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  1. all now sorted,thanks to allwoods car shop [nottingham]
  2. hiall,anybody got the above that they are breaking,looking for a exhaust[middle-back]many thanks[Nottingham]
  3. thanks mate,just thought cos its a fac it would want a seperate cabinet
  4. hi all,can anybody tell me if you can put a section1 shotgun in a cabinet with my other 12g shotguns?or as it got to be in its own cabinet,many thanks
  5. sharpeshooter60

    gun cab

    hi all,looking for a gun cab to fit hatsan semi shot gun,getting sick of breaking it down to fit my gun cab ha,willing to pay around 50quid,but must be in Nottingham many thanks
  6. thanks for that mate,but there feedback not very honest?
  7. hi all,looking for a pioneer deh-x5600bt car hands free mic,hope someone has got one they dont need/use many thanks kev
  8. hi,looking for a set of 4 wheels and tyres[must be good con]for my frontera sizes are 255/65/16 closer to Nottingham the better,would pay 3ooquid cash
  9. hi,has anybody got the old unlocked nokia 6320 phone for sale,many thanks
  10. I,ll get some up today mate,[tea time] ill get some up today mate [tea time]
  11. what size are they mate,would they fit a frontera
  12. ive got a yamaha breeze 125 quad with reverse,4new off road tyres,in mint running order,this quad will get you anywhere on your land,perfect for shooting,ill put photos up later when the wife gets home, but is the best you will find for the money 400quid cash [Nottingham] cheers lads
  13. ok lads YES they are a bag of sh-t,but dos anybody know whats up with it?
  14. hi all,can anyone tell me when you have shot all 3 carts dos the bolt stay open,cos mine is not?
  15. hi all,can anyone tell me whats a Yamaha breeze quad worth,its got 4 new tryes,in vgood working order,very little use as its been in my heated shed for 5 years,ive started it up once a week for as above years?as I was looking to swap for a good n/v or granfarther clock or something with intrest.sorry no photos but it must be one of the best around cheers lads
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