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  1. Lol. Strangely I've had a lot of Messages on other forums saying the opposite but also a lot agreeing with you! I reckon it would look good on a black 90.
  2. I've just put an RDX bonnet up for sale in the sale section but then had a few people tell me it looks really good. Any opinions? I'm guessing old hands will hate it and new Defender drivers might fancy it. Bit Marmite!
  3. I bought this a month ago and had it professionally painted black but since decided it doesn't suit the silver 110 and would look much better on a darker 90 so its going up for sale. I'm told it makes mine look like a HUMVEE and I'm not having that! Constructed from very good quality Fibre Glass complete with correctly threaded holes for the striker and safety catch. Very easy to fit. It came in grey gel coat and was professionally painted less than a month ago externally and internally. Comes with a black mesh grill in the bulge vent. Transforms the look of your defender!! Fits Land Rover 90/110 1983 to 1991 (Including 2.5 N/A, 2.5 Turbo V8) Land Rover Defender 90/110 200 Tdi Land Rover Defender 90/110 300 Tdi Land Rover Defender 90/110 td5 Land Rover Defender 90/110 Puma/RDCI engine, on which it has been fitted. Its going to go on ebay in about a week for £325 so reasonable offers in that area as it is mint and freshly painted which cost me £100 alone. You can collect from Northwich, Cheshire near J10 of the M56 or we can try to sort out something else if required but postage is out of the question.
  4. lol. It gets very confusing doesn't it!!
  5. I've got a 2010 Defender 110 XS which I have been kitting out for expedition rallies and as a result I've got a load of kit from the OEM veichle that I want to sell. Its only got 10K on the clock and prior to these bits being taken off had never been on a rough road in its life so all the bits are in excellent nick. This is the stage one sell of with the interior kit following after Xmas. All I can tell you is the kit came from this car, you will need to suss which other models it fits but I'm fairly sure everything here fits 110's, 90's and TD5's. No reasonable offers refused but everything for collection where you can see the original car and I'm happy to give a receipt. Original Intercooler with OEM hoses - £45 Brand new and unopened set of steel wheel nuts - £8 Anti Roll Bar - £25 Full OEM Springs and Shocks in perfect workin gorder and great nick - £50 Middle Exhaust Box - £15 Front Bumper In mint condition - £65 Rear Step With all fittings - £20 XS Style Chequer plated Side Bars in great nick - £90 XS spec Steering wheel, seats and front grill next!
  6. All suspension parts. Shocks and springs. Middle exhaust box Rear anti roll bar Vicious fan Intercooler Cat is coming off Side steps/bars Front bumper Front seats eventually Leather xs
  7. I've been working for a while on a 2010 Defender 110 to get it ready to run a few rallys like the Help for Heroes one's across europe but also to be my shooting truck. I've found myself with lots of spare kit thats virtually new and surplus to requirements. Is there a market for Defender 2nd hand kit or is it bargain basement and not worth selling? For those who are interested this is how it looks after stage one of its makeover
  8. I'm familiar with the lamp and obviously the fact you can get filters for it but I dont know what you mean by remote handle? Just done a quick search and coudlnt find anything. Any other info on that?
  9. I want to try and side mount some decent quality spots on the side of my 110 Defender, which has a roof rack fitted. In theory then I can dispense with my small gun mounted light and just flick a switch or scan the hedge line as I drive by. The wires from the gun light are starting to bug me and there isn't much room in the old defender to move about. ANyone done this and recommend a setup or a light that has good mounting options and perhaps can have a red or amber lense?
  10. PRICE REDUCTION TO £550. ALSO ON EBAY I've just bought a Defender 110 to be speccd up to expedition level so the boost alloys and General Grabber TR's are surplus to requirements. They are virtually brand new. The alloys in particular are mint and the tyres have done a maximum of 500 miles and are in excellent condition. This includes the spare so there are 5 virtually brand new defender tyres and wheels lying in my garage waiting for a new home. Sizes are 235/85R/16 I'm after £650 collected but I'll listen to reasonable offers. I'm in the Manchester area.
  11. Hale mate. I work in Knutsford during the day though if that helps.
  12. I've sold the Rangey and have this rubber boot liner for sale. Its only ever had kids buggys on it and is a bit dusty but otherwise unmarked with no rips or tears. They go new for about £150 and I'll give it a good scrub before sale (you can see I started jet washing it so I'll finish that) but I want £60 for it, collected near Manchester.
  13. I've been in your exact position. Ive tried the Cobra Merlin mentioned above and thought it was rubbish. I had problems with getting a scope to like it and never really got it running properly. Got my eye on the N550 next but again its all based on reviews of people flogging them although you dont see many 2nd hand N550's about which might tell a story.
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