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  1. yes it dos,alot of key cutting places don't do land rover keys
  2. hi all,dos anybody know of someone/firm who can cut a spare key for my land rover descovery2 in Nottingham at a fare price
  3. ok lads that means the HMRC are still doing returns many thanks
  4. I go to my accountant every year mate
  5. hi mate,its the tax ive paid to HMRC its the refund I get back every year
  6. hi,ive put my tax rebate in to HMRC 3 weeks ago for 2018/2019 someone told me they are not doing rebates?anyone know if this is the right info,carnt get though to hmrc
  7. I had same phone call of one of the farms I shoot,i rung 101 told them the farmer as rang me to control a fox problem they told me to get a letter of the farmer stating I can shoot on his land and let 101 when ill be going and when I was done [had no problem]
  8. phoned 101 they said get a letter of farmer stating what he wants doing keep it on you at all times
  9. hope you are all well,farmer just rang me to get rid of two foxs that are bothering his birds,just want to know can I go out tonight on my own with my riffle
  10. hi,where in Nottingham is the club,anywhere near ng5
  11. hi Charlie,fac told me that I don't need the conditions on my certificate,eg deer fox or protection of animals as ive got expanding ammo; so are you saying that I can still shoot?ive rang fac today but the phone line was down got told to ring in afew days from front desk,just need to know were I stand
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