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  1. Does anybody know the model of this rifle?
  2. With car insurance being what it is for young drivers now, a 125 at 17 is not a bad option, something like a cbf125 is good, easy to handle for an inexperienced rider and will return 100mpg. On a side not it may also be worth doing a car test even if he won't be driving, a friend of mine went 3 years between passing and actually getting on the road, by which time he was older and had held a licence for three years, his first years insurance was a fraction compared to the rest of us despite having no more experience.
  3. Just had an evening watching the powerboat racing at oulton broad, and on the way out there's someone on a live aboard threatening to shoot passers by with a crossbow, loads of people about and still it's taken the police and helicopter a good 40 minutes to get here Not another bashing thread but thought at least some normal bobbys could get here a bit quicker to stop the public walking round that way
  4. Finished an orangery yesterday the flats were only 500 wide so no adhesive required, so unfortunately no suggestions on that note but the edges were 4x2's ply fixed to that then aris rail on top
  5. On the wherry actually brewed by woodfords at this very moment while watching the storytellers, a brilliant local band
  6. I think it is Anglia model centre who now make these kits, my grandfather made there demonstrator boat for the shop, he hasn't moved over to brushless yet but I believe he ran his huntsman on a graupner 600 bb motor with a 7 cell nicad pack, I'm currently working away but when I get home on Monday I'll try and get some picks up.
  7. need to know whats happening as not heard from you

    1. hi mate next flush and sporting 10th march are you coming

      1. I've got a few pics, unfortunatly not of billywoodsman crossing an obstacale in the fancy ways the norfolk boys like to do it, will try and work out how to get them up in a bit if i get the time. My thanks to dan aswell, a very well organised day, really enjoyed it.
      2. A very kind offer Dan, gratefully accepted, looking forward to another good day of good humour and good safe shooting.
      3. ok mate did the other guys who came with you want to shoot

        1. hi mate are you coming to the flush on the 9th

          1. The geese in the areas i shoot over are mainly pinks and greys feeding on the grasslands at the edges of the estaury. Wildfowler12 i've PM'd you the place for the rags.
          2. So this is my second season wildfowling, and i would like to try my hand at some decoying but i was wondering which type of decoys would be best? Do you need a large pattern of decoys? if so then the shells and fuds are goin to be quite cost prohibitive for me, so have been looking at the texas rags which seem very reasonable at £36.00 for 50 any advice on the decoying of geese would be alot of help, Regards.
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