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  1. 20 shells and sticks 2 full body 2 full body flying 3 nets £60 can post at cost can send pics via WhatsApp or email. Matt
  2. After a Tikka or Sako In 223, preferably a complete set up ready to go, ideally with a composite stock. Thanks Matt
  3. Hi. I will take these please. Pm sent.
  4. The lower end drones in my experience are just a waste of emotion and money !!! The DJI drones are the way forward, plenty on eBay and if you buy a good secondhand one and don’t get on with it you can always re sell it with minimal loss.
  5. Hi, I’m after either a go pro hero 7 or 8 with or with accessories. thanks.
  6. I have an as new unmarked Schmidt Bender 8x56 scope, made in Germany With butler creek caps for sale. 30mm tube I can’t find the actual reticle anywhere, I’m probably not looking very well but I’d best Describe it as the A4 but with the same partial thick hair at the top as well. It came as part of a complete set up , I’ve now switched to NV so it’s up for sale. I can email or WhatsApp pics on request £425 Delivered.
  7. Thank guys, I did have a look before posting this up, but as with most things these days, their so varied in price and probably quality I didn’t want to end up with a rubbish one. I’ll have search for the Compark ones. Matt
  8. If anyone has one they are not using anymore I’d be interested, preferably with a memory card and instructions please. KR Matt.
  9. Saw my first one Early yesterday morning, thought it was a bat at first when it just caught my eye, but on the second pass it was a swallow. We normally end up with a good number here as they use our stables every year for nesting.
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