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  1. No they are manual. I see spurious ones for sale on eBay they look the same as the one I took out, you can get a set of 3 for the the two front doors and the back door. This is what I’m talking about ....
  2. I have an old 2006 Peugeot Partner Van for shooting and messing about at the weekends. The lock went in the back door today, had to cut a hole in the bulkhead and send my 7 year old into the back to unlock the door. Anyway took the barrel out and it’ll need replacing, the locks are pretty knackered on the doors and rather than getting just another knackered lock from the scrap dealers, I was thinking of just changing all the locks on the doors with new ones so I don’t have a different key for every door. Anyone have any experience of doing this on their berlingo / partner van?
  3. Well happy with my Pigeon Hide Poles from Aldi, used some spikes from some electric fence posts to stick them in the ground.
  4. It’s actually a Rosewood handle on a hazel shank.
  5. The price of stick making materials has gone through the roof since Brexit. Could you describe how you rub down your sticks I've heard of rubbing them down with broken glass and oiling them to get a very smooth finish, how do you do yours?
  6. Have to say now that I had been looking at some of your sticks and I liked the look of your joints, and I'm glad I went without any sort of 'embellishment' at the joint on my stick. Here's another thumb stick that I made last year. I cheated a bit as I bought the thumb handle pre-made.
  7. Finished just rubbing in a few coats of boiled linseed oil
  8. Just Married! Handle and ferrule attached to the shank.... Still some work to be done more to follow.
  9. No bother, there was a few days there after I resurrected the thread that I thought non body was interested.... I live next to a bog full of yew trees that were flattened by a glacier a couple of ice ages ago. Has anyone made a stick handle out of bog yew?
  10. I think I might be making a bit of progress here, the shank before straightening and after straightening & shortening. Next bit is the marriage.
  11. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. I found a spalted beech crook handle cut out in a press in the utility room, one of three that I had bought off someone on eBay years ago. I had started one of them, made a bad job of it and given up on it years ago. So I said I’ld have a go at this one and see if I could do something with it. So I was looking on google for some pictures of spalted beech crook handles and lo and behold this thread popped up.... and I had actually started it!!!... the crook handle that I hadn’t finished. Anyway I fully intend to finish this one some picture
  12. I was looking at this and about to reply, then I thought this is a wind up, I'd better read the rest of the posts and I did.... but its not..... the entire educational system over in the UK must be ****ed, no concept of anything.... whatever ye want to call yerselves England, (not so) Great Britain..... ye are all completely doomed.
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