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  1. hi,where in Nottingham is the club,anywhere near ng5
  2. hi Charlie,fac told me that I don't need the conditions on my certificate,eg deer fox or protection of animals as ive got expanding ammo; so are you saying that I can still shoot?ive rang fac today but the phone line was down got told to ring in afew days from front desk,just need to know were I stand
  3. thanks for that mate,ill best ring them again in the morning to see whats going on
  4. ive got nothing that says that,just fox and vermin,on my old one I had deer,fox vermin, shooting for the protection of other livestock
  5. just got my replacement fac certificate [lost old one] back,in the conditions it states 22rf vermin,22/250 fox that's it;on my old fac the conditions was deer,fox,protection of animals,rang fac to ask why its not on my new certificate ?they said you are ok as I have expanding ammunition on my certificate?dos anyone know that's the right info they told me as iam not that sure
  6. yes mate what time do you want to meet

    1. sorry mate,its 51inch tall by 6 inchs wide
    2. are you anywere near Nottingham mate
    3. ive got one mate never been used 25quid [Nottingham]
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