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  1. That's no answer. :-) What if there is nobody in the Tory party who would get more support than Boris?
  2. And if there's no viable/near full party approved 'untainted' alternative?
  3. ISTR a distant relative kept almost locked up due to not being the full ticket and wonder if there's anything going on in that department - possibly mildly autistic that wasn't picked up in his youth.
  4. And it'd need someone squeaky clean who didn't get photo'd at any parties during covid rool's.
  5. Crates, well boxes of beer cans were the NAAFI's main product line at sea years ago, musn't mention the tot - seems it might now be a very naughty bit of practice these days.
  6. I suspect its because they want to appear to be politically correct - bowing to the likes of Greta Thunderburg and extinction rebellion.
  7. Dave-G

    Chinese spies

    A lot of that say's much of what I think in a better way than I could wordcraft. The forum like most others has people of all sorts of persuasions and/or political beliefs, some like to try and manipulate or condemn those who think differently from themselves..
  8. Dave-G

    Chinese spies

    Obviously a lot more to come out yet but what can we speculate on, real threat or an otherwise undisclosed secret released to deflect partygate ?
  9. Haha, neighbours on one side is a small time home selling car dealer in his spare time, has cameras looking over my front after asking me: to which I said 'aim it straight across my front to monitor our cars too please' The Asian on other side had someone out three or four years ago to quote and I heard him ask if he could aim it over my rear fence to be told no he's not allowed to do that.
  10. I used to play along a bit then ask if they take it in the head - and often needed to clarify my meaning. Then I ditched the landline to keep the peace after the missis said I shouldn't speak to unsolicited callers like that.
  11. Hiya, long time no speak. You may have been lucky there, mine had the first few baffles burnt out on a 15" barrel HMR Quad in less than a year, at that time I was using the HMR a lot and subsequently burnt out the barrel by 7K rounds. Brothers Annie barrel got burnt out at similar round use but his was 16". My all steel ASE Utra just keeps on giving - and is quieter than the SAK ever was but to be fair is costlier and marginally heavier.
  12. They're not very long lasting when used with short barrels due to unburnt gasses eroding the aluminium baffling.
  13. Services to depopulation - and he deserves some recognition for marrying what he did.
  14. It'd be nice if there was some regular 'eye in the sky' videos of how soon the migrants get their free 'safety escort' away from France to the midway point. I'm surprised Farage hasn't organised some of that - unless there's a convenient no fly zone in that area - in which case one of those massive news station lorries with extending roof long range camera might be able to zoom in enough.
  15. I'm curious... who do you think would have been a better candidate or party capable of winning the last election, and who do you think would have handled Covid and the economy better, keeping in mind you now have the benefit of hindsight.
  16. More likely too afraid of a racist claim being levelled at them.
  17. LOL, moot point but that picture depicts masses of people marching over land, we are a small island.
  18. George Soros and the EU (who don't account for their underhand spending) are what I was thinking but can't prove, which is why I felt 'suspect' might be more acceptable to lefties and wokes.
  19. I rather suspect repeat suspect their passage is somehow paid by other parties interested in wearing down our finances or some other form of punishment for being so wealthy, and the long term plan is when their extended families are 'entitled' to come here through legal routes.
  20. Hmm, complicated: he might not be able to. I think if it was bought as a 17HMR the serial number of the action rules the firearm sale - I've likely not said that quite right. A spare barrel is listed as another firearm. Whereas mine was bought as a .22LR + a HMR barrel so I'd be able to sell the HMR barrel/firearm serial number if I wanted - but don't.
  21. They look fairly well distanced in fresh summer air to me - and the chats could well have been business related.
  22. Brief but succinct, I'm sure that helps many thermal virgins.
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