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  1. Hi there, I am looking for some second hand goose decoys, preferably in Norfolk/Suffolk for collection, but would also pay for delivery. Thanks.
  2. No offence was meant by it, too many people mess around with internet sales, say they'll have things and don't turn up, I can not hold things indefinitely in the hope someone collects. I was wrong on this occasion. You were genuine. But I would suggest in future you set a solid date and time for collection.
  3. No. You told me your mate wanted them, tried to knock me down on price, and then told me he would give me a call. I heard nothing. Someone come to collect the other 2000 last night, they had the money for everything else, and having not heard from your "mate" for over 24 hours I let him take them.
  4. This link has left me none the wiser? They're talking about a load thats never been tested? 3 Fed 0.090 Intergral BW 1 1/4 Steel 1,355 Fed 209A Steel Precision Reloading TUPRW123 33 10,500 1/2 inch felt spacer under shot 3 Fed 0.090 Intergral BW 1 1/4 Steel 1,370 Fed 209A Steel Ballistic Products #3221230 33 10,500 1/2 inch felt spacer under shot
  5. Of course Cookoff. Thanks. Maybe someone could help me with some load data for that?
  6. Hi All, Getting back into some reloading after re-joining the wildfowling club now I have time to get back out again. I used to use the following 76mm case, 36 grains Alliant Steel, Vagner VP70 wad with 3mm cork, 32g no3 with 3mm cork on the end. 1458fps. Can I use this load with a BB fill or do I really need to stick to the suggested 3,5mm (#3 shot). If not does anyone have an Alliant steel 3" (76mm) recipe I could use with BB shot?
  7. I have 4000pcs of CX2000 primers for sale. Asking £30 per 1000 Collected. I have approx 1.5 tubes of Vectan AS powder (one tub is new, one is open). Asking £40 Collected. Collection only (near Stradbroke in Suffolk) with proof of shotgun certificate.
  8. Has anyone got any chokes for a Browning B525 which is fitted with std invector chokes they would sell?
  9. I had exactly the same yesterday. Freshly drilled field I could shoot..... well over 200 birds on it.... had only shot there once or twice before so I thought I'd put the birds downwind and see where they returned...none came back and I had sat there a good 45 minutes. I walked over the other side to find them on the stubble next door.. put them up again and they moved further off... in the end I set the decoys up in the sun with a prayer they would return. I only shot 3 birds in 2 hours and they were just unlucky nosey birds. It appears at the moment you either need to get rope bangers d
  10. Interesting..... I just found this load data, and wanted to revive this thread: 70mm Case. CX2000 primer. 17grain Vectan AS 4mm Over Powder Card. 20mm Diana Fibre. 32gm #4 lead shot. Star crimp. Its listed as being 940fps (@ 2.5mtr) 402 bar. 5830PSI? I have been loading a similar load but I use 16 grains of Vectan AS with 28grams of shot.... and have to add a 3mm fibre slice to pad it out. Is 32 grams with AS not too much?? Has anyone got any experience of this load? or know of its source?
  11. Ive had this a few times. Good friends with the garage who do it. They fail it for petty things like this then pass it straight away... Then when vosa come and inspect them they can say they have been doing it! As long as you got a pass straight after I really don't see the problem??
  12. aliengravy

    Stirrup Pump

    I need a stirrup pump for my airgun, does anyone have one to sell? I live in Suffolk, but I am travelling to Nottingham the weekend if that helps with collection. Failing that I can pay for postage. PM me if you have one to sell!
  13. As title really.... preferably new. Send me a PM if you have one to sell
  14. I've got far too many tx2000 primers here in Suffolk, near Debenham... (possibly got some other bits too?)
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