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  1. John MacNab Highlander 12g boxlock. Fixed choke 1/4 and 1/2. 7 1/2 lbs. Walnut semi Price of Wales stock Case-hardened action. Some cosmetic marks to the bluing. Good overall condition there's one picture below in the link and I'll try and get a few more photos in the next couple of days. It has not been abused and only used 4 or 5 times a season and a bit of rough shooting. I've moved into town and not had chance to use it enough in the last year so it is up for sale. £875 £850 which is a bargain for a £1300 gun. Reduced to £825
  2. I've used Brisa as well. Very helpful guy who runs the site and good prices for everything you might need.
  3. What are the implications for dummy launchers? If somthing uses a blank round to make the noise but does not look like a firearm will you still get done? It sounds like you would get in less trouble using a live shotgun round because it would not be an immitation firearm. Was the issue that they were doing the training on public land? If you were in a farmers field with a footpath at the other end would you still get in strife?
  4. I have a full guard from MMG It wasn't cheap and the fixings screw into the linig of the car but there are only 2 and they are small. It clips into the parcel shelf points as well. There is no chance of the dog getting round the guard and it will be 100% safe in a crash. In an accident those guards with the big rubber feet will be no use whatsoever. If you think of the weight of a lab or pointer, the force in an accident will knock those guards out easily and someone in the back seat is going to be in big trouble, not to mention the dog itself.
  5. I've only had good dealings with Dorset Feos as well.
  6. Is the dog always on the footpath when chasing the birds? If he steps off the footpath he would be on private land and I know of more than one person who has had a dog shot by a gamkeeeper because it was chasing (not even killing) game birds. I'd be careful when you are walking through the shoot. If nothing else if your dog does get shot it will be a bit late to prove you were within your rights on the footpath.
  7. My spaniel is chipped with Petlog I think you have to have them chipped for the pet passport if you are taking your dog abroad.
  8. More like 50yd than 40 I think. On one drive the valley is about 50 meters from top to bottom and the beaters push the birds off the ridge and the guns stand on the valley floor so unless the birds climb up as they fly then anything up to 50yds.
  9. What do you suggest if they are high? I went to look a shoot yesterday and they only shoot high birds, very high to be exact.
  10. You might need to say where you are in the country mate. I know you are going to post it but people might want to do the deal face to face.
  11. Cool site that pushkin, thanks
  12. I had a great day with http://www.forestfalconry.com/ If you can make it to the New Forest from London it is well worth it. The guy is a mine of information and hardly stops telling you facts and stories, you get to have a go and on the full day we went hunting with his ferrets and Harris hawk for the afternoon. It is not a day for the tourists you will catch rabbits and get to fly the birds which are amazing. Just be prepared to want one of your own after you have been.
  13. I think he takes his shirt off because he loves himself It is good to see programmes on TV trying to educate the masses about food. I think his slot where he shows someone how to cook a decent meal is good. Couple of weeks ago it was a single Dad who wanted to give the kids something better then burgers and chips when they came over for the weekend and he really got something out of it. This country has forgotten where meat comes from. I think supermarkets should be made to display the living conditions of the animal on the packet. They wouldn't sell many of those £1.99 chickens if it showed the battery cages on the packet. Don't even get me started on KFC
  14. my dog managed an injury this morning. He crashed through a hedge which is just at the side of the stile we normally go across and when we got home we found a 3 inch gash in the skin on his chest. There must be barbed wire in the hedge so he is now sporting 3 staples from the vets. On the plus side you would never know he had done anything but we will have to keep him on the lead for a few days.
  15. A brand new BSA Ultra is £270 so that might be an option. Have you had a look on guntrader.co.uk ? You should find some secondhand deals on there. As if by magic ......... http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...showtopic=19828 There is one on here as we speak.
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