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  1. She shouldn’t be left back into any EU country, the U.K. on the other hand 😅
  2. deeksofdoom

    Das Boot

    Das Boot was a film not a series. And the new series on sky is a follow on from the filmmakers not a remake .... and it’s ****.
  3. Most drug related gang violence, just enjoy the sun shine.
  4. In Cork alone there has been over a billion euro invested in biopharma in the last couple of years, I’m not worried.
  5. Ye haven’t slid into an economic abyss yet because ye haven’t left Europe yet.... it’s coming down the road like a steam train.
  6. Hope she gets the ****s for herself, happy Christmas!
  7. Is the Peugeot Partner the same van are there any difference apart from the badges?
  8. Hi All, thinking of getting a little run around small commercial van for the weekends, for the dogs and general arsing around. (Buying a new family electric family car so that won't be used for shooting.) Was looking at the Citroen Berlingo van, they seem quite popular a friend of mine says I should consider as they seem to be reliable enough. Does anyone have any experience of them?
  9. Well the turbo finally went!........ going to get rid of it now, piece of ****.
  10. Just saw this now had some great chats with Tiercel on the old PW Arms, even spoke to him on the phone a few times he was sound. RIP.
  11. Why do you need to bring the dog to work with you?
  12. I have the drain in my dog run connected to the sewer.
  13. Star Wars the Last Jedi - just not getting star wars
  14. Hi Guys, Has anyone experience of using asphalt sealer on a driveway? Driveway was laid about 6 or 7 years ago and is looking a little tired and faded, any recommendations on what asphalt sealer to use?
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