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  1. With euro 6 regarding diesels I would get a petrol unless you do a lot of miles or tow
  2. Subaru Forester 59 (09) for sale in silver 76k, stamped dealer history till 48k privately serviced regularly in the four years I have owned it, it's not a shooting truck (although it could easily be just a bit too new) it's my Mrs's car and has no major marks but does have scratches. It's the highest spec they do ( suretrak) 6 CD player, xenon lights, panoramic roof, underbody guards, heated leather, folding mirrors probably more things but can't think of any at the mo. I think this spec car was nearly 30k new 7 (years ago)and I bought it off stratstone jaguar for half that 4years
  3. Tripe with their complete food worked for us
  4. Here you go https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aigle-Parcours-Unisex-Adults-Wellington-Bronze/dp/B00BV8RYSG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475917466&sr=8-1&keywords=aigle%2Bparcours%2B2%2Biso&th=1
  5. As above, thought it was a good price so I'm spreading the word.Cheapest I've seen so I treated myself. Cheers
  6. I have had a 2010 forester diesel for four years and it has been very reliable, not even a bulb change. It does the school/ shopping runs,tows a caravan gets us around the shoots, also amazingly capable in snow and mud. Around town MPG is around 39 on a run 50+ but it is awd, go above 80mph or tow and it will go down to the 20's There isn't much not to like about subarus in my opinion, they are built to be supremely reliable and practical, they are up there with Volvo in the safety rankings, I think a lot of people admire them I often get questions about it on camp sites and shoots
  7. I think it might be swallowing water, my springer used to do it a lot early in training swimming with his gob open coughing and spluttering He has got better but if I take him home I have to be mindful to let him out a while after we get back from some swimming and he pees for England so you are not on your own. Hope this is the answer
  8. Winchester Select are a nice gun but if I were you and I was going to keep the gun for a long time I would get a Silver Pigeon, you will learn to mount it properly with practice, it comes with a ten year guarantee and don't lose too much money.Ask most gunsmiths about them.
  9. Yes more practice, my springer would cough and splutter and throw up sometimes, he still does but not very often
  10. After the brass brush I use rag wound around a brass jag to get the crud out or the purpose made patches are good,I've never cleaned my mop because that's what I use to run a very small amount of oil when I've finished. However if I was going to clean one I wold use hot water and washing up liquid or the old faithful bio washing powder.
  11. I have an SP field with 30 inch barrels and shoot well with it, if it fits you I don't think you can go wrong. Just interested why you like the28 inch barrels, I found the 30 fell much better, I was also fond of the 20 bore but only ever use twelve, if I wanted a light gun I would have a look at one.
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