are VCSEL laser illuminators around I imagine quite a few are being put into a cupboard, bottom drawer or wherever.
  3. Those fence posts are unlikely to get knocked over: Please don't larf because I'm not into candle use but how long would say a 6" deep one last in a greenhouse for example? and would a 6" square steel plate mounted just above the flame produce more heat from it? - or would the melted wax - being unable to escape - snuff out the flame?
  4. Now the sale has been concluded and I'm not disrupting it - are you a lefty - and can that cocking mechanism be swapped to the other side?
  5. Maybe another big bloke to help - a strap between you both?
  6. It was always simple enough for me - evidence is evidence - lack of it isn't. If there was any, poison Pelosi would have been sure to post it, now she's shown up for being such a nasty piece of work.
  7. To be fair many things aren't going to work as normal in sub freezing temperatures, car door locks, batteries just for a couple, but how many people will have used air rifles at minus 5 ish?
  8. Thanks all - he's on the way back home now but I sent him a link to this thread and he can read it as a non member - so I'll let him know about any replies.
  9. Dave-G

    Winters over?

    I don't think you should be out in that yet matey.
  10. I reckon it will all boil down down to fake news - proof wise.
  11. Wow - that's got my dyslexia working overtime lol - thank you, I'll show him this tomorrow.
  12. Brother has a 97 Pajero import which has no rust issues because he's had it wax oiled every two years, but has to shop around for insurance companies who will cover imports. I think modern vehicles are all chasing weight targets so use thinner steel and no underseal to save weight. My old Honda CR-V was undersealed from new, no rust anywhere. I think it ought be a requirement for any UK vehicle to be factory undersealed because of road salting.
  13. Does Cleveland force FLO require doctors certificate? I know some areas don't require it. They're not accepting grant applications ATM.
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