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  1. deeksofdoom

    Citroen Berlingo Recommendations.

    Is the Peugeot Partner the same van are there any difference apart from the badges?
  2. Hi All, thinking of getting a little run around small commercial van for the weekends, for the dogs and general arsing around. (Buying a new family electric family car so that won't be used for shooting.) Was looking at the Citroen Berlingo van, they seem quite popular a friend of mine says I should consider as they seem to be reliable enough. Does anyone have any experience of them?
  3. deeksofdoom

    2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara Turbo diesel gone

    Well the turbo finally went!........ going to get rid of it now, piece of ****.
  4. deeksofdoom

    RIP Allan Clark/Tiercel

    Just saw this now had some great chats with Tiercel on the old PW Arms, even spoke to him on the phone a few times he was sound. RIP.
  5. deeksofdoom

    Dog roaming, how to cure it?

    Why do you need to bring the dog to work with you?
  6. deeksofdoom

    Putting in drains

    I have the drain in my dog run connected to the sewer.
  7. deeksofdoom

    Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Star Wars the Last Jedi - just not getting star wars
  8. deeksofdoom

    Asphalt Sealer

    Hi Guys, Has anyone experience of using asphalt sealer on a driveway? Driveway was laid about 6 or 7 years ago and is looking a little tired and faded, any recommendations on what asphalt sealer to use?
  9. deeksofdoom

    Terrible decisions

    I've had to put down dogs I've had for 10 years plus and its hard, but what gets me over it is looking for a new dog, concentrate your energies on that.
  10. deeksofdoom

    Dog eating too fast

    I noticed that my GSP bitch was vomiting her dry food. She would gulp down the nuts then walk off get sick and then I'ld see her eating the vomit which by the sound of the crunching wasn't chewed at all. She is just basically gulping down the dry nuts which can't be good for her. I wet the food this evening with boiling water and when it cooled I left her have it. I put it down, went to the back door and she was barking at me. She would normally be barking at me before meals looking for food, I was thinking why the hell is she barking at me shes just got her food. The bowl was empty, she had basically inhailed the whole bowl of food in under a %&$#ing second. On the plus side I didn't see her get sick. Basically - this can't be good for her. I feed her with my GWP bitch. Anyone had this before, how can I slow her down so that she doesn't do herself damage. Should I feed her separate to the other older dog.
  11. deeksofdoom

    Terrible decisions

    Do the decent thing and put the poor thing down and get your refund from the breeder. Its just a pup you'll get over it, you'll pick up another pup. Let it be a lesson to you, next time pick a healthy pup from the litter. And as for your girlfriend not talking to you, you can get rid of her and all.
  12. deeksofdoom


    My GWP is very susceptible to mange she’s just after picking it up again before Christmas all under her back legs and under tail area. Have had her to the vets and she’s got injection, drops and steroids. She has had it before vet puts it down to being the runt of the litter and not having had enough antibodies passed from the mother to her. She’s 11 now, any ideas on what else I should be giving her to build up her immune system.
  13. deeksofdoom

    Barking Dogs

    I put a petsafe citronella on my young dog every night other wise the ******* thing would have us and the neighbours awake half the night. I’ve used the electronic one too but I think the spray is better.
  14. deeksofdoom

    German Shorthaired Pointer

    Well after burying my much beloved springer spaniel in September I have found a replacement.... a GSP. I had been looking out for a pup, but was toying with the idea of a more mature dog. A friend of mine had acquired a 12 month old GSP bitch from a relative who thought she was gunshy. Having experience of the German Wirehaired Pointer I suggested to him that they take a while to mature and she may need to be gradually introduced to the gun. A few weeks passed and was talking to my friend with the GSP, asking him how he was getting on with her. He was getting on great, except he had too many dogs and no time to run her, he asked me did I want to take her out for a run, to which I said yes. Anyway took the young dog for a run with my GWP, she worked well, still very green, but when we met a few pheasants she showed great interest and I managed to shoot a cock. It was the older dog that was doing all the work but I could see that the blood was up in the young bitch. On returning home I rang my friend and he suggested I hold onto her, him being swamped with work and sowing his wild oats. So now shes got her third new name...... ‘Pepper’ and is coming to it, (she never learned her last 2 names) and She has learned to sit on command. She’s a very keen, biddable bitch and we are bonding. I told the wife I was just minding her for a few weeks..... I don’t think so.... I will put up a better picture when I get a chance.
  15. My German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch is 11 years old I haven't noticed here coming into season in a long time. Could she be barron now. Was thinking of getting another dog to replace my springer bitch, who died a couple of months ago, would it be safe to get a dog at this stage?