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  1. thanks for the responce its made my mind up to buy
  2. thank you,ive got the chance to buy a new one 400quid
  3. hi all,as anybody used one of those and how good are they and whats the range
  4. take the wiper off the car,then they carnt fail it
  5. hi mate,iam from notts my self,hope you get on ok with pigeon watch
  6. hi,thinking of getting a roof top tent for my 4x4,anyone had one to let me know what you think about them,or maybe someone is selling one thanks
  7. ive had my phone call about my shotgun renewal[as they dont to your house at the moment] they know its from my doctors,and told me to keep ringing them about my med report as it was taking along time for them to get the doctor to sign it ;and they was right as it took 2days for them to say its done
  8. well got my med report from the doctors [about time]had to go to them to pick up,it was sealed with my name on it,didnt ask for any proof who i was,so took it to fac department see what happends now
  9. well i paid for my doctors med report as they stated must be paid up front before the doctor will look at it[60]quid on 25th ov jan 2021,its now 23/3/2021,i rang them today to ask about the report and got told its been on the doctors inbox for two weeks,i just want to know how long dos it take to do afew ticks on paper then sign it,dont forget they wanted 60quid upfront its a shamble,i wish i could earn 60quid for a two mins work
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