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  1. i am driving through france next week. should be interesting.
  2. any local shop will be able to sort it.
  3. finally a sensible voice, i was beginning to wonder.
  4. awesome. they must have some solid evidence.
  5. lol. this is called being hoist with ones own petard.
  6. sounds serious. maybe there should be a ban on wild fowling which must account for a large percentage of geese each year.
  7. glad it worked out for you. sounds like they were on a fishing expedition. shame it wasted of your time.
  8. When pheasants are reared, they are classed as livestock: that means the people who raise them are exempt from some payments of value added tax and certain forms of planning control, on the grounds that they are producing food. But as soon as they're released they are classed as wild animals. Otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to shoot them. But if you want to re-capture the survivors at the end of the shooting season to use as breeding stock, they cease to be wild and become livestock again, because you aren't allowed to catch wild birds with nets. is this correct?
  9. i read the articles and am getting a bit worried. but then could they really do any worse than the prequels?
  10. that is just one example. i have one farmer who likes foxes and doesn't want them shot on his land. the farmer nearby who's land i also shoot on wants the foxes removed.
  11. this thread has been very interesting in my understanding the point of view of the wild fowling fraternity.
  12. definitely call the police so they can claim to have found a huge arms cache, maybe leave them an old bb gun as well to really get them excited.
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