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  1. I've got a mate in the motor trade, he has advertised on face ache marketplace and been offer all sorts of rubbish for cars he's advertised, play stations and skate boards, how do these fools think anyone will take them seriously..!!!
  2. Rifle package reduced to £900 With NV - £1050.
  3. Second hand private sale (buyer beware) as long as it was described honestly in the advert and if it was running well and he was happy on the test drive I don't see an issue and I wouldn't worry too much, probably just trying it on. Lets be honest its a £1100 van, with 100K on the clock, mechanical issues are to be expected. Now different if its a £20k van with 5,000 on the clock, may have a case to defend, but then it is a private sale.
  4. I’m currently selling a classic mini purchased by a family member in 1979, comes complete with original purchase receipt, only done 33000 miles from new and I can prove it’s only done 4000 miles in the last 25 years with a receipt for some work that was done to it, and last MOT in 1997 (not been on the road since). Had a guy interested on the weekend, a load of email exchange explaining its history, a family car etc. He was real excited about the original purchase receipt, but ended up saying he wouldn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough proof of mileage even though the excellent condition of the vehicle backed up the low mileage and so did the history I have al be it limited on paper… all I can say is a time waster, as if I haven’t got better things to do with my Sunday evening..!
  5. I'll PM you my full postcode - LD1
  6. Ibanez Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - model: AW370-NTA quality 6 sting acoustic guitar which is in superb condition, little used, with beautiful unblemished wood with gloss finish and inlays, which when played has a wonderful sound.Comes complete with some spare strings, carry case, etc. Collection from Mid Wales £145
  7. Rare Vintage Cherry Sunburst Flame Bass Guitar4 string bass guitar with a lovely sound.In great condition with very few marks, active pick ups. The cherry sunburst flame finish seems to be quite a rare finish with very few appearing for sale. Collection from Mid Wales £180
  8. Apple iMac 3.4GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 processor 16GB - 1600MHz DDR3 RAM NVIDIA 2GB Geforce GTX680MX Graphic card ITB Hard Drive Package includes: Apple wireless keyboard Apple wireless magic mouse Apple wireless track pad LaCie 2big Thunderbolt 6TB (2 X 3TB hard drives) External Hard Drive All cables etc. All boxed in excellent (hardly used condition) and working order, not defects/damage and all formatted ready to go. £650 Collection from Mid Wales or insured carriage at buyers cost.
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