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  1. We usually have a large capon which is basically a castrated cockerel- absolutely stunning, delicious buttery flesh. Although this year SWMBO has said she wants turkey for a change so I’ve ordered one from Appledore. Apparantly they come with a little pop up thermometer that you push into the breast near the breastbone, which pops up when the bird is perfectly cooked so I’m hoping it will be juicy.
  2. margun

    Modern life.

    But crucially, are you okay with dogs wearing flip flops on holiday?
  3. margun

    Modern life.

    Americanisms, especially ‘reaching out’.
  4. Online check in only saves time if you’re taking cabin baggage only. In that case it’s straight through security with your boarding pass (paper or app based). As others said, if you’ve got hold luggage you have to queue to have it weighed and tagged, so you may as well let them print you a pass while they’re at it. Some airlines however (e.g EasyJet at Gatwick) have auto bag drop points where you can use you boarding pass to print your luggage tag, saving a lot of time.
  5. Hi Jeff, thanks for replying. Could you PM some more details? I checked online and appears the stocks are interchangeable. Looking to know material, LOP, location and the all important price!
  6. Hi all, A friend of mine is in need of a stock and forend for his 12g Beretta Teknys. I believe they are the same action as an AL391, so that may suffice. Not fussy on wood/laminate/synthetic, as long as they're in one piece, not cracked and safe to use. Le me know if you have anything going!
  7. That is stunning and I’d love to buy it, sadly it’s the wrong time though. I’m amazed that someone’s not snapped this up already in the time it’s been available.
  8. margun

    Heads Up

    Hats off to the BBC- for once they seem to be showing shooting in a fair light.
  9. Yesterday whilst queuing at Dover docks we were watching the big telehandlers moving the shipping containers about when mine piped up with “why are they called telehandlers, when they’re not moving tellies?”
  10. Hi, thanks for the heads-up. I usually go to Samphire hoe, great spot down there for fishing in general, although a bit snaggy! Fine for deep water feathering though. Caught a big spider crab on rag worm from the base of the wall last year. Know what you mean about the fluff chucking foreigners at admiralty pier, it’s like a production line down there, one catching, one cleaning, one bagging ?
  11. Anyone know if the mackerel have started showing around the south east coast yet?
  12. Evening all, I’m after a petrol Legacy or Outback estate for the wife, kids and dogs. Mileage doesn’t matter as long as it’s a straight car. Max £2k.
  13. ? Also working out the next restaurant to eat at and keeping on top of emails/watching BBC world ?
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