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  1. Sorted now, cheers
  2. Not quite sure how that is going to help?
  3. Anyone got or know of any 5 round magazines for sale? Currently out of stock with the importers. Pm me please. Thanks James
  4. They really are very good gaiters. I've got mine on my Lowa combat gtx in size 13, I'm sure they were the XXL size too? (not at home to check) Hot water, fairy liquid and some swearing will get them on 😂
  5. Has anyone got an A-tec A12 with mobil fitting they want to sell? Regards James
  6. yetidude69

    Rti Priest

    Anybody got one they want to part company with? Regards James
  7. In 3500 rounds of hornady iv never found a split neck before firing. But id say 20% have split necks once fired. I personally love the round though and wouldnt be without it as its my go to for rabbits during daylight.
  8. Cheers for the info guys, and yes its game shells we are after and it would be a group of us buying, so a minimum of 10,000 will be ordered. Iv not heard back from any of my emails as of yet so ill wait and see what is said. atb James
  9. Does anyone know if there is significant savings to be had if ordering say a pallet load of cartridges? Iv just emailed a few companies to see what they come back with, but curious to know if anyone on here has done it ? regards James
  10. yetidude69

    .17Hmr + Mod

    Just seeing whats available for sale as im in the market for one. Ideally, heavy barrel, with mod and rounds! Doesnt need glass, as iv that sorted already! Metal work must be in good condition, and not shot thousands of rounds. Im open to suggestions tho, cash waiting! Regards James
  11. The beauty of dedicated, This is why ill stick with my Raptor and D760, no need to use I.R.
  12. hows bout a benelli M3 B) its a pump and semi in one, so will cycle wot ever you want to put thru it! Cheers J
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