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  1. Schoffel Manton quilted jacket. really nice quality jacket. Very warm and stylish. In excellent condition Size is a uk 40 which in Schoffel sizing is a L/XL £85
  2. For some reason the updated pics and price drop are not showing up on here but are on GW website.
  3. Yes I appreciate it’s cheap. I am committed to my next rifle, so I need this gone asap.
  4. Hi, Having only ever owned 1 .223 which was a Cz527 Im now in the market for its replacement. the Remington 700 police that’s on gunwatch is very local to me and I’m going with a view to purchase it on Sunday. ive spoken to the owner and he is 100% genuine. does anyone have any Feedback good or bad on these rifles? thanks Matt.
  5. Hi, Due to an extremely good breeding season and no fox disasters our chicken population has expanded to, well let’s say too many. I would ideally like them to go in Trios so 1 Cockerill and 2 pullets. These are beautiful birds and are very friendly, we never lock ours up and they sleep in the tree over the pond or up in the rafters of the stables. They can fly similar to a pheasant if need be. The eggs they produce are beautiful !!!!! below is one of the Cockerills and a pullet. I do have some that our now only 1 month old so if anyone would like some early spring those will be ready by then. As I said free to good homes collection on Suffolk/Norfolk border. Thanks Matt.
  6. I have surplus to requirements a Schoffel Blenheim Tweed Gortex Jacket Size uk40 (Large) And matching Schoffel Blenheim Tweed Gortex Breeks Size uk38 (36” waist) Both of these items are brand new with all their tags still attatched Jacket £320 plus post Breeks £140 plus post Both for £430 plus post This is a considerable saving on their RRP of around 40% If you are in need of pictures please ask and I’ll forward you some via email/text message thanks
  7. Set of 5 Pairs of Topgun shooting glasses. Every pair is practically new, hardly worn with no visible scratches. Each pair has its own colour related soft case and all are supplied in a Topgun Velcro tip pouch. £30 posted.
  8. 2 taken tonight. 1 dog 1vixen. .223 75g Hornady doing the business. Total 50
  9. Space has now been taken, that didn’t take long!!!! Thanks.
  10. Hi, We are looking for 1 experienced gun to join us on a well established game shoot on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. We took the same day last year and although the weather was not favourable we still shot well over the bag. Price is £500 plus Keepers tip 9 guns If anyone fancies a good day out please pm and I’ll give you all the other necessary details Thanks Matt
  11. The 3200 shot day is "only" 26k ( lol ) so based on 8 guns having 400 shots each it works out a little over £8/shot. The 2100 shot day is 20k so again around £8/shot He predicts bags of 450-550 and 350-400
  12. I enquired with Martin who runs the shooting on this estate about a day next season. As of next season the days will be based on 2 shot counts, not bag size. You can either have 2100 shots or 3200 shots. if I was to tell you the 2100 shot day works out at around £10 every time someone pulls the trigger it's certainly not your average days shooting. So not only are the birds out of my league so is the cost!!!!
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