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  1. Pops


    is your Milbro G25 still available 

  2. As far as I'm aware there are no upper temp limits ,I used to run 3 powder coating plants and the 3 open ovens where at 210*c. Great in winter but not in summer all we could so was offer extra breaks and plenty of cold drinks.
  3. Good after all, I currently reload for my .204...223...243 and 308... At the min I'm using.. N135 for 39g .204 CFE for 40g vmax .223 Problem is I shoot 58g , 75g and 100g in .243 but I used the last of my Varget so I'm looking is there an alt powder that I can use on the .243 in a perfect world that can cover all 3 weights. I currently have N133, N135 and CFE223 powders at my disposal any suggestion as to what other powder ill need to start working up loads for my .243 and ultimately 168g in .308... Thanks all in advance.
  4. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. May he R.I.P.... Scott
  5. mad1

    Garden gazebo...

    morning all, As per title I'm after a cheap and cheerful pop up gazebo to use in garden. I'm hoping to see my grandson at weekend so I'm trying to set up a cover in garden for a bbq this weekend. Anyone know where to get one or one for sale or a loan this weekend. Thanks all
  6. mad1

    Static caravan

    I have one near Ripon. Check as some sites dont like caravans on over a certain age. You could pick up a caravan on the site quite cheap but it might only have a few years left on there,then it's your responsibility to get it taken away...
  7. mad1

    Nearly painful

    Great news to hear you found the missing dog !!!!
  8. Hi all, I'm selling my galvanized trailer as it's now surplus to requirements. This is the tipping version. Comes with light board,worked when put away but cant check now as my new truck has a different fitting. Brand new tyre put on today,willinclude spare tyre and innertube (might need fixing ??) Never had any hard work or abuse... Looking for £100 collect from Durham
  9. Is it just me but I would like to see a "PURGE" Just like the film...my partner often reminds me I would be at the top of a lot of peoples lists though....😆
  10. Gone to the name above..... Scott
  11. Iv been playing with 3D printer and came up with this...ideally suited to the FLAT top batterys...All going great till it came to remove from bed...can you see what's wrong!! ...one side has the printing on backwards !?!? Free to any one that wants it and will put it to use. Iv added Glow in the dark inserts in side so you can find it better at night with a flash of a torch...
  12. The rear awning fits into a rail around the fold down part of the roof tent so just gets folded up with the top when put away. I have got some material rom Mel on here so I'm going to make a full length pull out side awning...
  13. Love it... I use my 110 with roof tent only takes 5 mins to set up either that or just sleep in back. Fitted with Diesel parking heater and electrics.its going to Team tractor soon to get the new gun drawers fitted too. Looking to drive to Morocco sometime next year too....
  14. I'm sure I have heard people on here about being welders...maybe worth swapping a days welding for maybe a day out shooting (if you have any permission) Good luck either way.... M1
  15. Put them up for swap if they are not sentimental to you ?
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