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  1. Cheers for the advise. I will contact them.
  2. Hi Everyone Does anyone have any experience of CFSA or any advise as they are mentioned in another thread. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone It appears my Disco TD5 SRS ECU has failed. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a replacement one? Cheers Moors Man
  4. Had a look at the connectors yesterday and seemed OK, I think I will see if I can find someone locally with Hawkeye or Nanocam when it comes on again. It took almost a month last time to come back no. Thanks for the advise.
  5. Hi Everyone I have now had my SRS light come on a couple of times, if I restart the engine the light goes out so hopefully nothing too major. Has anyone else had this happen or got any thoughts. Thanks Moors Man
  6. Second jobs are no different in tax to main jobs. You will pay tax on everything you earn though however, assuming your main job pays more that £10,000 pa. The shoots my son went beating on last year deducted tax at source. Its all a bit of a pain though.
  7. Hi Everyone Just a simple question, I am looking at a Jimny for my son and biggest concern is the carrying capacity. They look like they have a small boot with the back seats up, however I was wondering if the rear seats fold out of the way in a similar way to my Disc 2. I have noticed from the photos on Autotrader that there appears to be a raised catch for the rear seats in the boot and was wondering if this can removed etc as ideally I would like a flat surface for his Lintan Dog box. The nearest Jimny for sale is a 50+ mile round trip so wondered if anyone had experience before I go and see one just to find the seats won't go flat. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi Everyone My son is about to start his first job as a game keeper and has been told to keep his freezer stocked with venison etc. At present he skins and butchers with a Mora bushcraft knife. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this knife kit. http://www.bushwear.co.uk/Product/outdoor-edge-butcher-lite-kit Thanks for your comments
  9. Moors Man


    I ran BFG ATs on my L200 and having clocked over 50k they still had loads of tread left. A great tyre for general off road use and better on road than the Bridgestone's it came with. Am running General AT2 of discovery 2 at present, (couldn't get BFG's in over 16 inch) they have also covered 50k and still going strong. Can't fault them.
  10. If it is a Byway open to all Traffic (BOAT) it comes under the councils rights of way department. If it is an Unclassified County Road then it is the Highways Department. With regard to clubs etc. if I remember correctly there is a GLASS Group in Notts. with a north and south area rep. The GLASS web site is below. http://www.glass-uk.org/ The GLASS Membership Office is in Basford. They also used to run work parties clearing and repairing Green Lane, if I remember they were usually in Feb and October.
  11. The best advise is get a set of AT Tyres, my preference is BF Goodrich. The last pair I had were great on the road and green laning. Loads of people prefer mud tyres but IMHO while out Green Laning if you need Mud tyres you should ask if you should be on the lane at those conditions. The best thing to do is buy the Ordinance Survey map of the area, personally I prefer the Explorer (orange) to the Landranger (pink). As far as I can remember there are some nice lanes near the Bottesford bypass A52, you turn past a pub I think its called Muston Gap and that takes you round past Belvoir Castle. Hope this helps.
  12. I ran 1999 L200 for best part of ten years, until it was stolen. It was extremely reliable, not as good at the Landy in deep ruts due to independent front suspension and therefore ground clearance, but with BFG AT tyres it could hold its own green laning. The only problems I had was a new alternator, (caused by a day at off road centre and 3 of the 4 Land Rover boys with me had the same problem) so would recommend. I understand some of the later ones do have a few more problems but the Disco I an running now for 4 years has had lots more repairs than the L200 did in 10 years.
  13. I know the feeling too. No rape or peas so no shooting since September.
  14. hi all, i have got a few red stag antlers, and was looking to make them into walking stick tops, but they are in need of a good clean up. would it be possible for people to tell me what the best way to clean and polish the antler any advice is greatly recieved
  15. No its rape stubble the farmer has not touched this field since combining. All other fields are winter wheat but does not like people on his wheat fields so this is only field I have to shoot at present. But as JDog says not much to interest them. Hence 3 hours and not a shot being fired
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