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  1. UK POACHER thank you for that I will definitely be attempting it
  2. This only happens in the beating line. I will try to keep her close in or even at heal for the remainder of the season. I think that you are right in that I was a bit eager to get her out with her being my first dog. Thanks again for the replies
  3. Thanks for the replies. She is still fairly young and it is her first season. She will stop on the whistle straight away when not on game! She doesn't stop on verbal commands either. She just carrys on chasing untill the bird gets well in front of her. Can it be turned around or will she always do this now?
  4. Hi all I have got an issue with my sprocker giving chase and not listening to the whistle. She is doing really well with everything else and is a really hard hunter but when a bird flushes under her nose she gives chase. This is more apparent in open ground and it is only when it flushes under her nose. She chases and barks as she is going and pays no attention to the whistle. When there is no game she will stop on the whistle and recall is good. Please help me!!!! Also I don't have access to a rabbit pen. Is there anything that I can try? Thanks
  5. Ok no problem I will be in touch if you haven't sold it soon thanks
  6. I may well have this if funds allow! I'm just waiting on some payments rolling my way. Where abouts are you?
  7. It would need to be last week of this month for me if mid week or most Saturdays? Cheers
  8. Have you got any other dates available? Or even poss Saturdays?
  9. By December they are still offering people 70 bird days but getting probably around the 20 mark for about 20 guns! They try to make the bag up by shouting at the guns to shoot the ducks on the pond! (Literally ON the pond with water under their bellies)! They drive vehicles across stubbles to try and drive partridge towards the guns! Just to name a few reasons ( oh yes there are plenty more!)that I will never return to this shoot!
  10. Nice rifle mate a real manly tool you have there! Shame your let down by whats peeping through the door behind it in the first pic lol
  11. It is only the person that sells the firearm ( or gifts it ) that needs to send the form off, as both parties fill the same form in. In the case of the op then Im pretty sure the rfd selling the shotgun to your friend will help you to fill in the relevant forms and tell you what to do with them. They will also have the forms there so no need to source them yourself. The forms between yourself and your friend can be sent straight away with no need to wait but obviously seperate to the ones between your rfd and your friend if this makes sense.
  12. +1 for the berretta as long as the mechanism is cleaned now and again (they are easy to strip down) then it will cycle anything. Very reliable and pretty much bomb proof and will last 10 times longer than a hatsan.
  13. surely there must be a compromise somewhere? how often do you use the low range?
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