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  1. Peter C


    Yes please PM on way.
  2. Yes to Savage Mk 11 .22 LR magazines, PM sent.
  3. Looking for a couple of the above if you have any not needed. Thanks.
  4. Also looking for a 10 round mag. for same.
  5. Looking for a couple of 5 Round Savage Mark 2 Magazines .22, if you have one to sell please PM me. Thanks.
  6. Hi Mel

    You may remember me,  you sorted out masks for my daughters and grand kids and then a couple for son in laws.  My daughter has just asked if I could give your details because some of her friends would like to order masks.  They expect to pay which is no problem but do you want to supply?

    If no, no offence taken, if you can do I will pass your email on and step aside.

    Sorry if you think this is an imposition

    All the best.



    Can you send me the link for where you ordered the material masks? Or the contact details for the person who made them? Some of my friends want to order some!
    Thanks! B xx
  7. Peter C

    face masks

    Postman just delivered masks, smashing, thanks very much. Keep well. Peter
  8. Peter C

    face masks

    Generous offer, PM on way.
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