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  1. Had Some made at a foundry years ago,Made of Ally..Painted Orange,and Some Florescent Yellow. They NEVER BROKE..But,, Did carry a Health Warning,, Richos, were common lol,Overhead they where fantastic,Full pattern drove them staright up at a good rate of knots.. Flew very well, More for fun really,Need the clays going away to be really safe.. Still got a few somewhere I think.lol.
  2. Hi Ditchman, your comments are still dry and humerous. Had damn illness, now wifes had a stroke,slowly getting better, Don't get out much these days. But popped in to say hello. Still around.lol.
  3. well if the DEVIL Needs: Bash The FLUX off a WELDING ROD. Works every time.
  4. They have found a way round it. Have a call blocker on my phone,just press the button and it gets blocked. Pain while you are gradualy getting them all,but once in,,works a treat,no more calls here now.
  5. 1,172 TOTAL.. + 1 This afternoon,Bird table.. = 1,173. GRAND TOTAL..
  6. Use this mate,just remember to coat as quickly as possible afterwards.. Does a Brilliant job,gob smacking results every time..
  7. Sorry Mate,Not coming on much,gives me a real wobbly,Damn Vertigo knocked me flat on my back 50 years ago,,flat on my back in bed for 3 weeks with the room spining 24/7..No Up,No down,No Left ,No right..its damn murder.. Anyway in answer to your question of evening and early morning flight,sadly no. There is a more expensive one some where about that uses batterys,Now that would work.. Thanks for recovery bit anyway,Clay club asked where I was yesterday..lol..
  8. No,,Have not gone away.. I suffer very bad Vertigo and have been giving the darn Tablet a miss,as it doesn't help.. Yes, Will be back on when I can get it under control.. Started the last time I went shooting.. What Outed means,I must admit I don't understand..?. Anyway backing off tablet again for now..
  9. Take humans,As they get older some attitudes change,Why not a dogs.?. As said aches and pains kick in,some days better than others.. Perhaps I am talking about PERSONAL Attiude lol.
  10. Used to sleep in a caravan with mine,week at a time,HOME is where me and the gun were. Caravan with a gun safe,Nahh.
  11. Your on about a SPUD GUN,Ditchman, Now you are tickling my senses,lol.
  12. All I can say briefly on the intensive driving course,My Grandson did some ordinary type lessons and felt like we all did that we were making very slow progress.. He took a weeks intensive before his test,And past it first time.. So,Yes I can see that it helps,a week between lessons seems a long time.. Worked in his case..
  13. Never Done a Soft Stop Shot on Pellet to see skirt Rifling. May Just Try That..
  14. Hi GN, Resale value yes,if it is not too bad,I suggest you take it to a gunsmith,proper one.. He should be able to get it out before it becomes any worse.. That will then put the Resale Value Back up.. If you Leave it,,,it will get worse. If you like the gun and get on with it,Have it done. It will not be very expensive. It would have to be pretty bad to make it dangerous. If it just looks like fouling,Nip it in the Bud.. Now foreshore is usualy on the outside not in the barrel.. Do not take it back to the smith who said that,he might be trying to get it cheap,Flog you another and Hone the Barrel out.. Best of Luck what ever you decide to do,its your call.. Sub.
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