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    Pigeon shooting, Goose shooting, Fox shooting.<br />Occasional stalking, 'keepering for a DIY syndicate.<br />Trying to think up interesting new decoying products...

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  1. Deako

    Web Site Builders

    These guys are very helpful: http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/forums/f...isplay.php?f=56 :blink:
  2. Nothing beats frozen pigeons!
  3. http://www.carpages.co.uk/fiat/fiat_multip...pv_07_11_02.asp Scroll down to the bottom of the page and be aghast at the awards! Good God, what were they on?
  4. LOL...Can't beat good old British envy eh Chardy? Are you really saying you prefer a sad sack Polo over a Lambo?? Yeah, right!!
  5. Nail on the head Sir...the CLA cost us well in excess of £3000.00 this year for 2 bits of grass!!
  6. It arrived this afternoon. Didn't phone you though...just to annoy you!
  7. Lancs, YOU HAD BETTER BE THERE!!! I need you to demo the stalking sticks you tool! I'm happy to pay for the hire of one of those leccy disabled chariots for you though mate.
  8. Better still, buy them from here: http://www.bada-uk.org/products/tickremover.php and that way, all the money goes to this very worthy charity.
  9. Keith, I am assured that your order is on its way to you.
  10. Same question, seeing as the Monkey Hanger is watching: Well there are loads of these kinds of videos on Youtube. How many show hundreds of woodies over the decoys?
  11. Well there are loads of these kinds of videos on Youtube. How many show hundreds of woodies over the decoys?
  12. They look lovely Mike, really nice.
  13. Nice effort Mike, but I find the Chris Green copies lack side to side 'swing' movement. The Terminator design allows side to side swing, plus a full 360 degree roll and then automatic righting of the decoy. If this is deemed too much movement by the user, the swing movement can be locked to allow the decoy to act as the ones in your video, i.e. simple up/down 'float' with the swing/tumble ability disabled. Lancs did well with this design.
  14. Whilst I agree that the man is a complete c0ck, you have to admit that his little face and puppy dog eyes are very touching.
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