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  1. i did and have mentioned before got a prosecuted for, threatening behaviour, harassment (no violent) ( two years probation)and due to a paper work error my moderator was not registered fitted to my .17hmr although I had permission to have one so i got prosecuted for selling or transferring a shot gun without notifying the fire arms dept,(conditional discharge for 12 months) the conditions were that I wouldn't do it again god knows how i could after my licence was revoked

  2. You can also request a copy of your doctors letter ( if he did one ) as it is on your medical records.

    Just ring your surgery and explain you would like a copy, it will come unsigned from them, however you will have a copy for your appeal



    It wasnt my doctor it a was a doctor working for the police.


    Exactly what grounds did they state? Did you see the letter from the Doctor?

    They just said "I am not satisfied that you are able to possess shot guns without danger to public safety or to the peace at this time" and no i havent seen the doctors letter but he seemed to be fine when I met him.

  4. Well after 16 months I have been told The police think I am not fit to hold a SGC but I can appeal and if I lose I have to pay costs, chelmsford fire arms dept say this can be up to £5000.00 has anyone else appealed a refusal and lost or won thier case as I do not have 5k spare if I loose??

  5. Well I went for the medical today,


    I was asked a few silly questions nothing really relevant to shooting , then I asked the doctor if he wanted proof of my ID he seemed surprised and asked if I have I brought any with me I showed him my driving licence and my CPC licence, he asked what my CPC was I toild him it was for my PSV as im a bus driver, he asked if I was currently employed as a bus driver which I told him I was his reply was why do the police want me to take a medical then ?


    He then asked me to fill in a questionnaire sheet about how I felt in myself he read it then said cant see why ive been asked to take a medical shook my hand and let me leave it took all of 5 mins.


    So hopefully that's it and I will get a new SGC I will keep you informed either way

  6. Long story I had my fac revoked some 7 years ago decided to reapply earlier this year had FEO pop round for a chat etc he said due to being revoked it will take longer to go through the system,


    Today I get a letter saying I have to have a medical at police doctors and I MIGHT have to have blood tests and alcohol screen for some reason having not had any alcohol for over 5yrs and never taken any illegal drugs im confused why they want this information,


    Anyone had any similar experiences ?

  7. You've got me confused abit here , do you hold any licence at all at the moment ???



    nope had both revoked in 2006


    it wasn't refused it was revoked due to a domestic split and my ex saying she was in fear of her life because I had fire arms and me losing it and slapping her new bloke when he hit my son.

  8. I think my fav off all time was my celica supra the digital dash looked great it ran like it was on rails,


    now ive got a twin turbo supra which I love to bits its amazingly fast I love leaving Porsches at the lights this year with a few more mods im hoping to get it to around 450hp and it weighs about 1600kg

  9. In 2010 I stripped off to do the naked roller coaster world record for breast cancer we raised over £22,000 and still hold the record.


    Now ive been asked to do naked mini golf in southend on sea for prostrate cancer on the 25th march 2012 so if I can raise £500 or more for prostrate cancer ill do it.


    The Mrs says if I can raise £500 she will do it as well to raise some more!!


    My just giving page is www.justgiving.com/ron-hawes if anyone wants to help a good cause.


    thanks ron

  10. I might put a 18 x 9 shed or concrete garage on it,the space is used for parking and deliverys,occasionally (maybe once every couple of years) i might get a hiab lorry come in to pick up/drop off machinery.

    The people that quoted on it said they would concrete it in 2 sections.


    If used for heavy stuff lorries etc i would use fibre mesh in the mix at 4 inches thick it can support 10 ton per sq ft, thats what we use to use when we did pattern imprinted concrete drives etc putting steel in concrete creates concrete cancer what a lot of high rise buildings suffer from due to the steel corroding which makes it expand then cracks the concrete remember concrete takes about 30 yrs to fully harden then it gets brittle and starts to crack up.i think you should go for a minimum of 3 sections @ 16ft esp if its free standing.


    If I didnt have 3 prolasped discs in my back I would come and do it for you.


    If you get it dug out and shutterd up theres a company in southend who will lay it tamp it and screed it for the delivery price they use to advertise in the ECHO then just go round it with an edging trowel.

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