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  1. Few more items up for sale. RAF issue 9mm hand gun cleaning kit - £8 posted Browning goretex camo gloves size medium - £8 posted Camo baseball cap with net and mesh face mask - £10 posted for both Tweed style warm fur hat - £10 posted Camo Sherwood Forest shooting jacket and trousers set. Jacket is L/XL , trousers are 36 - £40 posted Jack orton mesh fishing/shooting gilet - £17 posted military issue camo jackets - one mesh lightweight, the other is a bit heavier and warmer. I’m a 44 inch chest and these fit me fine - asking £18 posted for each. Can be collected from near Wisbech Cambridgeshire. I work in Cambridge so can meet anywhere in between. PM me if interested
  2. Replied.interest shown for a mate but still Up for sale
  3. Having a bit of a sort out, so have the following for sale: Fixed blade browning knife in leather sheath. Asking £25 delivered. Oakley M frame shooting glasses in protective Oakley box. Comes with 3 lenses, coloured, tinted and dark tinted. Asking £95 delivered. Full set of extended chokes invector plus fitting. Use them on my Browning 525. 5 chokes in case, 1/4, LM, 1/2, 3/4, and full. Asking £100 posted. Would rather not split out. All available to view near to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. I work in Cambridge, so can arrange to meet in between if a face to face sale is preferred. Will have a few other bits being loaded on later today, after clearing out the shooting and fishing gear
  4. After a bit of advice. Been in my new build for over a year now. The garden used to be an argrictural field, so when we moved in we had it levelled, stone picked and seeded. Generally come up really well, however one half of it is quite patchy, even after a year. The other side is nice thick green grass. im thinking it is an issue with the soil, as it appears a little harder and more cohesive (clay/silt). I don’t want to dig it all up or cover with a thick layer of good topsoil, so wondered if there is anything else I can do to fill the patches? not after a show piece lawn as my kids and dog put pay to that. Thanks in advance
  5. djrwood

    Omega or Rolex

    Still toying with getting a luxury watch, the sort I can wear regularly but also one that won’t lose a shed load of money. Hence the question..... i really fancy an omega speed master moon watch but it’s not that much more money to buy an entry level type Rolex, oyster perpetual or maybe an air king. Which do you think will be best at holding value on the long run? thanks
  6. Looking for some advise before I go to see an accountant. I’ve got a second house which is a mortgaged buy to let. The house and mortgage is solely in my name as I owned it before I met the missus and subsequently got married. the recent changes in interest which can be offset against the income plus some fortune in work circumstances mean I am now getting battered in tax. My wife only works part time so has a few k spare of her tax free allowance. I’d like to use a deed of trust so that she can benefit from half the rental income and in doing so save me paying 40% tax on that half! What are the restrictions in terms of using a DOT and paying SDLT? ive searched the net but get mixed information, hence hoping one of you knowledgeable lot on here will be able to help. I’d like to keep the mortgage in my name too rather than have to remortgage jointly. From what I’ve seen on the net if I kept the mortgage in my name my wife will not need to pay SDLT, but not sure if this is correct. Our home is also mortgaged jointly, as not sure if this will affect SDLT. thanks in advance for any help dan
  7. Could’ve picked a better weekend but at least I wasn’t there today. Meant to be a chilled couple of days with wife but without kids! the only good thing about the french, they don’t put up with any rubbish from their government. If we had their mentality there’d be riots on the streets now over this farsical brexit and I dare say more would be getting done
  8. djrwood


    If you’re interested in selling th3 awning separately please pm costs inc delivery and also the full detail of the awning Thanks dan
  9. Thanks guys, really appreciate the advice!! Really looking forward to heading over there for the weekend
  10. My Mum and Dad have paid for me and my dad to go to Ypres for a weekend at the end of september for my birthday. I’m really looking forward to visiting the World War One sites, particularly with this year being the hundredth anniversary. any of you guys been before and have any reccomendations of places to visit? My dad retired last year from the RAF after 39yrs service. He’s been over to this area visiting the war sites numerous times so knows the main places to visit. Just hoping someone has found some little gems off the beaten track so it’s new for both of us to visit. Be happy to travel a couple of hours around Ypres thanks in advance
  11. djrwood

    Free shotguns

    Thanks gents, first come first served so going to wokky. Will post back on here if anything happens. cheers dan
  12. I’ve got a few shotguns free to a good home for collection from wisbech, Cambridgeshire : single barrel 16b side by side 12b Italian. Ejectors on this are stuck out and forearm was damaged when the ejectors jammed. Would be good for someone who likes to repair them. single barrel 12b let me know if you want one or more before I ring the feo to scrap them in. These were my grandads guns and haven’t been shot for years. He wasn’t a massive shot so no sentimental value, hence the offer
  13. djrwood

    Boiler Grants

    What’s even stranger than this is that it also applies to rented properties. I’m lucky enough to have an investment property which I rent out to a friend and her family who are on some sort of benefit. Based on their situation they were able to get a gas boiler fitted to my property for free. I thought it was too good to be true but it happened without problem, fitted by British Gas engineers. before the barage starts, as already has about the OP and his financial situation, just because someone owns property doesn’t make them cash wealthy. I wouldn’t be in a position to replace a working boiler in order to purely improve its efficiency and would rely on the insurance I have to replace it should it get beyond repair. To start off with I was a bit annoyed that tax money is being spent in such a way as I didn’t feel entitled to it. However after chats with people I work with, one highlighted replacing the boiler with an energy efficient type, whilst improving the property, more importantly is meant to lower the energy bill of the occupier who by virtue of receiving a benefit is one of the more vulnerable/cash poor in society.
  14. You can't pick and choose! Thats the only way a law can work. Any illegal is an illegal, doesn't matter whether they are nice people and otherwise a law abiding citizen. I do admit i havent read the article so could be well off the mark on this particular case. And it does seem harsh turning his life upside down, however with all the talk of taking back control of our borders etc, this was kind of inevitable
  15. Good morning. I'm finally getting motivated and have been getting my fat backside up the gym in the morning before work. Been going four - five times a week, exercising chest and tris one day, back and biceps the next and then shoulders and legs. Usually throw in a few ab exercises at the end to keep on with them. I'm thinking about doing the same above but having cardio days in between and the weekend to rest. My main question is regarding supplements and whether they are worth taking. I'm in the gym first thing after waking up, so therefore have an empty stomach. I have been taking My Protein Thermopure capsules on gym days, which do give a little energy boost. Do you reccomend anything else or in lieu? What are these lean muscle protein shakes like and are they worth taking? A bit about me and my target, I'm 5'10" and 15 st, a little bit naturally stocky around shoulders and chest. All my fat is on my belly! My aim is not to get big, just get stronger, fitter and trim up the fat a bit. My Achilles is my diet. I've cut out the sugary drinks and sweets mostly however I'm not the sort of guy who will eat fish and rice or pasta. I do love chicken and steak and bread and accept this will prevent or at least slow my progress Any help would be appreciated
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