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  1. I've been using a pair of passive CENS for the past 3-4 years (or something like that), and rate them highly.
  2. Pretty sure I ordered Benelli Crio from Teague for my M2, and it fits fine.
  3. The best people for him to talk to about this are his local firearms licensing department. We can speculate all we want, but ultimately the decision will be down to them.
  4. Chrony F1 has served me very well over the years
  5. Yep, had mine for around 4 years, still going strong. Totally agree with the comfort and warmth. Not cheap, but well worth it if you're wearing them all day.
  6. You can eat them, it's not going to hurt you, it's just whether or not you can stomach the thought.
  7. Exudate


    Buy a Harris. Buy well, buy once.
  8. I have some passive CENS, had then for a few years now, and rate them highly.
  9. If you remove the bolt and push the rotating bolt head down with your fingers, do you get any firing-pin protrusion at the face of the bolt head? If the inertia spring inside the bolt head is a little too short and / or weak, this will be allowed to happen, resulting in a slam-fire. Worth checking out!
  10. I'm an M0 and a CW fanatic. I'm on the key almost every day. 73!
  11. I have a Buck Bantam. Great little knife, thoroughly recommend it!!
  12. Great news, let us know how you get on.
  13. Result! Include a covering letter describing the problem, and mention the cartridges that you were having problems with. They asked me to do this when I sent mine back, and they used the same cartridges to test fire it once repaired. Be prepared to be without it for around 3 weeks, but it'll almost certainly be worth the wait. I too have had to send guns back to GMK on 3 separate occasions, and I can't fault the service they provided.
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