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  1. dazsl

    Green pebbles

    thin bleach diluted
  2. have a look at brother printers just having a look my self after 10 years of good service out my old one and not one problem in all that time
  3. I had one make sure you try to keep your knee mobile it will go down on its own a mate of mine had one burst and he was in shear agony but he laid up and didn't exercise it
  4. Have a look on toad hall cottages
  5. Bit too far for me
  6. Have a look at sumup 1.95%and it's done mobile to mobile no card reader needed
  7. He should be over here highlighting the abuse and neglect of dog on this isle
  8. What pay rates and actual area
  9. That's the price for the boiler then the flue kit cleaner scaler Magna clean that's before pipe work and labour cost and if it is an old free standing no doubt a new feed from the meter
  10. Wix is another one
  11. Everyone as a reading room some upstairs some downstairs and old one's outside
  12. Sitting here in the reading room it made me wonder how times have changed
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