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  1. Thanks for all the rpelies. Will get a multi meter and see what happens. WIll also place them on charge. Youtube is coming up with a few repairs byut popping the cell covers off and adding in de ionised water then placing them on charge.
  2. We must all be in this situation at times so reaching out to other members to see what they do. I have several sealed lead acid batteries which I have bought over the years. I don't do much decoying in the summer (should do really) but I mostly gho decoying on our game shoot when the season is ended, so about now and will be heading out this Saturday and every Saturday for the next 2 months. Each year I go to charge my 12v batteries and they hold no charge so I just buy another one for £30-40 of A1 decoy or something. There must be a way of either preventing them for dying by
  3. Thanks Ken, good idea to have other fields in the mix, hopefully a fe wof the other lads are going out after pigeons so we can keep everything on the move. Going to use a magnet and see how it works and also bought a primos power crow call.
  4. Been a while since I posted on here! So the maize is being chopped as we speak, done a little reccy and as always there are hundreds of crows about. I want to go after them this weekend, anyone got tips for me to draw them in or keep them off other fields? They are used to seeing such large flocks that it may prove tricky, so need to make it irresitable. Counted about 300 on one field (right in the middle of the estate and half a mile away another 200+ on sugar beet tops just lifted.
  5. Looks exactly the same as my mates gun that he sold a couple of years ago. I shot many things with it and was nice to handle.
  6. I have this exact watch with a pearl face, gold centre bracelet with silver/stainless on the outside and it looks very expensive, had it for 8 years, worn every day and still looks fantastic.
  7. I am close to you and I shoot a 20 bore. I can give you a good stock of empties in return of some cufflinks? PM me if of interest.
  8. I have sent you a PM regarding the McNab 20 bore shotgun. 


  9. I have written on here and sent you PM, looking to buy this. James.
  10. Fancy a swap for this plus some cash for a Schmidt and Bender 4-16x50 Varmint scope with Mil dot ret, parallax adjustable and target turrets?
  11. I have a mint condition Schmidt and bender long range scope. After a shotgun for my Mrs, need to be 20 bore with 26-28" barrels, located on the Suffolk/Essex border. Scope is parallax adjustable, has a Mildot reticule, 5mm clicks on the turrets not sure on the focal plane, 30mm tube and a very high quality scope.I value it around £8-900. Willing to take a cheaper gun and cash, a straight swap or a cash sale for the scope to give me more funds for her.
  12. Hi there, interested in the gun, I am after a shotgun for my fiancé, she has been out with me today and struggled with my 12 semi auto but enjoyed the decoying, Would this fit her do you think, average woman around 5 foot 6.
  13. Dear all, I have a scope sat in my gun cabinet and thinking it could be used by someone in more need than myself? Its a Schmidt and Bender 4-16x50 precision hunter, mil dot reticule, target turrets with flip up covers in excellent condition. No faults at all just no use for it. I replaced this with a Zeiss Victory 6 - 25 x 56 and was going to pout it on my .308, but I put an S&B 8x56 on top instead which works well. I am wanting £995 posted or very nearest offer. I bought this scope a few years ago from Fister on here who is reliable and well known, was on my .22-250 before being swappe
  14. Sold my S&B 4-16x50 last year and regret that. Looking for something to take its place, Wouldn't mind a Zeiss conquest, another Schmidt and bender or something from the Swarovski range. Cleared funds ready to go. I can spend up to £1000 but would rather keep it below £700. Its to sit on top of a .22-250 Thank you.
  15. I will take this if still available? Please PM me if this is still a goer. I can bacs the money across.
  16. Great scope in excellent condition, looking for a quick sale at £750. excellent optics and overall in great condition. Comes with a butler creek flip up on the front. A9 reticule. Attached Thumbnails
  17. Thanks for all the interest but a chap came and collected the whole lot tonight. Sad to see it for but I would rather sell it than watch it rust and collect cobwebs. Fads you go through eh!
  18. Looking to sell as a job lot, if anyone is wiling to do a deal over the next 24 hours then great, if not all the items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. I have also listed this with my Tikka M595 to come with the rifle package.
  19. A full setup availabe ( I would rather sell as a job lot) Lee single stage press. £30 Lyman 500 pro scales.£50 Lyman cleaning, brush, and case prep set with interchangeable handles. £20 Lee powder thrower. £30 Large back powder trickler with extending pipe. £15 Hornady OAL guage (for measuring the lands) £25 Digital calipers with O give measuring tool.£15 Almost full tub of Varget. £30 150 .224 50g Vmax heads.£30 2 boxes of Federal Match Gold primers.£5 200 or so .22-250 cases (if they do not go with a rifle I have for sale) £75 Large Graf tumbler with walnut media.£40 3 case tray
  20. Yes it comes with an oal gauge, looking to sell as a job lot really, will see how it goes. Picture on its way of my setup.
  21. I have a full setup that I have used once in a year, since I have started my own business I don't have much time for reloading. i have a tumbler. redding dies in .22-250 and some lee dies in the same cal. I also have some brand new .243 redding dies if you wish. Extra £70 posted a full tub of varget. 100 50g vmax heads in .224 a few boxes of federal primers. powder trickler x2 powder dispenser. kinetic hammer. wax lee press, several ammo boxes and case holders for when reloading. calipers, Hornady lands measurer. lyman scales and a few other bits I can't remember. Mostly measurin
  22. Have been offered something and am waiting on a confirmation on a deal. Will keep you posted. Thanks.
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