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  1. Yeah nath looks like a lesser spotter number 6......
  2. Hi all, I'm just seeing if anyone has a piticanny rail adapter to fit a cz 527. Looking to put nv on so might be needing one... Many thanks
  3. Welcome from another northeast shooter....
  4. Down to £10 each or all 3 for £25...sick of tripping over them now.....
  5. mad1

    Howa 1500 SA rail

    Down to £30 posted.......
  6. Hi nath, Our connor has a laser engraver if he want to have something done... M1
  7. LG if you want a run down to scotch corner let me know and I'll run you down....I dont mind driving you. M1
  8. mad1

    Dog crate wanted....

    All sorted now thanks to Henry d.. Thanks all M1
  9. mad1

    Howa 1500 SA rail

    Sorry just seen the request... Its approx 160mm long 6.5mm to center of First hole 22mm to centre of second Other side is 45mm to second hole 23.5 to first hole ..all measurements are from approx centre of hole to edge. Hope this helps
  10. All sorted now thanks to mel b3.... Thanks everyone M1
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