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  1. i did and have mentioned before got a prosecuted for, threatening behaviour, harassment (no violent) ( two years probation)and due to a paper work error my moderator was not registered fitted to my .17hmr although I had permission to have one so i got prosecuted for selling or transferring a shot gun without notifying the fire arms dept,(conditional discharge for 12 months) the conditions were that I wouldn't do it again god knows how i could after my licence was revoked
  2. It wasnt my doctor it a was a doctor working for the police.
  3. I have applied for subject access request from the FOI dept it costs £10.00 and they have to disclose all the information they have on me but it takes up to 40 days so i also have requested a stay on the 21 day appeal seeing as it has taking 16months to get this far.
  4. They just said "I am not satisfied that you are able to possess shot guns without danger to public safety or to the peace at this time" and no i havent seen the doctors letter but he seemed to be fine when I met him.
  5. Afraid not as ive not been shooting in years.
  6. Well after 16 months I have been told The police think I am not fit to hold a SGC but I can appeal and if I lose I have to pay costs, chelmsford fire arms dept say this can be up to £5000.00 has anyone else appealed a refusal and lost or won thier case as I do not have 5k spare if I loose??
  7. I had both before FAC and SGC I am just applying for a SGC at the moment
  8. Well I went for the medical today, I was asked a few silly questions nothing really relevant to shooting , then I asked the doctor if he wanted proof of my ID he seemed surprised and asked if I have I brought any with me I showed him my driving licence and my CPC licence, he asked what my CPC was I toild him it was for my PSV as im a bus driver, he asked if I was currently employed as a bus driver which I told him I was his reply was why do the police want me to take a medical then ? He then asked me to fill in a questionnaire sheet about how I felt in myself he read it then said cant see why ive been asked to take a medical shook my hand and let me leave it took all of 5 mins. So hopefully that's it and I will get a new SGC I will keep you informed either way
  9. being a bus driver I think if im ok to drive 65 people around in one vehicle im considered safe out in public lol
  10. I know i would pass any drink or drug test the strongest thing I drink is diet coke
  11. Also they charge for tests, full blood count £46.65, liver function test £38.00, alcohol screen £90.00 !!!!!!!
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