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  1. Precast concrete box culvert is the answer here
  2. Thanks. Will try out the suggestions
  3. It’s a prima, e1 Is the code for water. E4 is for the anti flood device which stops the water over topping during a cycle. I’m guessing it’s gunked up but I don’t know how to get to it to clean it
  4. I’ve searched for the answer on the net without success so thought I would put to the pigeon watch masses. My dishwasher (not the wife, the electric one) keeps on getting an e4 error message. This is resolved by disconnecting it, tipping it up 45 degrees to drain the water and then reconnecting. It works fine for around 5-10 washes and then the same error occurs. Getting sick of pulling it out and the mucky water. Any ideas how I can stop this from happening so regularly? It’s worked fine for the last two years Any help appreciated. Dan
  5. You were right! What an interesting lady. Link below: https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullcatalogue.asp?salelot=A1220+++1553+&refno=158577&image=7
  6. For only 30 quid it might be worth a punt
  7. Morning, I’m looking at building a brick chimnea and an oak gazebo next to my boundary fence with next door. Just wondered whether there would be any planning restrictions for it? A search online hasn’t revealed anything. Our council falls under kings lynn and west Norfolk. Thinking something along the lines of the photo Any help greatly appreciated
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated!!
  9. https://www.dawsons.co.uk/205668/205668 https://www.dawsons.co.uk/208755/fender-malibu-player-electro-acoustic-guitar-midnight-satin any idea if these are any good? Reviews are good online
  10. Morning All, Ive always wanted to learn to play an instrument and figured I’m not getting any younger so why not get on with it rather than keep dreaming. I’m into rock/metal music but more so country music like Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks, Jason Aldean and so on. Just after tips for getting started beyond those of having lessons which I will do after lockdown. I’ve been looking for second hand guitars but have no idea what one to get. I’m thinking I would prefer acoustic over electric to start with. I don’t mind spending around 250 to get going, so not sure if this is realistic or n
  11. What’s the difference between purposefully spoiling the paper and abstaining? Surely amounts to the same thing?
  12. You’re a nice guy! Feel better about yourself after having a personal dig at Cjbram? If you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. What have you achieved telling him that the tattoo on his body for life is awful? Sometimes personal opinions are better off left as personal!
  13. djrwood

    Divers bottle

    After a divers bottle in test please. Based in Wisbech Cambridgeshire and work in Cambridge, so willing to travel to collect. Thanks. Dan
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