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  1. I’ve got some of those ring cameras mounted in door and out door and all connected through the WiFi. Works well and reasonably priced
  2. Fair enough, I just called it as I see it on this thread. I had assumed there was some history there, but I’m a relaxed visitor of PW so not fully aware of what else has gone on. I don’t know Henry any more than I know you! All I would say is if you was in a personal environment in a group setting where someone you don’t agree with continually behaved in the way you believe Henry behaves, would you repeatedly try to engage/argue your point or would you not get to the point of ignore? I think the former option is where you are at in this thread, which to me just sours the threads and reduces interaction with other members which isn’t great for the forum. Although reading a good spat every now and again is often entertaining for everyone else other than those having it!
  3. You surprised Henry is ignoring your posts? You started with an insult calling him smug and then persist to try and bait him in to an argument with your fixed view on the topic. A bit of understanding that not everyone thinks the same might go a long way….
  4. djrwood

    Gym equipment

    Sounds good. Where about are you? Could you DM me some photos and price etc please
  5. djrwood

    Gym equipment

    Looking to build a gym in the garage so interested in any gym equipment you have and are interested in selling. Location is between Wisbech and Kings Lynn Thanks in advance
  6. Morning, I’ve decided to sell my Rolex submariner 2016 non date model. I’ve been offered a purchase now price from watchmaster of £8500, so thought I would offer it on here first for the same price to save some one on here that’s looking for one from paying 9k plus for it on the watch master website. It’s boxed with all papers and original purchase receipt. I’ve also got the watch register certificate to confirm it’s never been registered as stolen or insurance claimed. Overall good condition. Light scratches on bracelet from wear. Any questions welcome. Dan
  7. Yes bought it direct from apple so unlocked to any network
  8. I bought this new from PMT (link here: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-tim-armstrong-10th-anniversary-hellcat-electro-acoustic-guitar) as a project to do during lock down, however I’m clearly only meant to enjoy listening to guitar music rather than playing it!! It’s sat gathering dust for the last couple of months and I no longer have the time or inclination to try and learn how to play it. Its the electro version which was really useful for me being able to accurately tune the guitar. I bought the stand for it which is included in the sale. I’m asking £250 or offer for it. Would prefer collection from near Wisbech Cambs but happy to look at alternative delivery methods if required. I also work in Cambridge a couple of days a week, so am happy to meet up if that suits better. Any questions please let me know. Thanks Dan
  9. Only selling due to upgrade. iPhone SE for sale. Kept in a case and screen protector since purchased so in good condition. Asking 200 or near offer posted to you recorded delivery. Thanks Dan
  10. Precast concrete box culvert is the answer here
  11. Thanks. Will try out the suggestions
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